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What Are the Differences Between Chemtrails and Contrails?

what is a chemtrail

Look up. Chances are, if you do this daily, it wont't be long before you see a chemtrail, and probably a bunch of them.

Definition of a contrail: A contrail occurs when a plane travels at a high altitude (about 30,000 ft. or more) and compresses the air into a water vapor or ice crystals through jet engines or the wing tips pushing through the air. This trail disappears after a minute or so due to evaporation, because it's water. This is normal.

Definition of a chemtrail: The term "chemtrail" is a relatively new word, which appeared in the last ten years or more with the appearance of chemtrails. A chemtrail is not normal.

A chemtrail is very different from a contrail. At first a chemtrail might look a bit like a contrail. However, instead of disappearing like a contrail does, a chemtrail just keeps spreading out and forming a hazy cloud bank. These trails traverse the whole sky and stay for up to around five or even eight hours. They have been known to turn what was originally a clear blue sky into a grey haze.

It is believed chemtrails are composed at least in part by an oil based substance of unknown content that is actually being sprayed from jets on populated areas. It has also been found that some chemtrails contain unknown biological components. Many also contain metals, especially barium. (See

No one knows why they are being sprayed, or who is doing it. All we do know that it is being done to us regularly, in many different countries, without our permission. One strange thing about chemtrails is that all though they are readily seen, few people will believe that they are not 'normal'!

Chemtrails are often seen to be sprayed by white planes with no markings. Sometimes you will see these planes give off no contrail at all, and immediately after the same kind of plane in the same area will start to leave a thick chemtrail. At other times, distinct short gaps in chemtrails have been photographed, as though the plane ran out of chemicals and then had to start spraying with a new supply (as in the photo below).

contrail break in

Above: How can this be normal? I have seen chemtrails like this myself.



contrails from plane

Above: Note that the trails are coming from the TAIL and NOT from the engines on the wings.

nasa contrails

Above: NASA satellite photo, showing chemtails all over a large part of the USA. These days, these markings are no longer showing in satellite photos, so we assume that they are being air-brushed out. Source:

chemtrail rainwob

Above: Sometimes a rainbow is observed because of substances in the chemtrail. This is not normal. Source:




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