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Forwarding Mail Service

Shipping USA to Australia & Europe: We will forward it for you


Many companies in the USA will not ship to Australia. I am an Australian living in the USA and ship overseas often. If you want to purchase an item in the USA, but the selling company will not ship it to Australia or Europe, we will forward it for you.

Rules & Information:

Cost: An extra service charge of US$18.00 per package.

Please email me first so that I have your email and know what to expect.

We will combine packages, if you want products from more than one company.

We ship by the U.S. Post Office, because it is much cheaper than anyone else. Go to to work out what the postage will be. Note that any package that is less than 4 lb (including the box) is much cheaper, because it can go First Class. 4 lb or higher, it has to go Priority.

In reality, Priority only gets there about a day faster than First Class, because what slows things down is customs. Packages normally get there within a week, but on rare occasions packages can take three or even four weeks, because of customs.

We are not responsible for the package. We do not insure packages, because the U.S. post office will not honor their claims. (I have submitted three claims and did not get paid for any of them). That being said, nearly all packages arrive.

Please do not ship anything worth more than $200.

If the health nazis (TGA) in Australia throw out your package because there is something in it they do not allow, we are not responsible. For example, if there is ANY EDTA in anything, they will throw out the whole box. Nothing ever gets sent back to me. Check with the TGA.

We do not ship overseas every day. But we do ship at least twice a week.

Please get an account with so that you can pay us for shipping.

If you wish to use our services, order the package and ship it to:

C/- Relfe llc
138 Palm Coast Pkwy NE #331
Palm Coast, FL 32137

When the package arrives, we will email you the cost of shipping to Australia, plus the service fee. Please pay via paypal to

Voicemail: (1) 386 585 3304

Stephanie Relfe


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