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by Stephanie Relfe B.Sc. (Sydney)
August 10 2009


I am so excited!!! For years I had been looking for the final key to losing weight easily without going hungry, and I finally did it! Understanding Leptin, possibly the most important hormone in the body, did it for me. While the other knowledge that I had gained had helped me to maintain my body weight over 30 years while others around me seemed to grow larger with every year, I knew that there was one piece of information that I still needed to reduce that last 20 pounds.

Once I knew about Leptin, and made a few minor changes to what my husband, Michael, and I were eating, within 15 days I reduced my weight by 6 pounds and Michael reduced by 9 pounds. I was even able to (mostly) continue our vegetarian diet, although I did give in and include some wild caught fish, shrimp and crab. We already ate free-range eggs. But we haven't had to resort to eating poor pigs, cows, birds or other animals. There are many, many other similar stories of people who have also changed their habits by understanding leptin.

Update: After 35 days I have reduced my weight by 10.5 pounds! This is weight that has been with me for about 24 years!!! There was a week when I didn't lose anything, but it's so easy to stay on this diet so long as you work on looking up some interesting recipes, that I just stayed with the program. I have lost a pound a day every day for the last 3 days. I am still not hungry, and my meals continue to get smaller without me feeling any problem. I feel so much better not having to carry around that extra weight. I can really see getting my ideal super lean, healthy body is finally going to happen.

Dieting does not work. If you don't know that yet, you are either too young or haven't been on enough diets yet. You may lose weight initially but without changing the way you eat FOR LIFE, later on you will probably not only gain the weight back, but likely add some extra pounds. Only this time the weight will be fat, not muscle. This is because your body thought you were starving and to make sure it survived it stored extra fat for the next period of starvation, and also reduced the metabolism so you could last on fewer calories.

But there is a program to lose weight easily and permanently, without going hungry. I will be telling you how to do that in this article.

When I was about 30 years old, like many people, I began to put on a lot of weight, without changing what I was eating. Fortunately, for me, I discovered kinesiology and muscle testing. By putting my body back in energetic balance, and by generally avoiding the foods that my body muscle tested weak for, I was at least able to stop the weight gain for the next 15 years. I also healed many symptoms of bad health, including constipation, feet pain, back pain, headaches, period pains and acne. (You can learn more about how I did these by visiting my Directory of Natural Healing Remedies.

About this time another thing that helped me a lot was going on the Hulda Clark herbal parasite program, which I learned about from her book "The Cure for all Disease". Before doing that program, I used to find it almost impossible to go past 6pm without having dinner. If I did, I would get very, very crabby. Also, the size of my meals was exceptionally large. After I went on that program, I was able to go a lot later without eating, and reduce the size of my meals considerably. Parasites eat our good nutrition and leave the rubbish for us. PLUS they release ammonia into the body, which puts the body under stress. I probably had parasites from a childhood with many pets, especially a lot of cats. I have since read an article which estimates that at least 1/3 of people suffer from parasites, and that that is contributing to fat gain.

Hulda Clark says that the problem with killing parasites with drugs is that the drugs kill only a few species, and there are many species of parasites. She says that what does kill them all, except for tapeworm, is wormwood (for the adults), tincture of black walnut (for the intermediate stages) and fresh ground cloves (for the eggs). I have been able to buy a program for about $30 from or from searching under "Hulda Clark herbal parasite program".

But, after that, I was still about 20 pounds from where I wanted to be. I was Australian and in Australia I was considered overweight - and I was for what is healthy. I clearly remember one time when I was I lost 7 pounds and felt AMAZING because I was so light. I felt like I was floating on air.

Right now - go and pick up 3 pounds of sugar of flour. Don't keep reading. DO IT. Walk around the house with it. See how HEAVY it is? And how much work you have to do to do that? It's terrible that so many people have to carry so many extra pounds around with them.

Did you do that? If you do, that experience will help you later on to remember why you are doing all this.

That 7 pounds quickly went back on when university exams came around.

After I married Michael when I was 36 years old and we moved from Australia to the USA, some people started calling me "thin" and "skinny". This was a unique experience for me, because in Australia I was considered overweight (which I was). However, these days even Australians and Europeans are gaining weight, as they eat more and more foods that are further and further from nature. You will learn from "Mastering Leptin" how being even just 10 pounds overweight can be a huge danger to your health.

I thought maybe I had found the key I was looking for when I went on a 100% raw food diet. In this diet, one does not have any dairy, meat or fish, so it's okay to have everything raw. There is only one rule on the diet - you can eat whatever you like so long as it's raw. This means raw fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, oils and honey. You can make many fabulous meals with this program, some of which taste almost as good as the cooked original. My raw carrot cake is an example of this. Raw food is super good for you because it doesn't contain radiolytic compounds, which are toxins formed by cooking. Plus, raw food has many, many more ENZYMES which your body needs to help it run the thousands of different chemical reactions in the body.

I did the 100% raw food diet for 3 weeks. During this time I lost 10 pounds and looked as though I had lost even more. I also looked about 5-10 years younger, as it created a glow on my face. Many, many people have not only lost weight, but also lost pain and health problems by going on a raw food diet.

If you want to learn more about a raw food diet, the best place to start is with Alissa Cohen's book, "Living on Live Food" . I highly recommend obtaining her 'cook' book. However, if you have a look at the "before and after" pictures,you will see that while people do get thinner on the raw diet, not all of them end up getting to be THIN! This is probably because these people are not working fully with Leptin. I already knew from my own work with kinesiology that eating healthy food was essential, and raw food was part of the key, but there was still something missing.

Being on the raw diet was quite a lot of work and I never did graduate to where Alissa is at, where she just grabs a few avocados for lunch. I have a son and husband to feed as well, and I admit it - I'm addicted to having some cooked food (especially in winter!). So, I eventually went back to my normal diet. And the weight came back on, as usual.

I was beginning to panic when it was becoming clear that at 49 years old, I was going to have to get the next size in jeans if I didn't do something. I knew that diets didn't work.

I even knew that exercise alone did not work for me. There was a time when I ran 6 miles a day every day for 3 months, and didn't lose one pound!!! That was because the more I exercised, the more I ate. There had been one time in my life when exercise did seem to help me. When I was 21 I got a job as a racehorse strapper, looking after racehorses. I walked about 10 miles a day and did a lot of other manual work mucking out horse boxes etc. After a while, people started giving me HUGE compliments on my new body. The problem was, during this time I did not lose one pound! I did drop at least one size in jeans. Because society so trains us that it's weight ONLY that counts, I got disillusioned. In any case, who has the time to walk 10 miles every day? But keep this in mind:

You will lose weight by working with Leptin, but you may look even thinner and more toned than the scales are telling you. This is because your body will finally start burning FAT, not muscle. And you will get more muscle. Volume for volume, muscle weighs more than fat. The article for the picture below is kind of silly. It's arguing that 5 lb of fat weighs the same as 5 lb of muscle. OF COURSE! But look at the difference in VOLUME! You can easily see how if you replace all your fat with muscle, you can weigh the same, but be a whole lot smaller. At least one size in jeans smaller, maybe more. Working with Leptin will burn fat and build muscle.



Did you know that some thin people are technically fat ? While they may look thin, they may be 35% fat or higher! This is unhealthy. And these people are much more likely to get larger later in life. Working with Leptin will burn the fat. And build muscle. On the flip side, some heavy people are really very healthy - they are nearly all muscle. Plus it is important for all of us to have a part of our body to be fat. I was delighted to see, after I bought my hand held fat loss monitor from amazon, that, while I want to lose some pounds and get fitter, I am actually in the "healthy" section for fat percentage.

On decreasing body fat to the ideal percentage it is the more abundant storage areas where we often lose it from last. A certain percentage of body fat is also stored internally. This visceral fat is also reduced on losing weight much to the frustration of the dieter when they look in the mirror and believe that no progress has been made.

(More information on the subject of fat percentages here). You can work out your fat percentage with a tanita body fat monitor or on ebay or amazon - search for "fat monitor". DO NOT USE THIS IF PREGNANT OR ON CHILDREN.

Here are recommended fat percentages. This same article says that there is no reason for a normal person to be over 25% fat percentage.

So, once you get on this program, don't be discouraged by what the scales are telling you. The key is to stick with the program long term. You may notice your body getting smaller and tighter, even though the scales have not yet moved as much as you would like them to.

Now that I understand Leptin, I have been losing weight and looking leaner with only about 10-15 minutes of exercise a day! I'll talk more about that in this article.

I knew that if I succumbed and bought that next size up in jeans, it would be all downhill from then on. No matter how large a person is, they can always get larger. As I look around at the people here in Palm Coast Florida, it seems to me that a lot of people seem to have gained about 50 pounds in the last 5 years. Do they realize that if they don't change their habits that they can put on ANOTHER 50 lbs in the next five or ten years? These people seem to have given up trying to get thin, but now with the knowledge of Leptin, these people can get the bodies back that nature intended them to have.

Everything changed for me when my mother told me about Leptin. I bought two books which I strongly urge you to get:

"The Rosedale Diet", which bases your eating on the new science of Leptin.

This book will quickly sell you on your new way of eating, and give you lots of great information, testimonials, food lists and recipes. I don't agree with all that he says. For example, he thinks that some artificial sweeteners are okay. They are not! Man-made food always ends up causing troubles for the body. But this book is what got me going with losing weight so quickly, and WITHOUT BEING HUNGRY.

The other book to get is "Mastering Leptin".

This book is a wealth of scientific information.

Now, I'll do my best to give you a very, very brief summary about Leptin. But please remember, this is a huge subject, so the above books will do much, much more than I can with this short article.

Leptin is the hormone secreted by fat cells. It is the most important hormone in the human body. It regulates other hormones, including thyroid, adrenal, pancreatic and sex. Leptin is involved with insulin, cardiovascular health, the immune system, bones and many other things. Leptin was not discovered until 1994 and very few people, including doctors, so far know about it. Fat cells are not just for storage of fat. They are a MAJOR controller of health for the human body. (No wonder I shuddered when I once saw a clip of people getting liposuction!).

Leptin communicates with the brain. When the brain senses that leptin levels are going up and down at a normal rate, then it believes that there is no need to store fat. Leptin also tells the body when to burn fat. And when to feel hungry. But if you are thinking that all you need is a shot of leptin, think again! It was found that people who are overweight have TOO MUCH leptin! This is because the delicate balance of leptin has been thrown out of balance. This is called leptin resistance. Leptin is meant to have a rhythm of highs and lows each day, but with overweight people, this rhythm has been lost. When there is leptin resistance, the body keeps the metabolism low and stores extra energy as fat. It's kind of like keeping the body hibernating.

High levels of carbohydrate raise leptin levels quickly. And high levels of carbohydrate cause Leptin resistance. However, too much protein is just as bad, because the extra protein is converted into carbohydrate.

In addition (which is not mentioned in either book), high levels of grains and protein increase the acidity in the body, which can cause health problems. Raw fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds can raise alkalinity, and thereby reduce acidity. However, if you want to lose weight, have only 1-2 servings of fruit and don't have it at dinner.

A secret to living a lot longer is to eat less food. An generally, thin people eat less. But you can only eat less if you are not hungry. Leptin is the hormone that tells you when you are hungry. One of the secrets to regaining normal Leptin functioning is to eat more GOOD fats.

Here are some of the rules from both books:

1. Eat 3 meals a day.

2. Reduce the amount of carbohydrate you eat.

3. Eat a breakfast with some protein. This helps boost your metabolism.

4. Don't ever snack, even on healthy foods. This is one of the most important rules. This disrupts the whole system of hormones and leads to Leptin and Insulin resistance. If you absolutely MUST have something to eat, it can only be raw nuts or seeds.

5. Get some exercise.

6. Dinner should be at least 3 hours before you go to bed.

7. Increase the amount of Omega 3's which you are having. Omega 3's boost fat burning.

I believe there are number of things that make us hungry, and therefore eat more. They are:

1. Malnutrution. Suprisingly, many overweight people are malnourished. Their bodies are screaming at them to eat because it is trying to tell them it needs the 90+ vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and enzymes it needs to function properly. That is why it is crucial that you eat only whole, health, food. Nearly everything that is sold in the middle area of a supermarket does not fit this category. It's not about calories. It's about WHAT you eat, so that your body can function how it was meant to function.

2. Leptin resistance. From snacking, too much carbohydrate or protein and other things that mess up the bodies hormones. More on that further down.

3. Parasites.

4. Being out of balance or stressed. Kinesiology can address this.

I would add to the above a few extra rules and explanations, not mentioned in the above books:

1. Do not give up carbohydrates altogether, except possibly at the beginning to get you going. Your body needs carbohydrate. BUT it is important that you make sure that you eat only whole, unprocessed and preferably raw carbohydrate, preferably in the form of fruit and vegetables. NO SUGAR, WHITE FLOUR, WHITE RICE etc. Do not have any grains, except for raw oatmeal, until you are close to your ideal weight. Many people have a sensitivity to grains. I cook "pies" without the pastry, or dishes such as Eggs Stephanya, without the toast. Or salads with a lot of nuts and seeds and no fat cottage cheese / free range hard boiled eggs.

2. Have as much RAW food as possible. 1-2 servings of raw fruit is good for you, at meals. But if you aren't losing weight, you may be having too much fruit. Don't have any fruit at dinner - have it at breakfast and lunch, so that your body is burning fat, not sugar, while you are asleep. Avoid grapes, as they have too much sugar for too little fiber.

3. You don't have to have fish oil for Omega 3's. Chia seeds and hemp seeds have a lot of protein and Omega 3's in them.

4. You don't have to have supplements, which are unnatural. WHOLE super foods can provide what you need. For example, for breakfast we have a smoothy of Vital Nutrition Plus, almonds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, goji berries, blueberries, and good oil. Nature knows more about what's best for you than a bunch of scientists throwing things together.

5. Ever noticed that you put on 2-5 lb or more when you eat out, even if you eat just fish and salad? It's not the calories - it's the toxins. They nearly always use bad oils (margarine, vegetable oil etc.) and even that terrible weight-gainer which is worse then sugar, high fructose corn syrup. As well as MSG. Except in five star restaurants. (Restaurants should have to give a list of ingredients, just as stores do). So, we don't eat out anymore, whenever possible.

6. Never, ever eat microwaved food. It's so toxic that I knew it would be fattening, and I found a study that backs that up.

7. Never, ever eat MSG (monosodium glutamate) or aspartame or other artificial sweeteners. They are very, very toxic. Aspartame makes you want more carbohydrates!

8. Exercise is even more important to remove toxins from your lymphatic system, than it is to burn calories. Toxins (waste products) go from the cells to the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system does not have a pumping system of muscles like the blood does. It relies on the muscles around it moving. People who do not do some gentle exercise everyday are drowning in their own waste products. Try to get into this habit EVERY DAY. It takes only 10 minutes or so. Doing some exercise every day is more important than a lot twice a week.

(A) Have a 5 minute walk before breakfast. Do this no matter what, so that you get in the habit of doing it and can never say "you don't have the time". Once you get out there, if you walk a bit longer, that is great.

(B) Do the Five Tibetan rites before going to bed. (It's a health rite, not a religious rite).

9. Drink nothing but reverse osmosis water. It has no chlorine or fluoride in it, which are poisins. You can get a filter from or Sam's club. Put the water into 5 gallon containers, and put them in a water cooller.

10. As it is for most of the world, both authors of these books must be addicted to caffeine as they think it's okay to have one cup a day. Caffeine puts your body under stress. Anything that puts your body under stress messes up your hormones, which ends up messing up proper Leptin functioning. And just one cup of caffeine can stop your body having deep sleep that night, which is when you do most of your fat burning.

11. Apply as much as possible the rules in "A secret of anti aging".

12. Get in balance with kinesiology. "Mastering Leptin" continually goes on about the importance of being in balance. Trouble is, they don't tell you how to do that. Kinesiology can do that for you. Here are just a few ways that kinesiology can help you to lose weight:

  • Rebalance the 'cloacals'. This is an energy system related to the central nervous system. People with their cloacals out of balance generally have a lot of other health problems besides excess weight. Rebalancing the cloacals can make a HUGE difference to energy levels, emotional strength and ability to heal.
  • Rebalance the central nervous system, stomach and other systems that may be out of balance, due to some stress in the past.
  • Rebalance the Ileo-cecal valve. This is like a gate between the small and large intestine. If this valve is out of balance and closed more often than it should be, toxins and gas will stay longer in the body. This can cause many symptoms, including a bloated stomach.
  • Identify which particular foods your body is particularly sensitive to.
  • Improve your energy and emotional strength. This in turn can help you to do what you need to do.

13. Learn muscle testing and don't eat foods that you muscle test weak for. That means that they weaken your body. Anything which weakens your body can contribute to Leptin resistance.

14. Get some sunlight every day. Vitamin D deficiency causes all kinds of health problems, including leptin resistance. And you can bet that artificial Vitamin D does not solve this probem completely.

15. Eat more good fats - raw nuts, seeds, avocados, fish, cold pressed sesame / sunflower / safflower / olive / evening primrose oil. The best place for nuts and seeds is Buy some raw pistacchios, almonds and macadamias. And pepitas (pumpkin seeds), chia seeds and hemp seeds and hemp powder.

16. Get 9+ hours of sleep (unless you really, really don't need it). Most people are in major sleep debt. They owe their body hundreds of hours of sleep. Sleep is when your body burns fat. Plus, it is when you are tired from sleep debt that your body is more likely to crave

17. Buy the way, children need plenty of carbohydrates. But they should never be given sugar or processed carbs. Give them non-processed carbohydrates, in the form of WHOLE grains and lots of fresh fruit. Even raw honey. But no sugar or white flour. And make sure they get plenty of protein. Plus good oils, especially Omega 3's.

18. Research the "Hulda Clark herbal parasite program".

19. A key to making food that satisfies you is TASTE, and the best way to get that taste is with fresh herbs. I use a lot of basil and cilantro. Also Italian parsley, dill and mint.

20. Forget about counting calories. Look at WHAT you are eating, and how many grams of carbohydrate.

21. Like many people, you may have subconscious sabotaging commands in your brain. I had them, but I have removed them over the years. I had commands that many other people also have like "You're fat" and "Eat all your food". My kinesiology DVD shows how to identify and remove these commands, which, by the way, can affect other areas of your life, especially finances and relationships.



It is possible that when changing your eating habits to the above, that you will go through a period of cleansing. This happened to me. This can mean that you may be extra tired for a while and need more sleep. You may get black lines under your eyes or red eyes. This is because the body stores extra toxins in the fat cells. When you burn that fat, the body has to remove the toxins. Remember that when you spring clean, your house looks worse before it looks better. Detoxifying is like that. The lack of energy and black under the eyes may be toxins moving out of the body.


If you want to lose weight after having a baby, that's easy. Have you ever seen a dog with a litter of puppies when the puppies are large? She is probably skin and bone. All you have to do is breastfeed - that is what the extra fat is for. But the weight probably won't come off until AFTER your baby is a lot larger, at least 6 months old. Breastfeeding should be done at least until the baby has ALL it's teeth, which is nature's signal to you that the baby is now ready to live totally off solid food. That can be around 3 years old. (Note: After a while, the baby will want only one feed a day, which you can use to get them to sleep). More information here.

In addition, breastfeeding will help your baby to never be overweight. Proper Leptin functioning is established by the colustrum that is contained in the mother's milk, especially during the first six hours after birth. In addition, babies fed soy based formula have 13,000 - 22,000 times more estrogen compounds in their blood than babies fed milk-based formula. Infants fed only soy-based formula receive the same as 5 birth control pills a day!!!

If you were never breastfed, get some cow colostrum from the health food store.



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