Recommended DVDs

For fun, education and mind expansion

The Arrival
Charlie Sheen
(Throw The Arrival II into the garbage bin)


Bless the Child
Kim Bassinger


Chances Are
Robert Downey Jr


Warning: Ignore the lie right at the end - where they say that all this is happening ``for a good purpose"


Conspiracy Theory
Mel Gibson, Jula Roberts


Dark City
Rufus Sewell, Kiefer Sutherland


Dark Skies
TV Series


Dead Again
Kenneth Brannagh, Emma Thompson


Don Juan de Marco
Johnny Depp, Marlon Brando


Kyle McLachlan. 1984.
Ignore the modern version: t leaves out the crucial information
that sound has the ability to kill.


Enemy of the State
Will Smith


Erin Brockovitch
Julia Roberts


Eyes Wide Shut
Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman
Think of this as a documentary about the Ruling Class
Note: Definitely not for children


Fahrenheit 911
Michael Moore


Field of Dreams
Kevin Costner


Fire in the Sky
A True Story


Groundhog Day
Bill Murray, Andie McDowell


I Am Number Four
Alex Pettyfer


Kate and Leopold
Meg Ryan


The Last Mimzy


The Matrix
Keanu Reaves
(I do not recommend the sequels)


Tom Cruise


On Deadly Ground
Steven Seagul.
There is a speech at the end of this movie that is possibly
the most important truth ever said in any movie.


The Patriot
Mel Gibson


The Philadelphia Experiment
Michael Pare. 
Al Bielek (whom this movie is about) said that the producer of this movie said that it was pulled from the market three weeks after opening, and was only available via vhs after that. 
It has too much truth in it (apart from the romance)
(Not to be confused with the movie ``Philadelphia")


Tobey Maguire


The Power of One
Stephen Dorff


Roswell: The UFO Coverup
Kyle MacLachlan


The Saint
Val Kilmer


The Shadow
Alec Baldwin


The Silencers
Jack Scalia


Mel Gibson




The Skulls


Star Trek, Next Generation
Patrick Stewart


Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi
(The original trilogy. We do not recommend the other Star Wars Movies)


The Live
Roddy Piper


Three Wishes
Patrick Swayze


Val Kilmer


Jean-Claude Van Damme


The Tomorrow Man
Corbin Bernsen


"V" The Original TV Series

"V" Modern Version


Wag the Dog
Robert de Niro, Dustin Hoffman


Yes Minister
Hilarious TV series, too close to the truth about government

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