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Divine Harmony CD

Al Harris, a spiritually gifted musician and composer, and one of America's leading bioacoustics healing experts, was commissioned by Dr. Horowitz to write music relaying the same empowering effects as the six tones that were discovered in the bible by Dr Joseph Puleo.

Music intimately affects your soul. It inspires creativity, moves emotions, and transforms physical matter by its pure power.

In the beginning, Genesis reveals, there was only God and his word. The Supreme One sang the universe into existence in six days. The planets, spheres of sound, continue to vibrate in space - an electromagnetic matrix of the Creator's Divine physics and mathematics. They dance with colors that reflect their sacred origin.

Like the Universal Father/Mother, ancient people used music and song as "soul food" to reach higher realms of thought and greater well being. Psalms were sung in a sacred scale, a special set of sounds, designed to nourish and uplift spirits to their Source.

Unfortunately, over the millennia, these tones were changed, and the spiritually uplifting impact of this Divine music was suppressed. Now, with the Spiritual renaissance upon us, it is being recovered.

With the publication of Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse (Tetrahedron, 1999) by Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Dr. Joseph Puleo, an original six tone musical scale was revealed. According to Professor Wili Apel (Gregorian Chants), the Mediaeval hymn to St. John the Baptist-perhaps the most spiritually uplifting hymn of all time-was sung to these six tones. An empowering pattern was generated by starting the hymn on a particular tone, then raising that tone for the second part of the hymn; raising it again for the 3rd part, and so on, until all six tones had been used.

Dr. Puleo set about researching his hymn, and found repeating mathematical patterns hidden within the Bible that revealed these six sound frequencies.

Applications of these six tones are being investigated internationally at this time. Physicists, mathematicians, musicians, and spiritual healers alike believe these unique sounds may propel creative and destructive forces. They create harmony and balance, relieve distress, and may even effect miraculous healings.

Note from Stephanie Relfe: I have a friend who used the "Divine Harmony CD" to teach water aerobics. Her class love it!

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