By Michael Relfe

Manufactured by Southern Botanicals

Green Drink / Green Foods . You may have heard about them and even seen them in your health food store. But most of the time they are among the most expensive of health supplements. Not anymore! Green Superfoods are a category of phytonutrient and nutraceutical rich nutritional products derived from green plants, algae, cereal grasses, vegetables and herbs. But the fact is they are not meant to be a supplement. They are food! and are meant to be taken in large quantities like other foods.

Green Drink is a key to health and weight loss in "The pH Miracle for Weight Loss" by Dr Robert Young.

In our modern world, the food we purchase and consume daily from the chains of mega-conglomerate food stores is not the same kind of food our parents and grandparents were raised on. Packaged foods are heated, processed, bromated, hydrogenated, and mixed with hundreds of chemicals unknown by our ancestors. In addition, the fruits and vegetables we eat are grown on biologically dead soils, de-vitalized of minerals and the micro-organisms that turn rock and inorganic minerals into organic foods.

It is a scientific fact that the only vitamins and minerals that the human body can absorb are ones that have been processed by plants. Forget synthetic vitamins and mineral tablets. The human body treats all such chemicals as toxins. The body can convert some of these synthetic “nutrients” into usable compounds but at a high price in energy and enzymes.

Organically grown plants are your best source of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients.

Green Foods are great. Superfoods are better !!



This blend of SUPER FOODS is formulated to supply you with Natural Food Source Vitamins, Minerals, Nutraceuticals, Phytonutrients, Amino Acids and Essential Trace Elements. These are nature's nutrients, not man made synthetic vitamins. All ingredients are from the richest, whole food sources on the planet. All the ingredients are Organically Grown.

What are Superfoods ? Superfoods are naturally grown plants that are very concentrated sources of energy and nutrients. A small amount goes a long way. Superfoods will give you increased energy without leaving you feeling bloated or “heavy”. Superfoods are ideal for people on the go, whether a mother at home, a sales rep on the road or a professional at the office. More energy. More nutrients. Without caffeine or stimulants. Perfect for athletes. That’s Superfood !


The Best Superfood !

Spirulina Blue Green Algae

Spirulina is one of about 1,500 known species of blue-green algae that grow in brackish ponds and lives in mild and hot climates throughout the world. Pure spirulina is a source of protein and contains a number of vitamins and minerals including beta carotene, vitamin B12, and gamma linolenic acid. Spirulina is 72% protein (dry weight) and is equal to meat and dairy products. Spirulina has been used for weight loss and as a nutritional supplement and has also been used for boosting the immune system and for controlling cholesterol levels


Chlorella is a small, round, unicellular fresh water, green algae, is an excellent source of phytonutrients. Chlorella is 60% protein and contains all essential amino acids. Some of the nutrients it contains are Beta Carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-Complex, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Lipoic Acid, Fatty Acids and Carbohydrates.


Alfalfa is indigenous to the middle east. Arabs called Alfalfa the “Father Of Foods” Alfalfa’s ability to grow roots 20 FEET long allows it to mine minerals deep underground.


Barley Grass is high in calcium, iron, all the essential amino acids, vitamin C, the flavonoids, vitamin B-12, and many minerals, plus enzymes as well as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, beta carotene, B1, B2, B6, C, folic acid, and pantothenic acid.

Wheat Grasses

Wheat Grass was made famous by the Ann Wigmore in her book “Be Your Own Doctor”. Wheat grass is one of those rare foods that supply almost every nutrient a body needs and is an excellent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B8, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, protein, chlorophyll, and numerous other vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, including Vitamin K, niacin, biotin, folic acid, calcium, iron, and twenty amino acids.

Purple Dulse Seaweed

Seaweeds are the richest source of absorbable minerals on the planet. The Purple Dulse Seaweed is 22% protein (dry weight) and is an excellent source of Vitamins A, C, E, and B-12 as well as calcium, iron, iodine, niacin, thiamin and trace minerals. It is low in sodium and high in potassium. The latest research describes that Purple Dulse Seaweed may help reverse hardening of the arteries, reduce high blood pressure, regress and prevent tumors, and even remove toxic metals from our bodies by transforming them into harmless salts (via a substance called alginic acid) that are easily eliminated

Beet Root

Beet root has many health properties such as cleaning of the kidneys and gall bladder as well as being rich in alkaline elements, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. They are also useful in combating acidosis and aid the natural processes of elimination. Beet root contains sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sulphur, chlorine, iodine, iron, copper, vitamin B1, B2, niacin, B6, C and P.

Spinach Leaf

Spinach is known for its cleansing and detoxifying properties on the digestive system and is an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, iron and Vitamin C.

Rose Hips, Orange and Lemon peels

These are great sources of vitamin C, biofiavonoids, calcium, hesperidin, rutin and all of the micro trace elements that are now known to be necessary to absorb vitamin C. The citrus peels are also one of the highest sources of pectin, which has been proven to remove heavy metals (mercury, lead, etc. ) from the body and even remove radioactive contamination like strontium 90

Non-Active Saccharomyces cerevisiae Nutritional Yeast

This yeast is grown on beets and pure molasses. It is the second highest source of complete protein in nature (50%), and the richest source of 8 Vitamins. It is also a rich source of Iron and many other minerals. The yeast we choose is heated high enough to absolutely destroy any yeast activity, but not high enough to lessen the B Vitamin content. It is totally NON active and safe for patients with candida albicans or on yeast free diets. The manufacturer had this to say of the nutritional yeast:

"The yeast in the formula is Red Star's non-fermentable, nutritional yeast. This form in no way contributes to the candida condition in the body. On the contrary, it is very beneficial to handling overbalances of yeast in the body due to its high B vitamin and protein content need for immune system repair.We have another product called Vital Nutrition that does not include the yeast, any of the algaes and wheat grass. It is far less effective by observation than the Vital Nutrition Plus in all cases including Candida".

Use two level tablespoons of Super Food, added to your favorite juice or blender concoction, gives you two to five times the vitamins you need for the entire day. What's even better is that you can assimilate these foods so easily, the nutrients are in your bloodstream going to work within fifteen minutes

Each bottle is a 30 day supply so the cost is less than $1 a day

Click here for Suggested Recipes

Are you on a high protein diet to lose weight? Superfood is 75% protein!!!

Note from Stephanie Relfe: I have super food most days in my smoothy for breakfast. I have not found anything else that gives me as much energy, keeps me as satisfied until lunch time, or keeps me as regular! 


This is taken from the capsule form. One serving is 15 capsules (5 capsules 3 time daily). 40 servings per container

Calories 19.5, Protein 3.25g, Fats .33g, Cholesterol 0%, Calcium* 30mg 4%, Iron* 1.46 mg 12%, Zinc 1.3 mg 3.25%, Sodium 19.5 mg 3.25%, Dietary Fiber 1.3g 5.2%, Vitamin A 3900iu 100%, Vitamin B1 1.6mg 81%, Vitamin B2 1.2mg 98%, Vitamin B3 22mg 107%, Vitamin B12 4.0mcg 81%, Vitamin C 15mg 34% *Based on US RDA values and a 2,000 calorie dietary intake

Note by the manufacturer, Southern Botanicals

Vital Nutrition Plus and Superfood are wholefood supplements. As such, vitamin content is Naturally occurring. This means that one batch assays with amounts of vitamins different from the next batch, so vitamin declarations cannot be made for whole foods. They would never be accurate from one powdered carrot in a bunch to the next carrot in that same bunch. This is why I have never cared to put nutritional breakdowns on the product. They are meaningless when dealing with a raw, wholefood product.

Only artificial vitamin/mineral supplements can give you the assayed amounts for each vitamin and mineral because this is how it is made in the lab. This is all totally controlled in the process of making the vitamin or mineral, so obviously the amounts of each are easy to report and should be

Breakfast Green Drink
Super healthy

Having this for breakfast can help reduce food cravings. Generally when we crave a particular food, it is because our body is deficient in one of the 90 vitamins, minerals or essential fatty acids our body needs for perfect functioning. e.g. whenever I crave sugary things, the craving usually goes within 15 minutes of having a number of spirulina tablets.

Ingredients.. Add what you have available and what your body wants of:

1 handful of Goji berries
½ handful of almonds
¼ cup or less of chia seeds (For as much Omega 3 as 1 lb of salmon!)
1 tablespoon or more of Vital Nutrition Plus
1 tablespoon or more or Udo's Perfected Oil Blend and/ or flaxseed oil and/or cold pressed sunflower, safflower oil.  Occasionally use cold pressed evening primrose oil.
½ - 1 handful raw seeds (sunflower, pumpkin)
½ handful of fruit, such as frozen blueberries or mango
ice cubes to taste (say 2)
1-2 cups water (reverse osmosis filtered of course)
1 tsp raw honey / maple syrup

Blend the goji berries and almonds with water.  Add the frozen fruit and ice cubes and allow them to soften if still very hard.  Add everything else except the chia seeds.  Blend.  Then add the chia seeds for one last blend (they go very gooey if you leave them in too long).  Blend the lot (or as much as you have available)


Testimonials (Results are not typical. Results will vary).

I basically started trying to get fit after I went to see my doctor and he said I needed to lose weight. I weighed in at about 250 lbs!. I didn't have high blood pressure or high cholesterol but that was an alarming weight. So he gave me a sheet of how to eat the right number of calories a day in proportion to what I was doing...which is basically a desk job so no exercise. I tried this and lost 20 lbs but I wasn't energetic and I did not feel well!. So at 230lbs I read up on your website. I was stuck at 230 lbs for about a month or so. I exercised and watched my diet...NOTHING!

Then I begun on Vital nutrition plus and the colon cleanse. In three days I felt better. I slept better and my body was alive. I was not sleepy at work at 2 pm anymore. Infact it reaches 5 pm and I am shocked at where the time went!. I work out better at the gym. Everyone tells me I look better. I lost 8lbs to date (three weeks) and although I weigh in at 222 Lbs I feel great!. I look better. My skin is better (no more expensive treatments) beauty for me is from the inside out!. I can do two hours of aerobics and not get as tired. I get tired but I don't feel drained!! I am just thrilled. I thank God for having found your website. I know more about nutrition than I ever did. I am now a size 20 from being a size 24. My ultimate goal is to be a size 12 but I know it will happen for sure!!. I do not crave sugar and bad foods anymore. I am not hungry. I just drink my vital nutrition plus in the morning with my orange juice. I eat a small salad and soup for lunch. Some more vital at tea time and at dinner time a light dinner and more nutrition plus and I feel just wonderful!

I used to have a bowel movement every three or so days. The first time I took the colon cleanse I couldn't believe how much stuff came out. Long dark murky yucky looking stuff!!!. Ewwee!. These days I go about three times a day sometimes two depending and I feel really good.

I cannot thank you enough. You have done your good deed for the year by literally saving my life and giving me a bright future. Thanks for your concern and your wonderful website. Keep up the good job!


With or without Vegicaps

Disclaimer: These products have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. It is provided for informational use only and is not intended to replace the advice of a licensed professional. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, disorder, pain, injury, deformity, or physical or mental condition This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

This information is not medical advice. Because every person's situation is different, neither Stephanie Relfe, Health Wealth & Happiness or the author of this article will be held responsible for any negative results which come from reading or acting upon the information in this article. Use at your own risk.



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