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Rothschild Strikes Back?

Sai Baba: The Possible the Truth Behind
Negative Media Stories:

Updated May 15 2010

I have read the various allegations about Sai Baba concerning sexual abuse.

These stories were probably first started by Tal Brookes.  Tal has lied about many things (eg That he was the No. 1 western follower of Baba).  It is also worth noting that  it has been said that he was an associate of Timothy Leary, a member of the CIA who helped to develop LSD. 

I must say, from my own experience, that most of the people who follow Baba's teachings seem to end up with a lot less lust than many other people.  The atmosphere in Puttaparthi feels very clean and pure.  While there I was very impressed that I received NO looks of lust from men, which is not what I always experience outside his ashram.

After giving this matter a lot of thought, prayer and soul searching, I personally have no doubt that the stories regarding sexual abuse are false, for the reasons given in this article.

Just to be practical - they are meant to happen during interviews!  While ten, twenty thousand or more people are waiting for Baba outside!!!  And the back room, where these incidents are supposed to take place, is divided by only a material curtain, which moves back and forwards in the breeze!!!  With dozens of people in the adjoining room!

There is one possibility which explains the numerous stories going around about Sai Baba and sexual abuse which no one seems to have thought of.

It is surely relevant that these stories only started to get out somewhere around 2001, when Baba was 75 YEARS OLD.  (He was born Nov 23 1926). There are literally tens of thousands of stories about the good actions of Sai Baba.  It is a shame the papers don't want to advertise the good things Baba has done, like provide a totally free $100 Million super specialty hospital that anyone can go to for major surgery (even you) - surgery that would normally cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  As well as educating the women of India. And giving clean water to Madras and hundreds of thousands of other people, for free.

In an official letter released to the general public, in December 2001, A.B. Vajpayee (then Prime Minister of India), P.N. Bhagawati (Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India), Ranganath Mishra (Chair Person, National Human Rights Commissioner of India and Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India), Najma Heptulla (President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union; UNDP Distinguished Human Development Ambassador) and Shivraj V. Patil (Member of Parliament, India; Formerly of the Lok Sabha & Union Minister) all signed a letter that called the allegations against Sathya Sai Baba "wild, reckless and concocted allegations made by certain vested interests" and that they "unequivocally condemned" the allegations as "baseless and malicious".

I used to wonder, before these stories came out, why we never heard any negative stories about him.  I believe Baba had the power to stop these stories. I believe that for some reason he has decided to allow them out now.  Since there is organized evil on this planet, which is involved heavily in the occult etc., Sai Baba is the kind of person that they would want to attack.  His positive effect on so many people's lives is huge.

I felt that there might be trouble for Sai Baba down the track when I read "Divine Memories of Sathya Sai" by Diana Baskin.  Diana Baskin is the daughter of an Italian aristocrat and the grand daughter of a Swiss banker.  She lived with Baba for 10 years.  It was she and her husband who told Baron Rothschild about Sai Baba, which caused the Baron to go and see Baba.  But Baba ignored the Baron completely.  Instead Baba chose to see a group of very poor Nepalese. 

I doubted that someone as powerful or as "important" as Baron Rothschild took kindly to this type of treatment.  I felt that it would be just like a Rothschild to start brewing some kind of revenge. And remember - the Rothschilds have access to almost limitless resources. Their family controls an estimated 100 trililon dolllars in 1998 to 300 TRILLION dollars today.

It is possible that many of the people who have created these stories are victims of hypnosis, or other methods of mind control, by the Illuminati and the New World Order, groups of which Rothschild is a big player.

An important new book "Secret, Don't Tell: The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism" by Carla Emery (www.hypnotism.org) gives many stories, some from court proceedings, which prove that the 'bad guys' can easily get 10% of the population to do anything they want, purely through hypnosis. 

The other 90% of people can be hypnotized once they have been given a drug, for example in orange juice.

In opposite to what most people believe, it is relatively easy to get these people to perform unethical actions, including murder, prostitution and robbing banks through hypnosis.  Very few people know this - even many hypnotists. This is without the using extreme mind control techniques described in books like "Trance Formation of America".  And if you think that you can never be hypnotized, think again!   According to Carla Emery, the more intelligent a person, the more likely it is that they can be hypnotized.

For important information on mind control, read "Operation Open Eyes" at http://www.rumormillnews.com/operation.htm We should all know about how these things are possible.

To understand further how vast the scenario of mind control is, and how evil some of these people are, read "Trance Formation of America" by Cathy O'Brien. You will need spiritual protection to do this - her story is gross beyond description.

Ask yourself the question, since we can hardly ever get any REAL, UNBIASED news in the media, how come this story made the front page of the Melbourne (Australia) Sunday Age newspaper? Melbourne is a major city with over 3 million people. For more information, do a search on "New World Order" and "Illuminati".

Is it a coincidence that Baba is being accused of the very thing that the Illuminati do themselves? This is revealed by Bill Schnoebelen, who was at one time was a 90 degree mason, a member of the Illuminati, and a satanic priest, (before he became a Christian) in his video "Exposing the Illuminati from Within". See also "The Light Behind Masonry".

The word of eye witnesses alone is no longer enough to discredit someone. Maybe it never should have been. There are a number of technologies out there now which can help to find the truth. The best one is probably Brainwave Fingerprinting, Invented by Dr. Larry Farwell. Brain Fingerprinting is a revolutionary new technology for investigating crimes and exonerating innocent suspects, with a record of 100% accuracy in research on FBI agents, research with US government agencies, and field applications. See www.brainfingerprinting.com If we had Brainwave Fingerprinting in the courts now, many of the injustices that happen would not be. In fact, in February 2003 Brain Fingerprinting finally exonerated an innocent man after 24 years, and uncovered the real perpetrator.

Another method is clearing. This is described in sites such as www.freespiritjournal.com, www.freezone.org and www.themarsrecords.com Other technologies include reverse speech, and different technologies that measure sound and frequencies. These technologies find out more information than just a plain lie detector test. After all, if someone doesn't remember they are lying because of hypnotic commands to forget, are they really lying? To learn how useless and dangerous the lie detector is, read www.antipolygraph.org

Some Evidence in Favor of Sai Baba:

1) The people who are spreading these bad stories get some of their facts wrong.  The miracles ARE real.  The proof?  No one else could afford to produce the things that Sai Baba has produced! If you read books written by people who have met Sai Baba you will see that he seems to manifest at least two - ten objects a day for people, or even many more. He has been doing this nearly every day for over SIXTY YEARS. Some of these objects are inexpensive things like fruit (often out of season) but many are not. Even if he was giving away only cheap things, the cost for this would be ENORMOUS. ALL stage magicians ask for their props back!

2) I have met a number of people who have rings made by Sai Baba and seen their rings.  One woman in Australia was given a gold and diamond ring. The diamond was VERY big and extremely clear. She asked a jeweler to value it for her. He said that he could not - it was so perfect that it was priceless.

I saw a video made by the British Broadcasting Commission.  They interviewed David Bailey, one of the top, if not the top, pianist in England.  He has played for the Queen. On the video Bailey said that he also had his ring valued, and the jeweler said that it was real. 

3) Anyone who thinks that the tons of gold and jewels Baba has manifested for people, are fake, is not considering the facts.  He made these things for many of the wealthy people of India - a land full of gold and jewels.  These people know the difference between real gold and fake gold.  If the gold and jewels were fake, you would have heard about it long before now.

4) Some people who are against Baba are beginning to realize that they cannot deny all of the miracles, so they have said that they are done by black magick. These people show a huge lack of knowledge of how black magick works. Reports from people such as Bill Schnoebelen (www.withoneaccord.org) who used to be a Satanic priest and a Ceremonial Black Magician tell us that magick that works takes a lot of research, planning, time and paraphernalia (incense, physical objects, wands, circles on the ground etc.). Some spells take as many as six months to prepare!

Black magick is seldom done instantaneously, on the fly, and in the large numbers that Baba does.

The best resource for understanding about how black magick works and how powerless black magicians are when God intervenes, is the DVD set "Interview with an ex-vampire". It is of myself interviewing Bill Schnoebelen and is produced by my husband Michael Relfe. Bill is an excellent speaker. His stories will amaze and inspire you. See www.exvampire.com

5) There are many, many reports of Baba teleporting and appearing to people in many locations in India as well as other countries including Australia, the USA, Bosnia and South Africa. Often, miraculous healings happened after these visits. Now, if Baba has the ability to teleport, and he wanted to abuse anyone, why would he do it in the interview room when he has the ability to go into someone's house?

6) It is not just the magnitude of the number of miracles that has been done by Baba over the decades that is amazing. It is also their incredible variety, which you will learn of if you read books written by people who have been to see Sai Baba. It goes far beyond manifesting lots of vibhuti (special ash).

None of these negative stories make any effort to do anything about the many, many stories of miracles done by Baba in countries outside of India, often saving lives. For example, I have read of people who were about to have a head-on collision, and when they called out to Baba, their car 'morphed' through the oncoming vehicle! My favorite story is of a woman who wanted a photo of Baba and a bumble-bee flew in through her bedroom window, carrying a tiny photo of Baba between its legs! Baba's sense of humor is wonderful.

The best way to get to know Baba is through his energy.  Some of his energy has been in my life for years, and I feel only good, peace and happiness from it.  On the contrary, when I have been connected (even unknowingly) with people who have the energy of sexual abuse, I feel awful. 

Here's an example of this: I gave a kinesiology session to a little girl in Indianapolis who was the victim of sexual abuse.  The session was just a normal kind of session. It wasn't directly related to the abuse. I was just attempting, at the request of her mother, to remove the reason why the little girl kept lying.  After that session, I got sick as a dog for four days.  I was extremely nauseous and exhausted. Before that, I hadn't been sick for more than a day for years.  I didn't start to get better until the second day when I rang my sister to see if she could figure out the reason for my sickness. My sister explained to me that when abuse is involved, a person's chakras nearly always get connected to the chakras of the abuser.  With that knowledge, I was able to heal myself almost straight away by disconnecting energetically from the source of the problem.

Baba has the complete opposite of this kind of energy.  One way to experience Baba's energy for some people is to read some of the many books written by people who spent much time with Baba. 

His energy, teachings and guidance have softened thousands of heardened hearts and encouraged many, many people to live better lives.

While at Puttaparthi I observed the action and faces of dozens of young boys in the presence of Baba on about 14 occasions.  On every occasion the looks of radiant joy and happiness told their own story.  I have seldom send western children look as happy or pure as those boys did.

Stephanie Relfe B.Sc. (Sydney)
www.relfe.com (see pictures below)


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Robert Priddy Tries to Trash This Article & Myself - Comments (May 13 2010)

1. I guess this article struck a nerve somewhere. Else why bother to refute it? In the article Priddy calles me a "lunatic". Who cares what a "lunatic" says?

2. It's a shame he doesn't have the courage to link to my article, like I did to his. He only describes it.

3. My B.Sc. (Sydney) is a Bachelor of Science degree from Sydney University (One of the leading universities, if not the leading university, in Australia). Double Major in Histology (the study of cells) and Zoology.

4. He says "a Rockefeller", instead of "Baron Rothschild". This is a crucial error. The difference is at least several trillion dollars worth. Here's a good introduction to the wealth and power of the Rothschild (about half the world's wealth).

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This is one of Sai Baba's TWO Super Specialty Hospitals. It was designed by the word's expert on sacred geometry and cost $100 million to build. It is TOTALLY free to go to it!!!

He has built and funded many other hospitals and schools and universities in India, including many schools for girls.

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Perfect Health with Kinesiology &
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Perfect Health with Kinesiology &
Muscle Testing
DVD Training

Sai Baba:  Man of Miracles
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Jesus Christ said that one day we would be able to do the miracles that he did.  Sathya Sai Baba has done most of the miracles that Jesus Christ did, plus a few of his own!  In addition, he has done a lot of good work in India, including building a beautiful, free $100 million hospital for the poor (even you can go to it).

An American who is an expert on auras said that Sai Baba's aura is like nothing he had ever seen before.  Sai Baba has a pink aura that goes for 100 yards and a blue aura that reaches to the sky.  Baba is reported by many to be full of love.  He is still living.  This is an account of some of the achievements of Sai Baba, one of the most impressive men of miracles to appear for centuries.


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