How to Remove Heavy Metal Toxicity


I was told this by a Naturopath.

To get rid of heavy metal toxicity, simply juice pure cilantro (coriander / Chinese parsley).

I was told by the naturopath that a hospital in Japan was doing a study on heavy metal poisoning, with 100 patients. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, one day the patients started to pass heavy metals in their urine.

The doctors looked around for the cause of this. It turned out there was a new cook, who served soup before all meals. In every bowl of soup he added "Vietnamese parsley" - that is, cilantro.

All metals were removed with the cilantro, including mercury and lead! Apparently the cilantro is meant to change the polarity of the blood.

The cilantro must be fresh. Try juicing it. You can add some pineapple to make it taste better.

On asking readers for references, these were kindly sent to me:

Referenced from Dr. David Williams newsletter “Alternatives,” August 2003. He quotes studies done by Dr. Omura and cites several studies:
Acupunct Electrother Res 95;20(3-4):195-229
Acupunct Electroher Res 96;21(2):133-60

Dr Williams indicates that it’s called the “Poor Man’s Detox program and needs to be used in conjunction with a bentonite called “Pascalite.” He recommends 1-2 teaspoons in water 3x daily and to run detox program 1-3 weeks by taking ¼ cup of freshly packed cilantro stems and leaves 1x daily.



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