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Children in France Embarass the Government by
Creating a Solution to the Homeless Problem

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red tents France

An extraordinary grass-roots uprising has started as from 16th December 2006 on the banks of the Canal St Martin – a very ‘posh’ (expensive / up market) and popular tourist area in Paris. It is being driven by the expanded consciousness of young people in France who have created a community action phenomenon which has also greatly embarrassed the French Government.

Over recent years, France has faced a big problem of the growing number of homeless on the streets of its cities. From the standpoint of the French public, it has certainly appeared that their government was doing little, and perhaps cared even less. Until an initiative by a single, inspired individual (whose name I do not know as yet).

He made an approach to Medecins sans Frontiers, the very pro-active, French-based international aid group. Between them they hatched a very high profile plan. Medecins sans Frontiers made available large numbers of bright red tents, and these were pitched, side by side along the canal, and shortly after, along both banks of the River Seine in the very centre of Paris. Homeless from miles away started to come, and on arrival were each given blankets, and a package of basic necessities.

On the opening day of the project, ordinary householders were invited to spend a winter night in one of these tents, and fully connect with the experience. A number accepted and came. They lived with the homeless for long enough to fully re-connect their compassion for the situation, and to want to support the action.

Of course, right in the centre of the tourist areas of Paris, and bright red to boot, this great encampment gave the most public exposure imaginable to the problem. One can imagine the embarrassment of government and politicians (if the latter can, indeed, still be embarrassed!)

Then, a very interesting phenomenon occurred. Many other similar encampments started to spring up on river banks passing through the centres of many of the larger French cities. Young people, many of whom were only in their early teens (or even younger), had taken the initiative. Rather than the young people's protest rioting of a year ago (which had little benefit as a protest, apart form burning off some frustration), THIS protest is being highly effective. The problem is now exposed for all to see, right across the country. Many homeless have been given better shelter than they have seen for a very long time.

The youngsters have called themselves 'The Children of Don Quixote' (Les Enfants de Don Quichotte).

In another somewhat radical move, it is being reported that the same young people are now helping homeless individuals to fill in all those forms which allow them to apply for state housing, and start the road back to becoming ‘real people’ in the eyes of society once more. They have formed a supporters organisation – in just ten weeks many thousands have already joined it and are supporting the yougsters in taking positive action. The supporters have appealed for jobs, since homelessness and unemployment are closely linked. Their web site shows some of the many letters that have flooded in offering all kinds of employment, usually accompanied by offers of accommodation, meals and payment.

In one of the videos in the links below, a very earnest young man of eleven years old is interviewed. He speaks of 'not liking to see people with no shelter on a winter night' and 'the unfairness of the system that causes this'. He is one of the instigators! INCREDIBLE!

This extraordinary social caring phenomenon which has swept the whole of France is a coming-together-in-action of the Indigo and Crystal children - children who seem to have a higher consciousness than previous children. Perhaps they are making their first really large scale public demonstration. In it, they have taken responsibility for an important issue that the old paradigm world has no solution for, and feels totally helpless about. This is a powerful catalytic action for positive change. Let us trust that this protest, and the positive action that goes with it, will spread to many other countries, as the real compassion of community consciousness, as demonstrated by the fearless young people who have supported the action, spreads around the world.

Score one for the new change team in the form of these highly connected youngsters!

Let us look for more such action to bring back and enhance the values and caringness of a more enlightened society.

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