Geodesic Dome Home Problems



The following warning about living in dome homes was received by me by email on April 10 2002:

"An architect I know worked with Buckminster for years built domes as residences for 12 or so years before realizing the divorce rate for people living in domes is sky high. The energy of domes is toxic for everyday living conditions - plants, sound energy etc. get amplified & some aspects are OK for short term use or application, but not for day to day living. People really need to check this stuff out, particularly if they plan on living in a specific geometry. Domes with exposed struts are terrible. Noxious energy lines in all directions. Undergound and solid? Well, lets just say that all energy is amplified in a dome, and there better be some good energy without agenda or ego going into it to work for the inhabitants' highest good!! People underground? Temporary - possibly OK if short term and conscious. Generally, bad idea - especially if the global energy is being altered from the inside out. Be careful.

Probably makes a great greenhouse, though - healthy plants living in happy little groups that are actually alive and not synthetics/hybrids/GMO don't have the ego agendas [re: activities based in fear] of humans".

EDITOR'S NOTE: This warning probably refers only to GEODESIC domes. I believe that ROUND domes are okay. A good source of information on ROUND domes is http://paisite.com/sunlife/ For an illustrated 21-page construction manual which walks you through the process of building your own home using ferro-cement as the primary construction material, send a $15 check to Sun Life, 71-pai Holistic Hollow, Mt. Ida AR 71957 USA.

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