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When I was young I used to get muscle cramps in my foot so that one foot would be about 1.5" shorter than the other. Now occasionally I get muscle cramps in my calf muscle. Boy do they hurt!

So I was very glad to learn a few years ago how to stop a cramp anytime it began. I learned a natural remedy for muscle cramps when I learned the energy healing techniques of kinesiology.

When a muscle cramp happens, most people immediately try to lengthen the muscles. This is the total opposite of what you should do. The brain, which is controlling the body, already thinks the muscle is too long, and is trying to shorten it!

So, what you need to do is shorten the muscle so much that the brain finally gets the message that the muscle has been shortened too much and then lengthen the muscle, thus giving you relief.

So, when a cramp occurs, go to the middle of the belly of the muscle.

Place your fingers about 2 inches apart, in the middle of the muscle, with your fingers and hands parallel with the muscle.

Push the middle parts of the muscle towards each other, as though you were trying to shorten the muscle. Dig in a bit, be quite firm about this.

Keep it up until the pain stops. Keep repeating this on any muscle or part of the muscle that is cramping.

This can give almost immediate relief. You may be surprised at how fast this works!

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Hi Stephanie,

I wanted to thank you, my wife who has cramps every so often had a major cramp tonight. I did the normal and had her stretch the muscle, when this did not work I ran and got her a hot bucket of water to rest her foot. I then ran to the internet found your site and tried the technique of pushing the muscle together. The cramp went away immediately. Actually during me writing this email her other foot cramped up and I just finished relieving that one as well. This one took a few times to find the correct muscle and alignment, but all is well. She thanks you very much.

Thank You,
Charles & Pat


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