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It's about toxins.

Obesity is not a disease.
It's a business plan.

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The Most Important Documentary Ever - by The Renegade Economist

"They Live" 2014

PA Government Steals Widow's $280,000 home over $6 debt

Dallas Ends 5 Decades of Fluoridation. Saves $1 Million a year

Dolphins Swim with Man to Save him from Sharks

The Definitive Guide to How Obamacare is Destroying Lives

(This will kill people because hospitals are firing people, at the same time that people cannot afford insurance anymore. Save yourself. Get my book to learn how).

FDA finds Lead in all 400 Lipsticks

Greenpeace Co-Founder: Greenpeace living in a "Dreamworld. Poverty is the Biggest Threat"

Pesticides found to be far more Toxic than Previously Believed

A Forum Shill Gets Busted (This is from 2013, but it's still a beauty)

Victory to BreastMilk Mum Against the TSA Goons

Obamacare Premiums to Skyrocket

Sarah Palin endorses these Commonsense Conservatives

GM Mosquitoes released in Brazil

Facebook Fake Friends

Time to Take off That Bra (with a modest shirt, of course)

Commercial Banned in Switzerland

Walmart Worker: Why did Waltons get $8 Billion in Subsidies, while I had to pay tax?

Russia Won't Import GMOs. Will grow Organic instead

Cows Gang-up on Bear

Number of Child Slaves making Carpets drops from 1million to 250,000 with introductions of GoodWeave Brand

Terrified Diver Prepared to Die when Suddenly...

Emotional Trauma can Affect Skulls of Descendants

IOWA - Joni Ernst for Senator

Map of Accidents from Fracking. MUST SEE!

Roundup 125x More Toxic than Believed to be

Cows with Guns

Belgian Doctors are Allowed to Kill Patients
Learn Natural Health so you never need a doctor

This Horse Does Yoga

50 - 300 miles per Gallon cars Banned in the USA
(We drove a 60mpg car in France 7 years ago)

Govt takes money from People for their Parents' Debts

The Pink Vigilantes: Women Fighting Violence & Corruption

Texas Woman lights her Tap Water on Fire (Fracking) . Vid

How Frackig makes Water Flammable

Photographer attempts to Photograph Meerkats

More Mothers are Choosing to Stay at Home to look after their Children Properly

'Captain America' movie Denounces Nazification of America

How to Guide to Ban GMOs from your City or County

Lost Baby Elephant Knocks on Gamekeepers Door.
To learn more about Thula Thula, read The Elephant Whisperer: My Life with the Herd in the African Wild.

26% of every Tax Dollar goes to the Oligarchs (as Interest)

Sweden to become a Third World Nation due to Immigration

Anti-Radiation Protection for Pregnancy

Best Children's Books

Nigel Farage: Who are You?
Get to know the Real EU

In Thailand, a New Kind of Protest

Killer Elephant Halts Rampage to Save Baby Human

Common Core - The Documentary

Poisoning from Mercury Dental Fillings

205 Hospital Patients Die every day from a Hospital Superbug

BREAKING! Plans for free energy device release! Download this now!

$1,000 Pill costs $10 in Egypt

55 Banks Occupied & Paralyzed for 18 Days in Spain

Mainstream Media continues to resemble a Stagnant Swamp

My book went to #35,000 on Amazon today! Not bad out of 12,000,000 books.

Indians, not Arabians, developed the Decimal System

Ancient Indians had Flying Vehicles called Vimana

Debate: Nigel Farage v. Nick Clegg on whether the UK should be in/out of EU

Crow Solves 8-Step Puzzle

Another Vid that shows how Smart Crows are

$1 paper microscope magnifies 2,000 x! Saves lives!

Visualization & Exercise helped woman lose 100 pounds

Allergic Reactions to Liquid Soap & Wipes

Global Transformation through Prayer & Spiritual Warfare

Youtube Shuts Down Mark Dice - 250,000 Subscribers

Facebook & Monsanto: Top Shareholders are Identical

Hilarious Aussie: Wombat Traps him in its Tunnel

Ucles Catches a Kangaroo by Disguising as an Emu

EU Aid Destroyed Portugal

10 Ways True Feminism is Under Attack
Feminism was Hijacked by the Oligarchs to Exploit Women

Youtube Hires Hundreds of Trolls dubbed "Super Flaggers"

Clusters of People Vanish in Thin Air in National Parks - up to 30 at a time!
But the Cops don't keep a record of Missing Persons!

Yay Australia! Massive Protest against Government after Anti-protest Law announced

The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide: How to Survive, Thrive, and Prosper During Obamageddon

Meditation Transforms Schools (Prayer is talking to God. Meditation is listening to God)

People Moving to West Virginia Town that Bans WIFI

Smart Meters - Keep an open mind when you watch this. (And this is apart from the dangerous WIFI radiation).


Illuminati Training Video (Parody?)
by Filmmaker Matt Anderson


GMOs will unleash Global Killer 'ecocide' across the planet, warns Prominent Scientist

$750 fine & 2 Years in Jail for Peaceful Protests in Victoria, Australia

He never Carried a Gun before - & Then This Happened

Federal Agents Destroying Farming. Plus "Secrets of the Soil"
Humus is The Most Important Ingredient for Healthy Soil & People

Major Insurance Firm Warns of Losses Due to Health Effects of EMFs

Are you Being Tricked by these Food Industry Marketing Tactics?

Miracle for German Homeschooling Family

Kids for Cash
The Movie

Yoga Mat Material in Food (Learn how to eat - Get You're not Fat,You're Toxic)

Conspiracy Guy

The NRA was Started to Protect Slaves from the Ku Klux Klan

The REAL World Map (You have been Lied to)

10 Reasons to Delete Your Facebook Account

College Student Saves Food Waste for Needy People

Oscar 2014 Nominations - SPOILERS!

Chemically Nucleated Snow - What is it?

Girl Invents Free Energy Flashlight

FULL PRESENTATION: Government Paid Shills

9th Dead Banker since Jan.


Snowden: Paid Shills Infiltrate websites to Deceive & Destroy Reputations

Discussion & bigger pics

Glyphosate Poison in the Air & Rain

Bunny Stampede

Study: Liberal Cities have the Most Income Inequality

Battle for Humanity Nearly Lost: Food Supply Deliberately Engineered to End Life.

More here

What you can Do about It

Military Members Against War

Hungarian Politician Throws the EU Flag out the Window

Mother defends her Children against 3 Home Invaders

Too Much Sitting can be Dangerous (As I say in my book, Use it or lose it)

How Wolves Change Rivers

Journalist Crashes Party of the 1% - Watches them sing "Bailout King"

Capital One says it can Visit You at Home or Work

Learn from the Dead Bankers

"This is America, not Burger King" - Wonderful 1 minute Congressional Speech

Conan Proves once again That the Media Runs to a Script written by one Person

This Horse prefers Living in the House

The Truth about Feminism

American Government is Spending Your money to pay Ukranians to Riot

Murdered Bankers

How Wolves Change Rivers

Physical Demonstration of How Much Sugar the average American eats (Yikes!)

Flooding in UK: Old Map showed Somerset used to be Swampland

See what $22 Billion in Cash looks like

Never donate to Cancer Charities or "Run for the Cure"

Watch how a Whale says Thank You to People who Rescue Her

Second grader roamed streets for hours after teacher locked her out of class for spilled water

55 more Serious Reasons Why You Should Homeschool

Confirmed: The United States Is the Chief Facilitator of Christian Persecution

Florida Bans Homeless People Using Blankets (If you see a homeless person, please buy them an army jacket from ebay or MajorSurplus.com - buy one and keep it in the trunk).

WARNING! FOOD STAMPS! They want people on food stamps because then they can raid their estate when they die. (Learn how to eat cheap)

GMO Grass Set for Lawns Across US – No Regulation Needed

The woman who talks with animals:

From a size 22 to size 4 in 10 months!

Is Your Beauty Regimen Hurting You & Your Brain?

2014 SuperBowl marked a Dramatic Change in Human Awakening

American Hospital Charges Man $89,000 for Snake Bite Treatment

Winner of SuperBowl Announced the Day Before

Alaska #1 in Fiscal Condition

Leaked! Food Lobby to Sue any State that Tries to Label GMOs (How is that possible?)

Snowstorm Strands Thousands (who had been warned, but who ignored the warnings . Children spend 16 hours overnight on a bus.

Family Survives for Days Stuck in the Wilderness

Chinese Parents Hire Virtual Hitmen to Cure Children of Gaming Addiction

Miracle: Giant rock smashes barn, but bigger rock stops just beside the house

Matt Drudge - Have an Exit Plan

Cat Fights with Lightsaber

Meet the Kronies
Have a laugh at Crony Capitalism

Purple GM Tomatoes Heading to British Shops

How to Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently

Learn about Bitcoin & Other Digital Coins

Heat a Room with Candles & Flowerpots

CIA Director: "We will know our Disinformation Program is complete when everything the American public believes is false"

Google Chrome Can Listen to Your Conversations

Conman Turned Pastor Convicted of Cheating Church
Develop Discernment. Muscle Testing can help

Warning: A 9 Volt Battery Burned this Man's House Down

Jim Cantore (Weather Channel) confirms Chemtrails in a Tweet
During the Oklahoma tornado last year, he made a reference to weather modification programs before he was cut off, and now this.... (see second tweet)

85 People have more Money than Half of the World's Population

The Ad That was Banned from the Superbowl

How Dogs & Cats Teach their Babies How to Use the Stairs

The Ultimate Killing Machine - GMOs

Horses - Beautiful pics

Amazing Video of Birds

Sorry, Sorry

EPA Radically Reduces Radiation Guidelines

Happy Cows Run & Jump & Skip Because they are Freed

The Least & Most Solvent States in the Union are...

Poison in Pizza

Human Farms

'Non'-GMO Alfalfa is really 2% GMO (Affects Meat & Dairy)

Creepy New App Allows Pervs to Take your Photo and Match it with All Your Dating & Social Site Info.

Rules for Dating My Daughter. "You hurt here, I hurt you"

Nigel Farage Destroys the Greek Prime Minister. The People do not Want a European Union

Puppy Mills: A Side of the Amish you did Not Know About

Frozen Foods often Better than Fresh

ZeroHedge: Best Website for Financial Information

Grocery Corporation wants to Hide GMO in your Food by calling it "Natural"

UK Health Warning: Muslim Nurses Don't Have to Wash Hands before Procedures

An Australian writes: What is Wrong with Socialism?

McDonalds Wants GMO Potatoes in Idaho This Year

60 Year Old Raw Vegans Ran a Marathon a Day for a Year

Plant Foods Detoxes Metals

Global 'Warming' Alert: Niagara Falls is Frozen

93% of Americans Want GMO Labelling

The Dolphin that Loves to Play with Humans

Technology affecting Sleep & Health (and that's not even taking electromagnetics into account)

Man Runs for Governor so he Can Shower with his Raccoon

Obesity Rates have Tripled

Ship That Went to Rescue the Global Warming Research Ship, that Got Stuck in Ice in Antarctica, in SUMMER, is itself Stuck in Ice

The Top 25 Most Censored Stories of 2013

Los Angeles to be a GMO-Free Zone

Thieves Stealing Valuables from Cars by Opening them Electronically

Pelvis Fracture Healed with Carrot Juice!

Preventing Germs

50,000 Military Men were Assalted While on Duty, in one year (Warning: Graphic Description).
War must end.

Miracle: Bullet Bounces of Robbery Victim's Face and Kills the Shooter

Do not Play Soccer: Early Head Injury can Cause Depression later in Life (and other health problems)

McDonalds Frantically Shuts Down Website that Tells Employees not to Eat Their Food

Man Say Raw Plant Food Diet made him "Almost Super Human"

Worldwide Vegan Directory: Helping Animals

Seven Foods Made from the Human Body

Things to Do in an Emergency Situation

Professor Faked Vaccine Research to get $19M. in Grants

Having Bad Luck? Say these Prayers

Angels Appear as Humans

EUROPEANS: We now Ship You're Not Fat, You're Toxic to Europe. Price includes shipping.

5 Ruins that Predate Known Civilization

David Suzuki is Fake: eg In Bed with Big Oil

Sustainable Growth? The Government is Ripping up Food Gardens

McDonald's Advises Employees to NOT EAT THEIR FOOD

PAIN: It's Taking over the World
How to Heal it

Young Girl Shows Clearly Why Organic is Best, in 2 Minutes

Disney Behind Attack on Duck Dynasty

Dog Screams for Mercy from Cat

Amazon can Take Away Your Digital Books & Movies

People have asked us to make the book digital. We won't, no matter how much money we would make, because we don't want to fry people's gonads. Or cause them to get cancer from kindle machines and wifi - there's a chapter on electromagnetic stress in the book.But, here's another reason not to do it. We want you to have your book forever.

Santa = Satan. Don't Lie to Your Children. Please read this detailed history. Never, ever lie to your children. If you lie to them, how can they ever trust you again?

Eye Witness to Hitler gives us an Important Warning

State Can Seize Your Assets to Pay For Care After You’re Forced Into Medicaid by Obamacare
This is Why You MUST Take Responsibility for your Health Now

Wifi Kills Plants (and you)

For Horse Lovers: The KFPS Royal Friesian Horse

Surfing Swans in Australia

Animal parts intended for pet food, including hair, feathers, hide and bones, used for Human Food by Organaized Crime (just like I talk about in "You're not fat, You're toxic")

Giant Ant Hill

People Prefer Curves

Save Lives. Become a Health Activist

Round Lines make us Happier than Straight Lines

Chicken May have been Defrosted Once already, and had GMO Corn, Water & Chemicals Injected. No Wonder Meat is Fattening

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

1,000 Vegan Recipes

Monsanto Causes Retraction of Scientific Study Results Showing GMOs cause Tumors

Frankincense a cure for cancer?

The Real Mandela

Santa = Satan. Please read this detailed history
Never, ever lie to your children. If you lie to them, how can they trust you?

Strange Fire in American Churches

Nanotechnology, Which Worse than Asbestos, is in Many Products.

Abused Lion, Tiger and Bear Love Each Other

Men & Women Have Different Brains

Dog on a Trampoline

GMO Food Causes Deformities

World's Strongest Men Stunned by Female Farmer

House Passes Bill Making Protesting Big Oil Punishable by $5,000 Fine

Facebook Wants to Listen to Your Phonecalls

Customer Charged $3,500 for Writing a Bad Online Review

Bitcoin Scam

Beware of Counterfeit Health Products on Amazon

Plants to Replace Eggs? (non-GMO)

Two Monkeys: One given Unequal Pay

Healthy 19YO Killed by Flu Shot (and he's not the only one)

Lawsuit: Cellphones & Brain Cancer

Best Weight Loss Books

Pretty Girl Beats up Purse Snatcher

71 Senators Voted Against GMO Labelling: See the list

'Food Safety' Modernization Act: The End of Fresh, Living Food?

Australia to Forcibly Vaccinate (and kill) by GMO Vaccine Chemtrails

Typhoon Haiyan - Record Hurricane . 9.8 million people affected. 700,000 displaced, 10,000+ people killed in one city alone. 2.5 million people need food & water. Best Charities responding to this crisis. We especially recommend Feed the Children. DO NOT donate to the Red Double Cross.

Get a Latex Pillow for Quieter, Better Sleep

You are an "Extremist" if you Grow Your Own Food or Want the World to Be a Better Place - Dept of Defense

Gummy Bears, Drugs & Vaccines Made out of People

The Owl & the Pussycat

Woman Runs over Boyfriend with Truck, for Not Taking her to McDonalds

Historical Photos in Color

17 Dumbest Things that Vegetarians have to Deal With

"New" Body Part discovered in the Human Knee
(But doctors like to think they know everything about the human body)

Shrimp Raised on Pig Feces

$29 TRILLION given to the Banks since 2008 (and this is an old number) . THERE IS NO REAL SCARCITY. It's all manipulated. There is only abundance. That's $100,000 for every man, woman and baby in the USA. Just imagine what it would mean if everyone in your town had an extra $100,000 to spend.

See also - how big is a trillion.

For every $1 invested in water and sanitation, an average of $4 is returned in increased productivity.
$30 gives clean water to one person for life. And on Tuesday Dec 3, an anonymous donor will give $1 for every $1 donated.

What on Earth is wrong with These People? (too many toxins making them brain-dead?)

UK ends 300 Years of Free Speech

Got this email from Vince in Las Vegas today: " Your book is causing quite a stir here.  Suzie learned there's a waiting list at the library for the book". (Please ask your library to purchase a copy).

Mexico Bans GMO Corn

Psychologists Ushering in Sodom & Gomorrah? Pedo. now Classified as an "orientation"

Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Nestle Named in Classified Document to Kill Americans

Junk Food is Addicting and Killing People (Chapter 27 from my book) (10/27/13)

Wall Street SlumLords: ONLY Rent from a Person with a Local Property Manager, not a Corporation

Cats Stealing Dog Beds

The Banking Revolution begins in Ireland

Brand tells the BBC that the Problem is the Elite having all the money

Australian Town tells McDonald's to BurgerOff

BurgerOff Website

The End of America? Soldiers told that evangelical Christians and members of the Tea Party were a threat to the nation and that any soldier donating to those groups would be subjected to punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

86 Year Old Gymmnast (Use it or Lose it)

"The Men who Made us Fat" Documentary that covers some of what I say in my book

Food Stamps: Poverty is Good for Business

The Global Slavery Index 2013: 30 million REAL slaves

US Military Abandoned Thousands of soldiers Trapped in a Foreign Land, at the end of each War.

Economic Hitman Explains Why he is still Alive

1.8 Million Year Old Human Skull Found

Don't Leave your Money in the Bank without Reading This First
Naomi Wolf had $300,000 stolen from bank & was denied statements

Halloween: Unmasking Hell Night

Nobama: "Stop Focusing on the Bloggers"

The Solution to OverPopulation
Update: World Population set to Decline

The 7 Types of American Politicians

Obamacare THE GREATEST SWINDLE EVER: It is not about HealthCare

Cancer Drugs Allowed to Skip Clinical Trials (Meanwhile they continue to hound safe alternative methods)

Stephanie Relfe speaks with Pastor Manning,
Oct 2
& Oct 10

5-Star Review of the book: Stephanie has done her homework!
By Christina Talkington 

I am an alternative wellness provider, as well as a health and weight loss coach. I have spent the last several years doing a lot of my own, independent research on healthy eating and weight loss.

Off the top of my head, I can't think of a single thing that Stephanie left out of her book; in fact, she included a lot of great information I hadn't heard before! ...

I can't think of a single negative thing to say about this book - it should be required reading for every high school student!

31 Affected, 10 Dead from Florida Seawater

Thousands of Tourists Locked Up in Yellowstone Hotels under Armed Guard

Do Prancercise

The Horror of Nursing Homes

Obama had No Need to Shut the Government Down

WhiteHouse Facebook Erupts: Citizens suffer Sticker Shock

Frequent Crying or Laughing is now labelled as a 'mental disease' (This is not a joke).

Real Life Idiocracy in America

Obamacare Shockwave Has Begun

Baby Sealion Climbs into Boat and Gets Comfortable

Congress & Obama exempt from Obamacare

News Anchor Loses It: Says Congress is Bought

Plenty of Land on earth: Queen owns 6.6 Billion acres, Pope owns 177 Million acres

Poisonous Glyphosate in Urine & Blood of All Danish Cows, from imported GMOs

USDA considers GMO Contamination is 'Normal'

The NWO Admits they are Killing off the "Bad Seed"

Pedophilia & Incest part of Common Core Reading Requirements

Monsanto & Others Planning Super Secret Laws to Ban GMO Labelling Worldwide

Murder Rate in UK Much Higher than USA

Whole Foods Market teaches Employees to Lie about GMOs

Cancer Charity Rip Offs
Of course, the real crime is that they don't pursue hundreds of successful natural health methods

Prison Contracts Demand Lock-up Quotas

Oct 11-13: Truckers Strike Against Corruptons AND March Against Monsanto

Facebook Users Quitting in Droves over "Identity Suicide"

Review of "You're not fat, You're toxic"

Vacuuming a Duck

Sugar is a Dangerous Drug

Russell Brand & GQ Awards - "how absurd it seems" - ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT

When Posting a Link is a Crime

GMOs now in Beer

Netherlands Closes 8 Prisons Due to Lack of Criminals

Please help! Vote for Ben Swann to Get a SuperBowl Commerical!

6 Presidents Warned Against the Invisible Government that Runs the USA
Please pray against it

Colorado Election a Huge win for we-the- people

Never Camp in a Dry Stream Bed

The Government Does Not Want You to Travel Abroad - Here's why

Help Obama Kickstart WW3! (hilarious if it wasnt so true) (9/10/13)

Your Ultimate Permanent Weight Loss Program

Emotional Stress Release: A Simple & Powerful Way you can Remove Stress

Soldier's Waking up to Obama's Plans in Syria

Poll Shows Most Americans Approve of Sending Congress to Syria (humor)

Scientists Censored for Talking about Consciousness

Warning about Facebook & Other Social Media

Crash Course in Understanding Syria & the Coming War

Wall St Whistleblower: Subliminals have Been on TV since 1984

Cancer Causing substance in 98 Shampoos & Soaps

Cat Suckles Ducklings - See More

Palm Coast - Best Town to Live in Florida

Starbucks Fires Employee on Food Stamps for Eating a Sandwich from the Garbage

Media Brainwashing: Must-See

Monsanto Share Prices Dive as People Learn about GMOs

Claim $45 from Pepsi in Class Action Lawsuit

2,000 Chemicals used to Make "Natural Flavorings" (8/28/13)

72 Types of Americans considered "Potential Terrorists" by US Government Documents

Your Credit Score is Affected by Who you Friend on Facebook

Why a "Light Worker" Has given up being a "Light Worker"

Massive Radiation to Bikers from the Bike Seat!

Motor Cycle Cancer


"My daughter has just died. I am holding her hand. She just had her 11th birthday and she was number 11 to die since the transmitter for Wi-fi was put near her and others’ desk.....”

Lying Doctor Told Patients They had Cancer so he Could Profit

Burglars in Prison Paid a Pittance to Phone You to Ask about Insuring Your Valuables

Shaken-Baby Syndrom is Often Causes by Vaccines (not parents)

A Boy & His Baby Hummingbird

Distilled Water Concentrates Dangerous Chemicals

Water Alkalizers are Dangerous

Aussie TV Show Blows Lid off BP Health Catastrophe Cover-up

Hungary Pays Off it's Debt and Sends it's Creditors Packing

Baby Dies after 8 Vaccinations. Parents Charged with Murder

Police Steal Your Cash or Your Children - you choose

Weird Colored Fibers & Objects in Chicken McNuggets

Second Child gets Brain-Eating Omoeba from padding in Water

Death from Obesity FOUR TIMES Higher than Previously Believed

Obamacare Penalties for Families who earn more than $9,500

Raisin Farmers have to give 47% of their Crop to the Government

VoiceActing Academy:
Training & Support in the Business of Voiceover

Orange Juice may Contain Pig Genes by 2017

New EU Law: Banks Can Steal all Your Money

400 Farmers Destroy GMO Rice Field

GMO Wheat in Kraft Mac & Cheese. It's on the Label - which means there is a LOT more GMO wheat than we have been told.

Dolphin Gives 10 lb fish to Girl for Dinner!

Angel Helps Girl Get out of Crashed Car

Why Most Colleges Don't Teach much any more

WARNING! Buying Annuities:
Did you know THE BANK KEEPS YOUR MONEY when you pass on! Brilliant advice in this article.

Harvest Your Own Groceries coming

Bear Steals Dumpster

Shawn's NDE of Hell and how he was Saved

Smart Meters give off more Radiation than Cell Antennas

See Opt-out letter

Fedex Pilot Narrowly Misses 2 Chemtrail Plains because They Are Not on the Radar

Palin: "I was Forbidden to Tell the Truth About Obama" (2 min.) (7/27/13)

(Longer version)

Apologies: The Snowden story was to a satire website.

EPA Allows 3,000% increase in Pesticide in Food!

10 Disgusting Facts about Fast Food You Did Not Know
eg McDonald's milkshake has 50 chemicals /
Coke has a chemical to stop you vomiting it up

Pepsi's Naked Juice Exposed Formaldehyde / GMOs / and more

Pyramid 3X the Size of Giza found in Egypt

Do not Travel to Dubai: Norwegian woman was raped, and was then Jailed for 16 Months for reporting it!

New Giant Virus Discovered

You are a Genius Living among Zombies

New studies: ‘Conspiracy theorists’ sane; government dupes crazy and hostile

Alert to Alternative Therapists / Natural Health Practitioners!

Beware a Jesuit Pope

Dr. Russell Blaylock MD, author of Excitotoxins, Exposes Chemtrails and How they are Killing us

Amazing Vid: 3 Million Protestors in Egypt

Europe Gives Monsanto a Patent on Broccoli (Beyond insane)

You are an Antenna

Third hand smoke is Mutagenic - And does Not Wash off

Nestle & Water: Corporate Troll Spotting

What do We Tell Our Children?

Snowden, the NSA and Fairytales a Child Could See Through

40 TONS of GMO Beets Burned by an Army of People in Oregon

GMO Flax Seeds found in 30 countries

Russell Brand: Politicians Exist Purely to Protect the Rich and Powerful

The Fed has Given itself $16 Trillion of Our Money

Seek His Will in all you do, And He will direct your paths.
Proverbs 3:6

Don't Stand Too Close to These People

The Commonsense Show - Dave Hodges

Brazilian Police Sit Down in Respect of Demonstrators (Against Government Wasteful Spending)

GMO Food BANNED from House of Parliament

66 Crazy Ways the Government Wasted Your Money

Alzheimer's Caused by Prions from Mad Cow Disease - from eating Foods made from Animals

California Allows 1,000x Monsanto's Glyphosate Levels in Water, that Causes Breast Cancer

Fake Storefronts in Belfast, to Boost the Economy, To Cover Up how Bad it is?


Since 2003, former Judge, Mark Ciavarella Jr., received millions of dollars in bribes for condemning 5,000 minors to maximum prison sentences, knowing that many of them will then spend most of their live as a prisoner, bringing in billions for the private prisons. Many of these children sentenced to prison were done so for minor violations while attending one of the local public schools.The money was paid by privatized prisons. In one notorious case, Ciavarella sentenced a 10-year-old to two years in a private detention facility for accidentally bottoming out his mother’s car. (See 55 Reasons to Homeschool)

Europeans in 18 Countries have a Monsanto Chemical in their urine

Just one more reason why you Don't put Pictures of Children on the Internet

Man behind Syria and Benghazi Government Decisions is a FICTION WRITER!

GMOs cause Severe Stomach Inflammation - Turn them Red

50 Worst Charities - Money goes to Lawyers
We give to WaterAid - 85% of profits goes to actually doing something.

GMO Wheat found in the USA: The Rest of the World now Refuses to Eat our Wheat
We wish Americans had so much sense regarding GMOs

Did someone help Ed Snowden Punch a Hole in the NSA?

Are you on the Main Core list?
8 Million Americans May be on The List - and their families

Former BBC Journalist, Tony Gosling, Excellent Intervew on the State of the World - speaks from Bilderberg

Alex Jones Speaks to Thousands at Bilderberg - Really worth hearing

Egyptian Politicians Caught Hatching False Flag Plot to Sabotage Ethiopian Dam
An official failed to inform them that they were live on air.

"Poor" people cost taxpayers $168/day

Breitbart: Good news site

Bunny Takes a Bath

Brazil: Do not Take Our Land for Your Dam

Financial Scandals Draws Heat on Bilderberg Secrecy: Great Vid of Legal Theft from us- Jones & Celente

Financial Scandals Draws Heat on Bilderberg Secrecy: Great Vid - Jones & Celente

India Bans Captive Dolphins!
Calls them, correctly, "non-human persons"

The Coverage has Begun: Bilderberg - Must Watch

6 Discoveries that Science Can't Explain

Pics and a Story: Why You should Never Get Plastic Surgery (just in case you did not already know this

A leaf that Kills Bed Bugs

Just ONE Flavor of Ben & Jerry's Icecream can contain 40 ingredients
I wonder what they are?
Note: Non-organic Dairy cows & chickens are fed GMO Corn, soy and alfalfa

Correction: Monsanto is NOT Getting GMOs out of Europe - it was a PR scam

Top Censored Stories of 2013

Must See: Our new Video page!

The Most Comfortable Shoe in the World - BENDING SOLES - Aerosole!
(Wide sizes are available)

New Study: Vaccinations cause Irreparable Harm

Imagining the Future Helps you Save Money

50 Companies For Alliance to Convince you that Junk Food & GMOs are good for You

Doctors Charging Cash - Just like Mechanics

Comment on a Forum: "When it comes to big hospital bills, like having three children, I always negotiate the cost down by paying cash...I paid $1,500 on a $5,000 bill for my first son to be born...hospital, doc, anesthesiologist, everything, for cash."

The Rise of a New Currency Order

Miracle: What this Woman Found in a Second Hand Bible

Nightmare: Every Child to have an Individual Government "Guardian"?- Scotland.
Continuing the Erosion of Parents' Rights. 'Every child in Scotland is to be assigned a “state minder” from birth under draconian new proposals that would enable the government to spy on families under the justification of preventing “child abuse”.Please contact the Clueless Children's Minister, Aileen Campbell, and tell her what you think.

Facebook Cancels Accounts of Mothers who went in the March Against Monsanto

Nightmare: Every Child to have an Individual Government "Guardian"?- Scotland.
Continuing the Erosion of Parents' Rights. 'Every child in Scotland is to be assigned a “state minder” from birth under draconian new proposals that would enable the government to spy on families under the justification of preventing “child abuse”.Please contact the Clueless Children's Minister, Aileen Campbell, and tell her what you think.

Electric Cattle Prods used on Nike Workers

12 Year Old Girl Donates 2 TONNES of food she grew to Homeless

Great News Website! - Secrets of the Fed

Inventor of ADHD - Deathbed Confession - ADHD is a Fictitious Disease

Plants Won't Grow near Wifi

The Incredible Power of Concentration

How to Be Your own Holistic Vet (5/21/13)

NBC: Stock up on canned goods before May 31, 2013

White House Adviser Tells Fox News Host Chris Wallace His Questions On Benghazi Are 'Offensive'
"Irrelevant Fact" Where Obama Was During Benghazi Attacks

Thank Goodness! Monsanto Protection Act may be repealed, thanks to Activism


CNN Fakery: Anderson Cooper's Disappearing Nose

Media Openly Admits Gov't Controls the News

Scroll to bottom or relfe.com for great pics.

Literal Drug Commercial - 1 min. long - Very good.

Australian Scientists Develop Printable A3-Sized Solar Cells

Angelina Jolie EXPOSED
PR Stunt to make Billions from Taxpayers

Alert! Govt orders Youtube to Censor March on Monsanto videos!

Best DVDs for Fun & Mind Expansion

More U.S. Babies Die on their First Day than in 68 Other Countries

Waist-to-Height Ratio More Accurate than Body Mass Index (BMI)

Florida Public Schools No Longer Correct Math at all. Even Teachers don't have Answers (Scroll down to #3)

Your Tax Dollars are being used to Kill Owls

DrudgeReport: Good Website for "ordinary" news

World Bank Exposed by Whistleblower "Everyone in the World is Suffering" from their Corruption!

Mother's Love Brings Dead Baby to Life

Europe wants to Criminalize anyone Who Grows seeds not Registered with Govt

Bees, Birds & Animals being Wiped out by this Pesticide

California University: There is Poisonous Lead in Lipstick

Armed Robbery up 44% 12 Months after guns handed in-Australia

Jon Stewart Trashes Fakery by CNN (not Fox News as the vid says) Hilarious & Shocking

Ultrasound one of the Worst Thing You can Do to a Baby

White Shark v. Killer Whale

TheUlstermanReport for latest political news

$4.98 to $498: Families around the world pictured with a Week's Worth of Food

The Medical Cartel: Too Big to Fail, Too Evil to Expose

54 Serious Reasons Why You Should Homeschool

The Four Barriers to Learning (For adults as well as children)

May 25: Worldwide March Against Monsanto


To College Grads: It's a Different Economy

Cat Barks like a Dog, until It's Found Out

Why are so many Highly Intelligent People their own Worst Enemy?

The Ruling Class is Getting Scared - "Orthorexia' - The Health Conscious are now Extremists!

Homeschooling Family Sends 6 Children to University by 12 Years Old

Best Books on:
Advanced Science
Birth & Children

Vaccine Legal Exemptions

Ants have a Career Path

Sushi, Seaweed, Chlorella, Asian teas & Rice Radioactive from Fukushima?

40% of people Mind Controlled by a Cat Parasite

Baboons Kidnap and Raise Feral Puppies as Pets & Watchdogs

19 Year Old Invents Way to Clean up Ocean Plastic

Your Bank Accounts WILL be Robbed (4/26/13)

New Bill in Texas Would give Doctors the Power to Kill, against Patient wishes

Are you kidding me? Congress wants to Exempt itself from Obamacare

Remember Pelosi: We have to Pass the Bill, so that you Can Find Out What is in it

Adults Getting Diseases 15 Years earlier than their Grandparents

Christians, Catholics & Mormons are Being Labelled by the U.S. Army as "Extremists"

What Giraffes do when you are Not Watching

Hurrah! UK to Ban Circuses from using Wild Animals

Creepy Monsanto buys Blackwater, World's largest Mercenary Company

Toddlers on Ipads require Therapy (It's addictive, even for adults). Keep Children Away from Ipads / Computers

Why You Don't Do Magic Tricks for Small Children

Great Vegetarian Quotes. Liberate your spirit & health- give up meat.

Humans are Plant Eaters

Plants have all the Protein you Need

Hospitals make 330% More when Surgery goes Wrong (4/18/13)

Nigel Farage tells the EU they are Common Criminals

Do you Like Reality Check? Ben Swann is Leaving Fox. Please tell him what you think.

World's Greatest Genius - Eric Dollard - Nikola Tesla Round 2 (4/13/13)

Imported rice has super high lead levels

How we can Eat our Landscape

See what People are Saying about the "Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing" DVD Training.

Please Listen to this Amazingly Brave Ex-Air Force Sergeant Whistleblower, Kristen Meghan

Scientists Murdered for Releasing Lab Results of Nanotechnology in Chemtrails

Geoengineering is Killing Us & the Animals
Part 2, Part 3

Geoengineering Website

Half of All Prisoners are in Jail for Non-Violent Crime of Taking Drugs
This is costing us $Billions.

Body, Mind & Spirit Expos to Visit

12 million tons of carefully sorted recycled garbage, dumped in overseas landfills.

Just one dose of Coconut Oil Improves Brain Function

Nurse Practitioners to replace 45,000 Doctors. Are you a nurse practitioner? Get the healing power of kinesiology & muscle testing now!

One Third of West Coast American Babies Born with Thyroid problems (Fukushima?)

5 Terrifying Facts about the Monsanto Protection Act

It's the Cold we should be concerned about.

Great Spoof: Africans for Norway

More info on cold weather at www.IceAgeNow.com

Palin Reloads for 2014 Elections

Poking Personal Finance Gurus in the Eye

Dump Starbucks

Senate Passes "Monsanto Protection Act"
Gives power over the government to Monsanto. They can now grow what ever GMOs they wish, no matter what happens.

Boston Paper: US Government may Steal 30% of Private Bank Accounts!

15 Ways Rich People Think Differently

Ron Wyatt proves that the Bible is real
See proof of the Ark, Dead Sea Crossing, Sodom & Gomorrah, Mt Sinai & Ark of the Covenant.
Must See!

Food Inc.
The documentary everyone shoud see

Cyprus Government Robs from All Private Bank Accounts

Indians Smash Crop Yield Records, without GMOs.

Horrifying pic: ObamaCare is now 27,000 pages long

Support "Read the Bills" Act

Private Prisons Profit from Making the US the #1 Country for Inmates
Prisoners in horrifying conditions.

Maine Town Declares Food Sovereignty

20 Places to Find Local Food Grown Near You

White House arrests Lady Delivering an anti-GMO Petitioner

Greening the Desert

Global Ruling Class: The Character Traits of Truly Evil People

Monsanto and the FDA: Crime Families and a Trillion Dollar Hustle

Aspirin Kills Children / Causes Blindess & Stroke

Thousands of Slaves were White

Dolphins call each other by Name

90% of Americans Earn Less Than 1950 Minimum Wage Standard

Evidence that One Person is Writing All the News

Illuminati Exposed: TV Clip Shows the Chasm Between Awakeness & Asleepness

$7.7 Billion Lawsuit against Monsanto by Five Million Farmers!

Govt Ban on "Conspiracy Theories". Organization to attack groups such as those who say Global Warming is a Fraud

Satan in the Vatican: Hear Ex-Catholic Priest, Bill Schnoebelen

For a laugh - Goats Yelling like Humans

Bird goes Fishing with Bread!

Solar Storms increase Heart Attacks by 210% (plus cause irritability, nausea, and other symptoms)

SpaceWeather.com for Solar updates

65 YO Woman V. Five Thugs. Pow! Pow

America is Not Broke! You are Being Lied To

Silent Forests: The Growing Threat of Genetically Modified Trees

Obama's CyberWarriors & Preparing for Collapse

Major Victory! Australian state ends fluoridation!

School Discipline: 60 Volts, Stuffed in duffle bags, even Death. (Time to homeschool?)

Thirsty Koala drinks 3 bottles of Water - very cute pics

American Debtors being Jailed - even when there was a mistake : If you are in the wrong state or county, move.

Mayor Bloomberg Confronted about Armed Guards - Hilarious

Nanotechnology Likely as Bad as Asbestos

'Mind Reader' Reveals How he Does it (Must See)

Bee Losses: 2013 to be the Worst Year Yet

CNN Fakery - Anderson Cooper's Disappearing Nose

Smart Meter Opt-Out Letter (1/24/13)

How to Respond to an Anti-Conspiracy Theorist

50 Shocking Questions You Should Think About

Doctors Quitting Right Now after Getting First Obamacare Instructions (Jan 20, 2013)

If you have believed the MSM lie that Sarah Palin is not smart, please see Palin's notable list of achievements as governor.

Spoiled Children Get Worse Grades

Good news! TSA Finally removes X-Ray Scanners

If you Eat Bacon, Ham, Sausage or Pork - You are Causing Torture. (If you must eat pigs, they must be free range).

World Population is to Start Declining (The GMOs and other toxins are doing their job)

Read a Letter written by a Real Slave in China, who slaves for a Multinational Corporation

Ruins of Sodom & Gomorrah Found by Ron Wyatt !

'Unhinged' French people on a Cocktail of Pills

Manifesting & the Morphic Field

Genetically Modified Salmon to be the Next Disaster

It's True: Santa = Satan. Please read this detailed history

Never, ever lie to your children so that they can trust you for life. Santa is a lie.

$5 Lamp Powered only by Gravity. Replaces Kerosene

"Unlawful Killing": The Murder of Princess Diana

Being in Nature Boosts Creativity

Watch what Happened when Guns were Banned in Australia: Armed Robberies up 69%,
Gun Murders up 19%

TV is Far Worse Than Anyone Dreamed of

Ingredients in Junk Food

GMOs - The Most Deadly Food

Learn how Genetically Modified Food are Killing You and Your Family (12/6/12)

France Bans GMOs!

The Best Education System in the World: Finland

Dr Oz is a Sellout: Advises People to Eat Poison

Michelle's Treacherous 'Natural Food' Campaign

Cheerios removes App Due to Anti-GMO Backlash

Beware the Comfort Zone

Vegetarian Man Fathers Boys at 94 & 96 years old

Vaccines are Trashing Our DNA

People are Waking Up & Resisting the Elite Bankers!

Star of 2 1/2 Men says to Not Watch it because it's Filth
Good News.

THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! - Please Watch - American Red Double Cross. The Truth: It's a Government & Military Organization, that steals hundreds of millions.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
Note: Fresh squeezed juice is super healthy FOOD. So drinking it is NOT fasting.

Do you have a Website? Please Become one of our affiliates!

Little Ice Age starting 2014

NY a Disaster Zone, even for the Wealthy. No ATMs. Why you should prepare for any Emergency

Teenage Girls Invent a Generator that Runs on Pee

Biotech Nightmare: GMO Jumping Genes: Able to jump species in a single bound (11/4/12)

BOYCOTT these companies that are for GMOs and against the survival of mankind

93 Year Old BodyBuilder

Nestle, Mars & Kraft receive 15 Billion $US a Year -

But they don't spend $1.00 to help the CHILD SLAVES who harvest the cocoa for their chocolate. Please - Eat ONLY Fair Trade or Organic Chocolate or Flavorings, and spread the word.

The Occult Origins of Halloween ('MUST SEE' VIDEO)

Scientists discover that GMOs are very Bad for us - get Fired

Hurricane Preparation Tip: Fill the bath so you can flush the toilet

The Total Subjugation of Europe: By a true Stateman, Nigel Farage

Ridiculous Lies about the Founding of America: Did you know that Native Americans were much CLEANER than Europeans?

How to Have Lots More of Everything Good: Right now, make a sticker with these words, or similar: "Yahweh, Yeshua (Jesus Christ), Wealth, Abundance, Prosperity, Joy, Health, Freedom". Stick the sticker on your water cooler so it touches the water you drink. Put them wherever you put a glass down. This works because our bodies are over 60% water. And water is programmed by WORDS. (10/15/12)

GOOD NEWS! TSA to Remove X-ray Scanners from main Airports

Seeing is Believing: CO2 is GREAT for Plant Growth

Why you need a Second Passport

The Knockout Game: Mob picks the Wrong Guy (Hint: Buy a baseball bat)

16 Food You can Regrow from Scraps

Greece is Not Poor: It Has a Fortune in Gold, Oil & Natural Gas

Discounts for Multiple orders of "Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing" DVD Training System

Neurosurgeon spends Six Day in Heaven while in a Coma

How close are you to a Nuclear Power Plant?


Guess Where these Beautiful Pictures were Taken

The Marketing of Evil

Unique, Natural Health
Life Coaching with Stephanie Relfe

The IoniMax™
Ionized Water Foot Bath Spa

Energize your body. Scams & the truth revealed. (8/14/12)

GM Wheat Kills Children by 5 Years Old

Piglet Saves Baby Goat

Up to 30% of Chicken Plumped with Liquid Fillers & Chemicals

600 Ingredients in Cigarettes

GM Food produces Giant Tumors long term :

Angels & Miracles

World's Only Ceramic Massage Therapy & Reflexology Tools! Can be STERILIZED!

We meditate upon God the Creator.
Who is worthy
of worship.
Who removes all sin and ignorance.
May He improve our hearts and minds.

How Romney Rigged the 2012 Election and Destroyed the Tea Party & Any Opposing Opinion

The Wernicke's Command: Remove Sabotaging subconscious commands from your brain.

It's here now: The Stock Market Bubble (9/5/12)

The Fed gave away $16 Trillions in Secret

Free and Able:
How the Church of $cientology Destroys not just families but also Businesses & jobs.

Smoking Pot Permanently Lowers IQ

Vinyl is Dangerous (Think children Pack-packs)

How Mitt (Boss Hogg) Romney Rigged the 2012 Election and Destroyed the Tea Party & Any Opposing Opinion (8/28/12)

How to Get Rich

Read the ORIGINAL version of "Think and Grow Rich". But this MUST be done multiple times. Book available free at the above link.

GM Rice & Potatoes in Australia & NZ

Boycott Organic Brands Funding fight FOR GMOs

Golden Eagle gets Revenge on Man who Ate its Chick

70% of "Virgin Olive Oils contains Toxic GM Oils

FDA orders Google to Censor Detox & Chelation words


Doctors Kill 780,000 in USA each year

Illuminati exposed in the U.S. Senate:
Snr Bernie Sanders (I) exposes the War Between the Middle Class & Mega-Rich

Kevlar Tires now required to Traverse "Spear-like" GMO crops

Dramatic Health Recoveries of People who Give up GM Food

US Threatens Countries against GMOs with Military -Style trade wars

Ireland to plant GM Potatoes.

Mylar Bags best for Long Term Food Storage

Famous Vegetarians / Vegans

In 2001 the Fed Stole $9 TRILLION

Was your house Wrongfully Foreclosed? You may be due $125,000+

Circumcision is Torture to Babies - Nothing else

We spend $2.2 Trillion a year on medical health, five times the Defense Budget. (Source: Forks over Knives)
Since disease is so profitable, do you think they are going to help you have health? Take that further - why not promote things that cause bad health, like margarine, aspartame,microwaved food and GMOs?

Raw Milk man seized by men with no License Plates

How to Be a Model (Including advice to all kinds of artists)

Over 73,000 Dead Soldiers from the Gulf Wars. Plus 1,600,000 disability claims. More than Vietnam. How they lied about the numbers.

Romney is Afraid of Sarah Palin & Ron Paul

Henri the Cat goes to the Vet

How People are Tricked into Fighting Wars for the Elite (7/17/12)

Close Your Facebook Account (satire)

Rap Music Deliberately Fills Prisons for Profit
Report on a Secret Meeting

365 Manners People Should Know

Beyond Evil. GM Humans. Babies have three parents.

Henry Ford's Hemp Plastic Car 1941: Stronger & Lighter than Steel

GOP Corruption in Romney's State: 17 Elected Delegates are Terminated

Whistleblower: TSA DELIBERATELY Hiring Psychopathic Criminals

Polio was Caused by DDT

Thirty Trillion Gallons of Toxins injected into our Groundwater (6/25/12)

Strawberry 'Flavor' is FIFTY chemicals!

GM Grass Kills 15 Cows. They died in agony from Cyanide.

Solution to GMOs & Pesticides

These 73 Senators voted Against GMO Labelling (including Rand Paul)

The End of Free Speech is now in Australia

Parasites make You Fat & Hungry (6/19/12)

40% of older children do not know where milk & eggs come from !

Rice Leaf 600x more radioactive than surrounding water

Surviving the Cataclysm: Your Guide Through the Financial Crisis

Ron Paul's Austrian / Libertarian Economics Were Founded by David Rockefeller

We've Been Duped by Ron Paul - Dr Webster Tarpley

Tomatoes are NOT GMO

Top 10 Foods to avoid, unless they are organic

How to Open a Young Coconut for Juice

Are you starting your own business? Try This Fantastic New Wordpress Theme

Thousands of White Slaves were Sold to the USA from Ireland

Normal Rat Testicles on Left.
Testicles of rats fed GMOs on the right.

Webmaster's Note: And still most people have not heard of GMOs

The Invention Secrecy Act of 1951

Many New Species are Discovered each year!
See Sneezing Monkey & Blue Tarantula

Angels Appear in Texas

Gov't Steals 15 Years of Research Proving that Monsanto is Killing Our Bees

Reality Check: Liberty Movement is Taking Over the Republican Party

Part 2, Part 3

Academic Excellence: Homechoolers Average 77% v. Public Schoolers who average 50%

Survey: Homeschoolers are Better Socialized than Public Schoolers

19 Things Students should Know before Applying for College

RNC Lawyer Confirms: All 'Bound' Delegates are UNBOUND

California public to vote on GMO Label Act; Biotech lies begin

Rice Could now have GM HUMAN LIVER genes

Blogger Threatened with Jail for Writing about Health

Man Single-Handedly grows a 1,360 acre Forest Where Tigers & Elephants now live

Mittens Romney is Secretly LOSING Delegates

YOU DID IT! GMO Labelling WILL be on the California Ballot.

Glitch in the Matrix: Don't trust what you see on TV
Another example

Wateraid - The BEST Charity. Giving clean water does much more than giving food. Please read this.

Cancer Industry Fraud - Most 'scientific' studies can not be replicated.

NOTE: About 1 in 3 Americans will get cancer. The average cancer patient pays $300,000. That works out to around $27,000,000,000,000 ($27 trillion) over the next 70 years to the medical industry. Add on money from heart disease, (100,000-$800,000 an operation), diabetes etc. With that in mind, do you think they are really going to help you have health? Take that further - why not promote things that cause bad health, like margarine, aspartame and microwaved food and GMOs?

Why they Sank the Titanic

People don't know where Sausages come from?

It's STILL not safe to swim in the Gulf of Mexico

Hillary on why we can't end Prohibition - "There's just too much money in it"

Huge Subliminal - "Kill" - caught on the News

Employer's Struggle to find Workers who can do "Shop Math' (Yet another reason to Homeschool)

For $100 you can avoid TSA Airport Nightmares

Very Amusing: The Quantum Theory of Mitt Romney

Etch-A-Sketch Romney Disaster

FDA Deletes One Million Signatures for GMO Labelling

Think and Grow Rich The classic 'must read' by Napoleon Hill. Read it more than once to make changes. (4/2/12)

How to Remove Subconscious Negative Programming from your Mind

Very Amusing: The Quantum Theory of Mitt Romney

Etch-A-Sketch Romney Disaster

FDA Deletes One Million Signatures for GMO Labelling

Pennsylvania Doctors - A Gag Order on Fracking Chemicals (3/28/12) Note: A 2010 congressional investigation revealed that Halliburton & others used 32 million gallons of diesel products, including toxins such as benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene, in the fluids they inject into the ground.

Michigan Gov. to Jail Farmers for the Color of their Pigs for NON-Factory Farming

Proof that GOLD BARS are Filled with Tungsten

Stephanie's Summer Sushi Wrap recipe

Coconut Dhal recipe - Tasty, cheap dinner

Private Prisons Want You

Ex-Executive for Major Drug Company: Drug companies want you to GET diseases

"The Hunger Games": Horrific Satanic Trilogy published by 'Scholastic', world's largest Children's Book publisher

Stop the Pillaging of America
When there are no rules, people make up their own.

TSA Wasteland - In Pictures

Orlando International Airport to Evict the TSA

PLEASE support the California Initiative to get GMOs LABELLED. (Please give $5 to save your own life).

While California Tortures Raw Milk Farmers, France has Raw Milk Vending Machines

Why the TSA Nude Body Scanners are Useless as well as Dangerous

70 year old woman Looks 30

Total Censorship coming to Australia

The FHF REO Government Foreclosure Homes Firesale is a Scam

Complete list of things 'caused by global warming'

For sustainable, organic farming - Get Acres Magazine

White Slave Children, New Orleans, 1860

USDA to approve new Frankenfoods even faster

MIRACLE. 15YO lifts car off his Grandfather

Cell Phone Radiation Class Action Lawsuits coming

Learn the Heimlich Maneuver - Save a Life or your own

97% of Terminal Cancer Patients have a ROOT CANAL

Lipstick contains Lead

Hedge Funds in Education - it's all about the money

Public Schools: Spending More to Get Less

Children Being Taught Stupid Math

Complete Guide to Getting Started in Homeschooling

Sarah Palin gives great speech about Government 2/1/12

Judge Napolitano's show cancelled by Fox. Was this what did it?

Do You want to Move?
Come live in our beautiful town on the beach - Palm Coast, North Florida. The best town to live in the USA

Why Emotional Freedom Technique is Inferior to Synergistic Kinesiology

MEGA-DISASTER IN EUROPE 140,000 Trapped by Snow, 550+ Dead. Silence from MSM.

Villages Buried under 15' of Snow - Shocking Videos

Hedge Funds in Education - it's all about the money

Public Schools: Spending More to Get Less

Children Being Taught Stupid Math

Complete Guide to Getting Started in Homeschooling

Sarah Palin gives great speech about Government 2/1/12

Judge Napolitano's show cancelled by Fox. Was this what did it?

The MYTH of 'NATURAL' FOODS. Whole Foods Market Refuses to stop selling poisonous GMO products, or even to label them.

Be Nobody's Valentine

Rabbit Herds Sheep like a Dog!

Mitt Romney & the Mormon Plan for America

Beware all Nanotechnology

Teen saves Busload of Children

Europe stops developing GMOs. Yay!

A Crow loves Snowboarding

200 pages on Romney

Healthy 7YO girl Dies in her mother's arm after a Flu Shot

"When Mitt Romney Came to Town". APPALLING.

The Ultimate Beauty Secret

Police in Schools
(Note: Anyone can homeschool)

Fox News shows that they think we are Sheep

Proof that women are brainwashed about beauty. (It comes from within and with health).

Five most common regrets of People on their Death Bed

Rick Santorum, Serial Hypocrite

Rick Santorum... Seriously?

270,000 Organic Farmers sue Monsanto!

YOU HAVE TO SEE: 'Guy on a Buffalo'. It's a hoot (4 episodes).

The Elite are Undeniably Engaged in Deliberately Poisoning You

Horrific Satanic Trilogy published by 'Scholastic', world's largest Children's Book publisher.

FBI wants food activists labelled as "Terrorists"

28 Signs that Public Schools are becoming Indoctrination Centers

Why you must keep your Goals Secret

Jon Stewart shows just how Biased the Lamestream Media are

"Organic" food is NOT Organic That means, it has poisons in it from GMOs.

GMOs by Country

Shocking Proof of Voter Fraud in 2008

A powerful dream

The Unlawful Killing of Princess Diana - Trailer

Near Death Experience:
Man goes to Heaven & Hell

Vegan Cottage Cheese Recipe - Tastes better than cottage cheese

Monsanto Cafeteria serves GMO-FREE Food

Florida Airport may Ban Naked Body Scanners!

Great Invention! From a Plastic Bottle!

Town grows Free Fruit & Vegetables everywhere!

Don't Move out of America

Your Indoctrination

Don't expect to have Great Grand-children if you eat GMOs (or animals or eggs from chickens that were fed them).

GMOs are in "organic' baby food! (Make your own!)

Peru Bans ALL GMOs for 10 years! Hurray! (Buy Peruvian!)

School turns abandoned athletic field into giant organic garden

MUST SEE - "Forks over Knives". See the Trailer, then get the movie. It's great.

Mitt versus Mitt

Jamaican Prime Minister and Wife are Homeschooling their children

Nigel Farage - Germany replaces Elected Leaders of Italy

Boulder County outlaws GMO crops!

Kashi & Whole Foods 'Organic' cereals are up to 100% GMO!


Secrets of Water

What you don't know about drinking water can save your life and improve your wellbeing.

Never buy food with this symbol on it

GMO Potatoes cause Cancer & Shrink Brains WITHIN 10 DAYS.
Scientists who speak out are threatened .

Audit of Federal Reserve showed in just one year (2008) they dished out $16 TRILLION to themelves and corporations. (The national debt is $14 trillion).

Monsanto is secretely Poisoning all of us with Roundup

Do you Live in California?
Please sign the ballot to require all GMO foods to be LABELLED

Hospitals Steal Patients Money & Home by Declaring them Incompetent (9/30/11)

STAY OUT OF THE RAIN! Dangerous levels of Radiation being detected in USA. eg Missouri

Lead in many garden hoses

Dangerous Radiation Levels in Western Canadian rainwater. (Pascalite & Intestinal Cleanse #2 can help with radiation).

Lyme Disease Natural Answer is Monolaurin

Obama's Communist Takeover of all Farmland. Discussion

Kat Kerr's wonderful Testimony - Visit to Heaven

Ingredient in most Bread comes from Human Hair from China

Leading Rabbi declares Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is the messiah.

Sick! Genetically modified goats produce 'transgender' babies

Learn "Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing" with Stephanie Relfe IN PERSON!

Nationwide seminars are now being planned in Atlanta, Orlando, Dallas, Sedona, San Diego, Denver, Pittsburgh. Click Here for More Information

FDA Admits that Chickens Contain Arsenic (no wonder most people muscle test negative on chicken!)

E. Coli deaths are probably caused by GMO run amok. (Don't eat corn or soy or anything fed these)

Eating clay can be good for your belly

New toothpaste without Fluoride "Safe is Swallowed"

Amusing and VERY Interesting Interview with Governor Palin (5/22/11)

The Student Loan Racket (It's a Nightmare)

Facebook censors Bible Verses

It's official. It is Cell Phones that are killing the Bees

Outstanding health benefits from Maple Syrup

BP Investigators: 9 Dead in One Year

Toilet water flows in different directions in N. & S. hemispheres: Vid

Recent Natural Global Warming & Cooling periods on earth

FDA claims power to Seize Food for No Reason

Volcano heats lake to 108 degrees F. There are 3 MILLION undersea volcanoes.

Near Death Experience: "Do not Eat Meat"

Frankenfoods in your 'natural' food store

PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW! Tell Wholefoods you want labelling of all food tainted with GMOs!!! Hit them in their pocket book!


Don't expect to have Great Grand-children if you eat GMOs (or animals or eggs from chickens that were fed them).

Energy saving light bulbs emit cancer-causing chemicals

Dangerous Meat Glue in meat, chicken & fish. (Thank God I'm vegetarian)

They want Your Land. Agenda 21 in one easy lesson

Palin gives a great speech in Wisconsin (4/19/11)

Federal Reserve gives $220Million to two Housewives

Iceland declares independence from International Banks

Arsenic in Baby Food

Watch: Building 7

Should Obama be impeached over Libya? Let's ask Biden - video

American Soldier's Are Waking Up!

How to Learn Kinesiology & Muscle Testing in 3 Days - with a Group

Miraculous Staircase made from Unknown Species of Wood

ALL Infant Formula is poisoned with Fluoride

NOTE: About 1 in 3 Americans will get cancer. The average cancer patient pays $300,000. That works out to around $27,000,000,000,000 ($27 trillion) over the next 70 years to the medical industry. Add on money from heart disease, diabetes etc. etc. With that in mind, do you think they are really going to tell you how to protect your health or about low cost ways to heal yourself? Take that further - why not promote things that cause bad health, like margarine, aspartame and microwaved food?

Nanotechnology showing up in Thousands of Products

Angelic Appearance: The time is near

Maine Town the First to Declare Food Sovereignty

Man Died for
1 3/4 Hours. Goes to Heaven. Comes back

Part 2

Repudiate this Lie of a Debt!

Is Wisconsin Bankrupt? No! It has $123 Billion!

Dolphins save Doberman

There are four things that must be available for paid work to take place:

  • The work to be done.
  • The materials to do the work.
  • The labor to do the work.
  • The money to pay for the work to be done.

If any of those four things are missing, no paid work can take place. If there is work to be done, and the material is available and the labour willing, all we have to do is create the money."

Hundreds of Thousands near Gulf with Symptoms from Oil the "Tip of the Iceberg"

Bank Protesters turn Branches into Services

The Ulsterman Report: Obama's Communist Love Story

Why People Don't Trust the Mainstream Media (vid)

The Great Global Warming Swindle (Vid)

IceAgeNow.com - Best website for the weather

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America: Vid

Airforce bought Software to manage an army of Fake Virtual People (shills)

911 for Dummies: 2 Min. Video

Original recipe for Coca Cola

Lady with Handbag beats Jewelry Store Robbers

22 Year Old Crippled from Swimming in the Gulf

The Reagan Myth

Do not Eat ANY Seafood from the Gulf or Atlantic : It has Petroleum products.

We have been Betrayed by Stonyfield Organics & Wholefoods Market

DISASTER: Full Deregulation of GMO Alfalfa starts now : Roundup to poison all dairy (the pollen spreads everyhere).

Don't expect to have Great Grand-children if you eat GMOs (or animals or eggs from chickens that were fed them).

See what cats think of Justin Bieber

Chicken McNuggets contain Deadly Chemicals

Wikileaks: GMO Conspiracy Reaches Highest Levels of US Gov't

Amazing Vid! Chemtrail being Laid & No Visible Plane!

WARNING! Neotame - New form of killer Aspartame - Can be added to Organic food AND NOT BE ON THE LABEL!!! Our only solution is to make all food yourself, and learn muscle testing. (1/6/11)

Conspiracy Theory TV Program getting ERASED from DVR's without Consent of Customers!!

Can Onions Can Save Lives? (1/6/11)

MIRACLES. Saved by Angels

20 of the Craziest Things the Gov. is Wasting Money on.

See How a Caffeined Spider Spins a Web!

DANGER! Food "Safety" Bill passes. Why it will damage health and food costs.

Radiation from TSA Scanners unzip double strands of DNA

16 Shocking Facts about the Great College Education Scam

ASTOUNDING! A cure for Morgellon's. Fantastic video!!! (Warning: Colloidal Silver should never be taken regularly. It's not food. It can turn skin blue).

Who is Behind Wikileaks?

Never, Ever Fly a 737 - It can fall apart in the sky

Another Life Saved from Aspartame Death

Moore does Great Job Explaining Wikileaks: MSNBC Video

74% of Doctors to Quit when Obamacare Takes Effect

The Real Matrix

Protective Services Harass Father for feeding Organic Food to his Children

$40 Billion Plan to Depopulate Gulf area and Louisiana for BP : Jesse Ventura

What We Have Learned from Wikileaks

Yay! Monsanto sugar beet to be Destroyed

Chaga! The Coffee Substitute that is Super Good for You!

World's strongest Anti-oxidant! Anti-aging! Healing! And Delicious! (12/2/10)

DANGER! Small Food Producers are NOT Exempt from S510

Top Ten Lies of Senate Bill 510

S510 Does not Cover Meat, Poultry or Eggs! Proof that they want to get rid of healthy food, and don't care about 'food safety'

S510 Can Still be Stopped (12/1/10)

List of Senators who passed the S-510 Food Nightmare

Great Articles by Bill Schnoebelen

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Wikileaks

TSA will now Spread Flesh-Eating Bacteria!

"The Game is Up! Just who the Hell do you think you are?" Great speech by MEP

National Australia Bank wipes out all deposits for a whole month
(Got cash?)

Iceland Economy doing well because they DID NOT bail out the banks

"Mr Smith Goes to Washington" Full movie. A classic that everyone should see.

Pigs Won't Eat GMO Corn (11/23/10)

Wifi is Hurting Trees (so you know it's hurting people)

"Join up": Monty Roberts with an untamed horse.
More vid here

INSANITY. Stop Senate Bill 510: The Bill that stops you growing your own food & being a small farmer. See who voted for it.

What Senators got Bribed to Support S510

Cat Chases Two Alligators

Lions Accept Man as One of The Pride

Drudge Stirs National Revolt Against Airline Security Abuse

German People in Unprecedented Rebellion Against Government

GMOs Cause Birth Defects (So far this is mostly corn, soy and canola), and animals fed these products, and eggs from chickens fed them.

Don't expect to have Great Grand-children if you eat GMOs (or animals or eggs from chickens that were fed them).

Paypal steals $5,200 from a Patriot

Stone-Age Flour Overturns Primitive Meat-Eating Theory

Huge Underground City found in Turkey, where Christians lived.

After America, there is no Place to Go

How Members of Congress Voted on the 3 Worst Bills

Gulf Toxicologist: 4 Bodies, Oesophaguses dissolving, Lung capacity 4.75%. From short visits to the Gulf.

The Educational System was DESIGNED to Keep us Uneducated & Docile

Obama: Under my Plan Electricity Rates will SKYROCKET: Vid

Global Warming Debunked: Get the facts


Hate Laws Exposed: Vid

A Naked Body Scanner Experience

Demand to See Your Mortgage Note that the Bank 'Lost': This website makes it simple

CNN: Palin Tells GOP Leaders that if they Don't Follow TEA Party principles (less tax & smaller government), THEY ARE THROUGH!

327 CIA Mind-Control Victims win Cash Claims

High Noon in America

Rainwater Tests show Big Increase in Toxins AFTER the Well was Capped

Goats Casually Climb Giant Dam Wall!

Woman Can Light her Water on Fire

The Vatican has 52 MILES of Book Shelves! (and those are the ones they let people see)

Police Raid Organic Raw Food Market - GUNS DRAWN (Now you know that RAW milk is good for you!) (10/12/10)

Ex Economic Hitman on Icelandic TV (10/9/10)

The Prison Industry: Slave Labor with a new Name

Kellogg's Adds Scrap Metal Iron to Cereal! Proven with a Magnet! (go to about 5 minutes) (10/5/10)

"Fire from the Heartland" Great New Video on Women Taking Over the USA

There is NO Safe Level for Corexit (Oil Dispersant still being used by BP)

Beach near Orlando : Acid Cloud causes Huge Health Problems

Oil & Corexit to be on East Coast Beaches by Sep/Oct 2010! (Note Day Counter on video. Day 1 was April 20, 2010).

Opinion Polls: How to Get the Results You Want. Video

More & More VERY Bad News of Oil & Corexit: Best Website to keep up to date

Mainstream 'Health' News Getting Crazier

Tea Party Video

FDA to Ban "Non-GMO" Labels on Food

We meditate upon God the Creator.
Who is worthy
of worship.
Who removes all sin and ignorance.
May He improve our hearts and minds.

Louisiana: Entire Communities Vomiting Blood

300ppm of Oil in Gulf Sand! Dangerous levels!

GMO Crop Catastrophe in USA: A Lesson to Europe and Asia: Farmers unable to fight the Super Weeds that follow GMO Crops!

$200 Quadrillion Found! which were hidden by the Evil Ones to use against Us.

Mary, mother of Jesus, was a Princess. Not a Peasant.

Senators Tell U.N. to Leave Families Alone

Machine that Turns Plastic into Oil

UV Light Shows that Greek Statues were Painted with Colors

Two Men Eat Grouper from Gulf - Get Splitting Migraines

Miraculous! Dolphin Rings! (More Evidence that Dolphins Should not be Put in Cages)

Urgent Warnings to many Nationalities to Get Out of Russia Now!

Explosive Seeps on Seabed Shown by Enhanced Video (8/19/10)

Evil: BP "Not Liable" for Toxic Seafood:
The Fishermen are!!!

ABC: Shrimp Covered in Oil - Govt says it's okay

Obama's Dangerous & Rapidly Expanding Government: 1 min. video

BP Cover-Up: Worst Effects Still To Come

My sister and bro-in-law, clean condo's for a living at Panama City beach. They said the bath tubs are black with oil after people get done swimming. They are wearing sun tan oil and do not realize they are OILY until they get a shower.Posted 8/15/10

They Murdered Matt Simmons! They Drowned him in his hot tub. He was a True Hero (8/9/10) (See also "Accidental drowning")

Discussion about Matt's Murder

Matt Simmons:
1,100 m BELOW the surface is a 300-400m Lake of Heavy Oil, Covering 40% of the Gulf!

GET OUT OF THE GULF NOW. BP is Lying: Matt Simmons.Please Hear All of this! Audio. You need QuickTime to hear it 7/18/10

BP is Covering up a Massive Second Hole miles away, the Real source of the oil: Matt Simmons on MSNBC, 7/15/10.

"I Want Your Money" Trailer

The BP Blue Flu is Growing

UNBELIEVABLE: They decide if seafood is safe by SMELLING it!

Crime of the Century: What BP & the Govt Don't Want You to Know

Bright Orange Slime in Iowa Rain Gauge (go to 2:40). Same as in plane vid below?

Acid Rain 300 miles inland. Plus: Plane gets Orange Oil on it from Flying over Gulf on a Clear Day 7/19/10

Anchors Dropped in the Gulf are coming up Covered in Oil. Oil is on the Bottom (8/2/10)

'Missing' oil is Welling up from Underground Beaches : Video

Wonderful! Pilot's Letter to Barbara Boxer

The Best High School Valedictorian Speech

The Most Evil Bill Ever: Proposal to Ban You from Growing Your own Food!!!

A Tale of Two Wells

Growing Health Crisis in the Gulf. PLUS - Geologist Chris Landau: "BP has drilled into an ... oil volcano that cannot be stopped" (7/27/10)

Censored: People COUGHING UP BLOOD. Well still leaking. (7/31/10)

Coal Tar in Cereals (Note: Since it's from the liner, this could apply to 'healthy' cereals as well)

EPA: Massive Coverup of Danger of Oil Dispersants: Cause Internal Bleeding

The Big Lie: Horrible Diseases after Visits to Gulf Beaches

Toxic Black Rain falling in Gulf

True Source of the Oil? Biloxi Dome - an Ancient Volcanic Crater

WEBMASTERS: How to Protect Yourself from Being Sued for Copyright

Kirlian Photos Before & After Wedding Show that the Two Truly Become "ONE FLESH"

The Crucifixion of Mel Gibson

Teenagers Getting "Digitally High"

Methane Levels One Million Times Normal (Methane Gas kills people)

Terrible Truth Behind Oil Volcano: They Drilled for Abiotic Oil, which is super deep, at unbelievable pressures, and very poisonous. Video.
More info here

India has Formula to Zap Oil!

Florida to be Surrounded by Oil by Sep 2010! On Eastern Beaches by Oct 2010! Video

Water Toxic. One Water Sample EXPLODES!

BP Paying Scientists to Keep Quiet

Best & Worst Counties for Jobs (Live Map)

Government Getting Ready for "Dead Zone" That is people being DEAD within 200 miles of the Oil Volcano. This is from Wayne Madsen, ex-navy intelligence journalist who gets very reliable insider info.

75% of Oil Can Evaporate! (The dangerous volatile organic compounds are first)

Why Corexit is So Very Dangerous: It ruptures blood cells, & carries oil into the cells

Almost All People who Cleaned up Exxon Valdez are Dead. Those that are living suffer horrible health problems. And this is much, much worse.

Fish Dying in Jacksonville

Pensacola Beach: 400 People Sick (That they know of)

Handicapped Girl in Destin FL dies of Lung Failure from "Alarming Levels of Benzene"

WOW! Louisiana Woman Who Was Behind Enemy Lines Tells It Like It is: Vid

BP Using 8 Different Dispersants

Have You Been Affected by BP Oil? Fill in the "Case Evaluation Form"

It's Raining Oil in Louisiana : Video

Eating Healthy Foods now called a "Mental Disorder"!!!

Repudiate this Lie of a Debt (Applies to All Countries) 6/18/10

Weird, Scary Post by Wachovia Bank User 6/17/10

Wheat Grown in 1/7 the Time! With Electrostatic Fields! 6/17/10

Have You Been Affected by BP Oil? Fill in the "Case Evaluation Form" 6/17/10

1,100 m BELOW the surface is a 300-400m Lake of Heavy Oil, Covering 40% of the Gulf! (6/16/10)

Terrible Truth Behind Oil VolcanoThey Drilled for Abiotic Oil, which is super deep, at unbelievable pressures, and very poisonous. Video.
More info here.

"Non-Executive' Chairman of Goldman Sachs is previous 'Non-Executive' Chairman of BP, Peter Sutherland (6/4/10)

Media Ignores Ties to Corexit Dispersant and Goldman Sachs

Fishermen Getting VERY SICK (Why Don't they Wear HazMat Gear?)

Obama Budget Cut Visualization

Seize BP

Bilderberg Group Researcher Gave Speech on One World Company Ltd to European Government! Video (6/1/10)

McDonald's Happy Meal is still 'Happy' after One Year!

Government Website: There are no Conspiracies. The Elite don't want more wealth or power. That's why the world is doing so great. Go back to sleep.Comments.

Killing the Gulf on Purpose

Boycott BP (Castrol & Amoco)

The Crooked Red Cross raised $450M. for Haitu. So far they say they have spent only $106M. A Haitian looks for evidence of this money helping Haitians.

Crime & Illegal Aliens: Shocking Statistics

Monsanto GM Corn Crop Fails


Hay used successfully on 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill!!!

Crime & Illegal Aliens: Shocking Statistics

FDA: You Do Not have the Right To Choose What you Eat or Drink

6 Month Old Babies Know the Difference Between Good and Evil

Don't expect to have Great Grand-children if you eat GMOs

Government Destroying Freedom: VIDEO

Blue Stork in Germany: Video

Have 2 Million Americans Died from GMO Corn between 2008 and April 2010?
This is the weirdest site on the internet, but we felt that there is truth to this story.

Great Tea Party Video

Most Non-Organic Veggieburgers are Made with a NeuroToxin

The Images Microsoft Does Not Want You to See

Health & Life Insurance Invest $2 Billion in Fast Food (That figures)

Eyes Emit Energy Which Can be Measured Scientifically

Lamsa Bible: More Accurate than King James. From Aramaic, the language of Jesus Christ. (4/2/10)

Forbidden Archeology: VIDEO

Iceland - The Mouse That Roared
Never Mess with Vikings

"I Want the Earth Plus 5%" now in Latvian

DeLand Frost Guard: How to Make a Device to Prevent Fruit Trees from Freezing (and Increase Production) 3/10/2010

Learn Spanish Learn Spanish: Free Lesson  Learn Spanish -
I have learned to speak more Spanish with this program in a few weeks, than I did in four years of French at school. I have tried three other courses (Rosetta, Tellmemore) and none of them comes close to what this company offers. Click on "Free Spanish Lesson" once you go here.

Creepy Ways Video Games Work to Get People Addicted

GMO Alfalfa will make Organic Dairy Impossible. Cows, Horses & People to be Harmed.

Coming Soon: Pork & Bacon with Mice genes (yum!)

Europe allows GMO Potatoes

Nazi India 2010

Proposed Bill: 6 Months Jail for speaking against GMO Food (that lets you know how bad they are!)

How to Eradicate a Disease - Change It's Name!

John Stossel's Broken Window Fallacy: Video

Wall Street Journal: Surviving Anarchy after the Debt Bomb Explodes.2/10/10

The Coming Greater Depression: Sorry - it hasn't started yet.

Poisins in Rainwater: Government Test Results - Video

The Tea Party Movement

More Home Owners Walk Away

Calculate your Increased Power Bill from Cap & Trade

Cat Predicts 50 Deaths in Nursing Home

The Tea Party Goes Mainstream 1/31/10

The Hidden Agenda for World Government, as Revealed by a Congressional Investigator

Shrimp: a Health & Environmental Nightmare

Local Harvest: Find Fresh Organic Food Close to You

German Homeschoolers Granted Political Asylum in USA

World Dictatorship - You Decide. 'Must See' Video (High Quality)

GMO Food Equals DEATH. Short video that can save your life.

The "Move Over" Law is in Effect

Article: Getting Renewable Water to People in Haiti

Haiti Donations Stolen by Bush/Clinton?

Poisonous Chlorine is in Chickens

Keep in Touch with Deadly Weather: Check Headlines Daily at www.IceAgeNow.com

Your Genitals X-Rayed: Not Just for Airports Anymore 1/12/10

GE Crops Use MORE, not less, Herbicide, than non-GE Crops.

Why are Sand Derived Products added to Food?

Video: How to Get Rid of Congress 12/26/09

Get Rid of Politicians!

Top 25 Censored Stories for 2009 / 2010 12/20/09

'Superman' Lifts Car to Save Child 12/19/09

The Scientific Manipulation of Our Reality 12/18/09

Top 10 Facts on Slavery: Short Video

Drug Dealers Use Child Care as Fronts 12/17/09

The Bank Bailouts: How we Got Robbed Big Time

The Gore Effect" - Blizzard arrives in Copenhagen along with Gore. See list of other such 'coincidences'.

Lord Monckton on Climategate. (He worked for Margaret Thatcher). Video. Best summary of climate politics.

"Blowing the Whistle' - We stopped watching NBA Basketball years ago when we realised the referees were dirty. Here's proof.

RETIREES: DO NOT GO TO PANAMA! Why your life, money and inheritance may be in grave danger there.

Amazing Before & After Scans for the Gallstone Cleanse (11/25/09)

Climate Change Cover Up - Fake Science to Steal Your Trillions (11/24/09)

Likely Cure for Multiple Sclerosis Found. MS Society in Panic

GOOD NEWS!Cheerleader Desiree Jennings is now able to Speak Again because of Chelation!
(Read story here). (Original Story: Shocking Video of what happened to a Cheerleader from a Flu Vaccine).

Proof that The Bank Collapses are a Scam - Why They Never Happened in North Dakota

Are the Gold Bars in Fort Knox Fake? Made of Tungsten?

True News About Fort Hood Shootings: Not What You Have Been Told. More Updates here (Note: Christopher Story publishes a newsletter on International Banking for $600 p.a. He is no light-weight)

Will Obama sign the Treaty in December which makes the USA part of a Communist WORLD GOVERNMENT, without elections? (See Copenhagen Climate Treaty). Part 2.

Seek His Will in all you do, And He will direct your paths.
Proverbs 3:6

Moving Stones

STOP THE PRESS: Video testimony that Vaccines contain Cancer and AIDS viruses.

The New World Order is Communism
Communism is a form of monopoly capitalism with the State fronting for the monopoly capitalists.

Unassisted Childbirth

Shocking Video of what happened to a Cheerleader from a Flu Vaccine.


Illegal Immigration is Slavery: Brilliant speech by Glenn Beck (Video)

"I Want the Earth Plus 5%" just got translated into Japanese. It's now in all these languages: Bulgarian (Български), Catalan, Czech, Dansk, Deutsch, English, English audio, Español, Francais, Indonesian, Italian, Malay, Norsk, Polski, Portugues, Româna, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Turkish, Urdu (Can you translate it into Arabic? Bengali? Gujarati? Hindi? Javanese? Korean? Mandarin? Tagalog? Telegu? Turkish? please? If so, please email me first to make sure that no one else is working on it)

Unique DVD Training, "Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing", Now Available with 8 monthly payments of $51!!!

Media Malpractice - The Movie

The Slave Next Door. Did You know there are at least 15,000 REAL SLAVES in the USA today?

"Climate Chains " Movie Trailer. Looks good!

WEIGHT LOSS: Diets Don't Work. Understanding the Hormone Leptin Does!

WARNING! 'Cash for Clunkers' Give the Government TOTAL ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER for the rest of your life! Glenn Beck Video

Pages of Reasons Against ObamaCare

Recipe - Eggplant Ricotta-Walnut

Easy Way To Help Dolphins While Improving Your Health

"Cap & Trade' Bill will RAISE ELECTRICITY RATES BY 90%!!! (7/8/09)

Star Size Comparison: VIDEO

CO2 is 1.5 times HEAVIER than air. So it's more likely at your feet than up in the upper atmosphere.

$200,000 Offer to Doctors - If you Drink What you Daily Inject into Babies (6/24/09)

We meditate upon God the Creator.
Who is worthy of worship.
Who removes all sin and ignorance.
May He improve our hearts and minds.

A Prophetic Vision of America (not good) 6/17/09

U.S. Map of Where the Jobs Are and Where they are Not 6/16/09

30 Best Cities to Find a Job
And they're a lot cheaper to live in than LA, NY or Chicago. (Nov. 2008) (Note: This is an older article)

Solution to World Population Growth 6/13/09

SALE on Hulda Clark books, "More Precious than Gold" (pascalite book) and Aloe Vera Gel

Thought for the day: About 1 in 3 Americans will get cancer. The average cancer patient pays $300,000. That works out to around $27,000,000,000,000 ($27 trillion) over the next 70 years to the medical industry. Add on money from heart disease, diabetes etc. etc. With that in mind, do you think they are really going to tell you how to protect your health or about low cost ways to heal yourself? Take that further - why not promote things that cause bad health, like margarine, aspartame and microwaved food?

The Truck Camper as a Family Emergency Vehicle. Truck campers are much more fun than an RV, since they can go anywhere. And cheaper. They sleep up to 5.

Clay Filter Turns Sea Water to Fresh Water? 5/14/09

The Most Important People in the World 5/7/09

Discovery of the Real Noah's Ark. Video.
Part 2

Kidney Stones are partly Caused by High Oxalate Levels. See how much Oxalate You are Eating 4/29/09

How Chocolate Prevents True Love for God 4/26/09

What's in a Carrot?

Goodbye Real Food & Farmer's Markets 3/21/09

Burt's Bee's is owned by Clorox. Naked Juice is owned by PEPSI! The list goes on. 3/21/09

What does One Trillion Dollars Look Like?

The Holographic Universe

Supplier of Rife Frequencey Generators gets 10 Years in Jail

Cut Off Finger Grows Back. Plus How to Grow Hearts

America's Stupid Healthcare Debate

How Wateraid Has Radically Helped People in Asian Slums

How Many Cockroaches are 'Permitted" in Your Chocolate?
Answer: 60 insect fragments and one rodent hair per 100 grams (3.5 oz.). See what else the FDA allows. 2/18/09

Greenies, Not Climate Change, the Cause of the Australian Bushfire Tragedies

Galaxy has "Billions of Earths" (and remember, there are at least 100 billion GALAXIES!) 2/15/09

Chia Seeds The best whole food source of essential Omaga 3. MUCH cheaper than fish oil. 2/11/09

IInjured Deer Finds Vet

50 Reasons why You Must Get Flouride out of Your Water and Toothpaste (Get a Reverse Osmosis filter from ebay.com)

Worldwide Weather Forecasts: Wunderground is Best

"The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers". Hulda Clark's newest book. Hardcover with DVD of conversations with Dr. Clark. 2/4/09

The Great Global Warming Swindle. BRILLIANT VIDEO Please watch this now, while you still can. It will likely be pulled from this site shortly.

Caffeine Can Cause Hallucinations 1/17/09

Elephant & Dog are Best Friends 1/15/09

Walking for Water in Michigan - The Brainchild of an 8 Year Old

Don't Let Your Roof Collapse on Your Head!!!

Maple Syrup & Baking Soda Cancer Treatment

Sponsor an Executive 12/11/08

Big Reductions in Goji Prices

How to Save Tons of Money on Food Fight the Food Mafia!

Water Aid to be Promoted by the Financial Times 2008!!! 11/21/08

The World Has Never Seen Such Freezing Heat 11/17/08

Herding Cats Video

The Best Exercise of All Just 5-10 Minutes a Day. Nothing Beats the Five Tibetan Rites for Giving You Energy and Fitness 11/14/08

"I Want the Earth Plus 5%" now in Audio 11/9/08

Why It's Better To Rent than Buy

600,000+ Children Leave Public Schools in California. Learn Why 10/13/08

How to Get Emotional Wellness 10/11/08

Back Pain: How to Heal It 10/5/08

Make Congress Read a Bill Before Passing It 10/5/08

Bread Recipe, Yeast Free Whole Wheat. Very easy to make. 10/5/08

I have sorted the "Other Articles" Section into Categories 10/5/08

Amazing Lyrebird Mimic 10/4/08

Make Your Own Baby Food It's Healthier & Cheaper. 10/3/08

30,000 Scientists Suing Al Gore for Global Warming Fraud 10/2//08

Make Your Own Peanut Butter/ Almond Butter / Sunflower Seed Butter. It's easy, saves you $$$ and is much better for you. 10/1/08

Menstrual Cramps: How to Heal them. And how I reduced the length of my periods. 10/1/08

Acne & Blacheads: Natural Remedies 9/29/08

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Lack of Energy: Natural Remedies 9/27/08

Feb 17 2009: The Government Turns Your TV Off 9/27/08

Who are the so-called 'Quackbusters'? 9/25/08

How to Pop Corn. And Your Brain. IT'S A HOAX!
Here's how it's done.
These poor people will suffer big health & eye problems from unprotected microwaves. Do not do this to anyone. 8/16/08

Underwire Bras are Bad for Health. I found a souce of quality ($$$) bras with no underwire. You have to be fitted by a representative first. This may be a way for some women to supplement their income. No, I am not making any money from telling you this. See end of article. 8/13/08

Babies fed soy based formula have 13,000 - 22,000 times more estrogen compounds in their blod than babies fed milk-based formula. Infants fed only soy-based formula receive the same as 5 birth control pills a day!!! 8/9/08

One Hour's Less Sleep Can Make a Child Twice as Fat! 8/9/08

Water for Life: Powerful Video 7/17/08

Wifi: Avoid it At Any Cost And keep it out of schools. 7/16/08

Electromagnetic Stresses that affect all of us

Natural Healing of Yeast Infection & Candida 7/9/08

2 Billion May Get Cancer from Cell Phones by 2020

Directory of Natural Healing Methods 6/6/08

Headache & Migraines: Natural Remedies you can Do at Home 6/6/08

Hemorrhoids: How to Heal Hemorrhoids Naturally. 6/2/08

Constipation: How to Heal Constipation Naturally. 5/28/08.

Diarrhea. How to Heal Diarrhea Naturally. 5/28/08.

GE Sugar to Hit Stores in 2008 5/28/08.

54 Benefits of Homeschooling 5/28/08.

Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing DVD Training Series

Do you Have a Website? Or Email List? Our Affiliate Program Pays You. 5/2/08

Amazing Chemtrail PHOTO GALLERY 5/5/08

Is Morgellon's Disease Spready partly by Swimming Pools? 4/20/08

DANGER: Californians Lungs to be Ruined by Apple Moth Spraying Starting June 2008 4/16/08

Bank of America Will Not Let You Withdraw Over $5,000 in One Day!

19,000 American Scientists Reject Global Warming 3/3108

Elephant Paints Self Portrait - Amazing Video 3/30/08

Dolphin Rescues Beached Whales 3/15/08

Ireland Gets Rid of Plastic Bags

How to Legally Avoid Immunizations of All Kinds 3/3/08

Oil Pulling Fantastic Cheap Way to Better Health. Has healed all kinds of symptoms including snoring, bronchitis, pain, arthritis and more. 2/21/08

Raw Carrot Cake Recipe Eat as much as you want for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks with no guilt, while you get thin & healthy!

Scientists Who Say Lack of Sun Spots is Causing Global Cooling

Never Buy a Handmade Carpet Unless It Has a RUGMARK on it. So you know that child slaves did not make it.

What Does it Cost to Free a Slave These Days? 1/15/08

Drug Chantix, for smokers, kills 7 12/30/07

Why It's Time to Turn off the TV: Video 12/29/07

Victoria's Secret's Dirty Secret - Boycott them 12/29/07

What You Don't Know About Sleep 12/12/07

Raw Almonds Now BANNED in the USA, Canada & Mexico But you can't tell that from the label. 12/7/07

Natural Repellent Keeps Mosquitos Away 12/10/07

Breastfeeding Increases the IQ of 90% of Children by 7 POINTS 12/9/07

Hot New Social Networking Site

Derivatives & The Stock Market Vital information you NEED to know to understand the coming financial times. 12/9/07

Please support Bill For Raw Milk 12/6/07

What You Don't Know About Sleep 12/5/07

Please 'sign' petition to End Whaling

The Great Thanksgiving Hoax 11/22/07

Graph Showing How We Have Almost Zero effect on Greenhouse Gases 11/18/07

Why The Rich are Leaving the USA in Droves (Leaving us to pick up the Tax Bill) 11/17/07

We Live in Strange Times: John Lennon: Video" 11/16/07

Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve: Video. Did you know that the Federal Reserve is a private institution?

The Fluoride Deception: Shocking Video of Investigative Journalist. 11/4/07

Great Dangers to Mind & Body from Fluoride 11/4/07

Drops Aspartame Article Under Industry Pressure 11/4/07

Dove Raises Abandoned Baby Monkey

Are You a UK Resident? If so, a donations will be made to wateraid.org if you receive this credit card.

Bill Maher Destroys the Drug Companies: Video

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The Five Most Common Heavy Metals And What They are Doing to Us 10/4/07)

Need a Laugh? See Cube Girl 10/3/07)

Recipe for a Real Salad 10/2/07)

John T. Reed's List of Recommended (or not) Real Estate & Investment Gurus 9/28/07)

Tips for a Job or Career with Kinesiology 9/25/07)

Caffeine Blues Caffeine is an AGING DRUG 9/10/07)

The Coming Second Great Depression? 9/10/07)

Raw Almonds Now BANNED in the USA, Canada & Mexico But you can't tell that from the label. The plot to deny you the right to health. 8/31/07)

Fructose is MUCH More Dangerous Than Sugar 8/31/07)

VIDEO: Advertising Affects You More Than You Know 7/28/07)

Chinese Walmart FlipFlops Create Horrible Chemical Burns - Amazing pictures

Direct Farm Sales Not Always Allowed! Legal Defense Fund Set up to Defend this Right.

Six Month Old Calves Die if Fed Pasteurized Milk It would be quicker with Homogenized Milk. No milk is best, but if you must, drink REAL MILK


Slavery. A Worldwide Investigation. VIDEO. There are more slaves now than in the past. 50% of all chocolate is grown by slaves (except for organic and fair-trade cocoa ). By award winning documentary-makers. 7/3/07)

Chief Meteorologist calls Gore's view of Climate Change "The Biggest Myth of the Century" (6/5/07)

Why Modern Farming is a Major cause of all Degenerative Diseases And what to do about it. (5/30/07)

The Great Global Warming Swindle: DVD Brilliant, "Must-see" UK TV Documentary coming soon on DVD.
Great review here
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Good News! Europe Revokes Patent on GM Soy! (5/5/07)

Group Action Against Crazy FDA & Drug Companies Won This Time (5/5/07)

These People are In Office? Now you know one reason why we are in the mess we are in. (5/4/07)

Isn't it Time YOU Ran for Public Office? (5/4/07)

MSG (a Neurotoxin) is Being Sprayed on our Crops! This is one more reason why it's time to start growing your own food. (5/1/07)

ALERT! FDA Going Nuts: Attempting to Regulate Natural Products - Even JUICES and Massage Rocks! (4/22/07)

An Instant Cure for Morgellon's Disease? (4/22/07)

Free Energy Machines Are they finally going into production? (4/19/07)

Nanotechnology is the cause of Morgellon's Disease. Sufferers have microscopic machines inside their bodies! Radio Interview. (4/11/07)

Cube News Hilarious videos that deserve more traffic. Click on "episodes" once you get there.

Lighter Fluid & 65% Corn in Chicken McNuggets (3/25/07)

Recognise Stroke & Save A Life (3/23/07)

The Sun & Earth Relative sizes in pictures - Amazing! (3/19/07)

Raw Milk is Better For You (3/16/07)

Fifty Million Americans who Snore Suffer from a Life Threatening Condition they Probably Don't Know about Here's a possible remedy 3/13/07)

Restaurant Calories Are Sometimes Much Higher than Fast Food Calories (3/12/07)

Red Tents on the River Children in France Embarass the Government by Creating a Unique Solution to the Homeless Problem (3/1/07)

red tents France

Look Up!! Do you see Chemtrails? What are they? What are they for? (2/27/07)

Court Seizes Quackbuster Bank Accounts & Property (2/23/07)

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The Shocking, New Morgellon's Disease While thousands of people are suffering horrible symptoms from this new disease, many doctors are writing them off as it's "all in their mind". But now, OK State University is helping. (2/13/07)

Confessions of an Economic Hitman: VIDEO.
Unique inside information. And real solutions for our planet.
Part 1
........Part 2........Part 3 (2/12/07)

Global Warming is Not Caused by Us
Global Warming is caused by oceans warming from undersea volcanoes.
More at IceAgeNow.com

Lion Hugs & Kisses Woman Who Saved Him: Video (1/14/07)

giant cat

Parrot's Oratory Stuns Scientists (12/28/06)

A Whale Said 'Thank you' A Beautiful Story (12/27/06)

Rise in Out-of-Wedlock Births Bad News for Kids (12/26/06)

The War on Toddlers Another good reason to homeschool (12/26/06)

Water: Please See this short video (12/22/06)

giant rabbit

The REAL Reason Why People get Flu in the Winter (It's not what you might think). (12/15/06)

BIG WIN!!! New York City Bans Trans Fatty Acids in Restaurants (Hydrogenated Oils, Margarine etc) (12/5/06)

Babies Have a Language! (12/4/06)

Autobiography of the Webmaster, Stephanie Relfe I wrote this since a number of people have asked me how I come by all this information. (12/4/06)

Skidboot, World's Smartest Dog? - Video (12/2/06)

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Small Animals Levitated Using Sound (11/30/06)

The Huge Differences Between Money & Wealth And Why It's Important to You (11/22/06)

Housing Bubble Continues to Pop Why It's Better to Rent than Buy - Even if you Currently Own (11/19/06)

Invest in Switzerland and Protect Your Assets (11/15/06)

What Do they Feed to Food Animals? It's sure not what it should be. (11/10/06)

Otter Escorts Injured Mate to Hospital (11/3/06)

Liquid Minerals with Miraculous FULVIC
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DANGER: Chlorinated Water Produces Highly Cancer Causing Substances when Combined with Fruit and Vegetables! (10/31/06)

Canola Oil is a Pesticide! (i.e. don't eat it) (10/31/06)

How You Can Easily Make an Enormous Difference (10/21/06)

Europe Bans Import of US Rice because of G.E. Contamination (10/1/05)

Who Killed the Electric Car? Video Clip (9/27/05)

101 Reasons Not To Have Your Baby in Hospital. Make sure you read the "Quotes" Section (9/23/05)

Ten FREE Trees! (9/8/06)

PRESIDENT JOHN KENNEDY Hear JFK's AMAZING speech on the danger of conspiracies (8/26/06)

The Bilderbergers The most important meeting in the world happens once or twice a year, and you never hear about it from the mainstream media. What do they decide behind closed doors? Why all the secrecy? (8/26/06)

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America Written by a former Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education. Now you canDOWNLOAD THE BOOK FOR FREE. (8/26/06)

Cat Phones 911 To Save Owner (8/25/06)

HOAX OR NOT?! There may be truth to the story about the Russians hard boiling an egg within 1 hour between 2 mobile phones, since it's on Pravda. See www.kp.ru/daily/23694.4/52233/print However, I have yet to find anyone who can repeat this experiment. Possibly the Russian phones are older technology.

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This bird flies up to 39,000 miles each year(8/10/06)

How to Eliminate Credit Card Debt and Increase Savings This worked for me and my friends! (8/2/06)

Humans should be Weaned at 4-7 Years As shown by studies of large primates (Note: We are not talking about public nursing. By this age it's usually just when they go to sleep) (7/31/06)

Goji Berries - World's Best Anti-Aging Fruit? ( 7/27/06)


Why HomeSchooling is By Far the Best School for all Reasons plus: The First Ten Steps (7/19/06)

What are Birds Telling us? Meet Victor - A 'Real' Talking Budgie (7/15/06)

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Get Rich Doing What Others Don't Like to Do (6/18/06)

A Dirty Rat is a Healthy Rat (6/17/06)

Foreclosures Don't Mean Economic Collapse: Do You Need to Move? 4/2/06)

The Holographic Universe (3/18/06)

Hair Analysis of Heavy Metals ''Normal' blood-level ranges for heavy metals are actually quite toxic. eg A 'normal' blood lead level increases your chance of early death from any cause by 46%!!! Find out where you stand so you can do something about it. (3/18/06)

You Can Homeschool Your Children Plus Reasons Why You Should (3/7/06)

Your Own Internet TV Station (3/7/06)

Fats That Kill You Plus: Essential Fatty Acids for Brains and Bodies &
A Major Cause of SIDS and ADD

Don't Trust Robert Kiyosaki Before you follow Robert Kiyosaki's advice, read this excellent article.(1/21/06)

The Millionaire Next Door (1/21/06)

The Coming Second Great Depression?(12/31/05)

Dangerous Levels of LEAD in Processed Chocolate and Cocoa Do not give it to children! (12/14/05)

Healthcare Practice with 30,000+ Unvaccinated Children has NO cases of Autism (12/12/05)

What is "Slow Food"? (12/12/05)

Why It's Important to Pray Over Your Food (11/28/05)

(Updated): Squat - don't sit. Change your toilet seat so you can heal constipation and many other health problems. (11/8/05)


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Wedding Rings Reduce Male Power and Develop Impotence And probably affect women also (10/11/05)

Man Lives to 256 Years Old (London Times) Eating Lycium (Goji) Berries Goji is a delicious, unique fruit from the mountains of Tibet. Is it the best anti-aging food there is? (10/9/05)

Is Your Boss a Psychopath? (10/5/05)


Spirulina: 1 lb powder (7/28/05)

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What in the Cell is Going On? The Battle for Health is over pH (6/21/05)

Do we all have Lead Poisoning? The Average person has 1,000 times the amount of lead in their bones that a person did 400 years ago! (6/21/05)

Newspaper Article: Chelation - Alternative to Open-Heart Surgery (6/3/05)

You Can Prevent Hardening of the Arteries and Rejuvente Your Cardiovascular System (6/3/05)

How Does Chelation Affect the Cardiovascular System? (6/3/05)

Reasons American Orthodox Medicine Hasn't Prescribed Chelation Therapy (6/3/05)

Save your Gall Bladder! No Surgery Required!!! UPDATED: An easy way to remove hundreds of gall stones. All you need is olive oil & lemon juice! NOW WITH NEW RECIPE THAT TASTES OKAY! (5/19/05)

Attention Cougars: Don't Mess with Mules! Amazing Photographs (4/23/05)

Electromagnetic Stress Update: Don't wear badges or shoes with flashing lights (3/30/05)

Cellphones Shrink Braincells (3/24/05)

Garlic is Toxic - It Desynchronises Your Brainwaves (2/20/05)

Rare Earth Magnets (2/20/05)

Exotic Travel can Lead to Exotic Diseases (2/5/05)

Will the "Quackbusters" Survive 2005? 1/26/05)

Ear Candling in Cancer Therapy (12/16/04)

WaterAid Makes a Huge Difference to People in India Including helping one man to break out of the caste system. (12/11/04)

Don't be Deceived by the Crusade against Salt (12/4/04)

Forbidden Archaeology (12/4/04)

Frequently Asked Questions about Vaccine Examptions in Texas (11/10/04)

Foul Language Leads to Impotence (10/29/04)



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