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The coming Greater Depression

Updated Feb 2010

The name "Greater Depression" is used rather than "Great Depression II" , because of a dream that I read about on the net. A woman had a dream about a future depression, and she said that people called it the "Greater Depression". It's easier to say "Greater Depression" than "Second Greater Depression", so I can easily imagine that this is what it will be called.

Think it's over yet? It hasn't started yet (Feb 2010). See this graph below. Note that the second hill would be about four times as high as the first hill, if each color (yellow, green, red, gray), was added together, and put on top of each other:

US Debt Bubble Chart (Great Depression of 1929 repeat).


Do Whatever It Takes to pay off your debt NOW. Prepare for hard times.

How high was unemployment in the USA at the height of the depression? 25%.

BUT THAT WASN'T ALL. Wages for those lucky enough to have jobs fell almost 43%!



Source for the above image

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