Stress from Electromagnetic  Radiation & Ionizing Radiation

A Major Cause of Health Problems and

Emotional Stress


This list was created by Stephanie Relfe, Kinesiologist, from research and independent testing of her clients in her kinesiology practice, and by observation of what it took to heal them.

Our bodies are electrical instruments. They like to be in an environment with no more than a few volts. Unfortunately, more and more we are under stress from electromagnetic radiation and ionizing radiation.  Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not doing anything!!!


cell-phone-1 Cell phones & The Dark Deception (click here)

Electric blanket

This is one of the worst things you can do. It creates a very high electromagnetic field, which causes electromagnetic interference with your body. This greatly harms your body. Keep it off the bed at all times.I would say to throw it out, but I have heard of one use for an electric blanket. A woman had bronchitis. She left her electric blanket going on her bed night and day for 3 days. After that, her bronchitis went away and didn’t return. Presumably the electric blanket killed whatever organisms were living in her bed. It would be interesting to try this for asthma sufferers. If you do this – don’t sleep in the bed while it’s on! Instead of an electric blanket, use comforters which are warmer than blankets, flannelette sheets and put a blanket under your bottom sheet.

I am sorry for hotel staff – but when we stay in a hotel, if there is an electric blanket on the bed, we remove it. Just unplugging it is not enough, because a lot of coiled metal creates enough charge to interfere with your body.

Eating microwaved food

This is also very bad for you. For more information, see the article on microwaved food. Stop it totally! Check when you go to a restaurant that they don’t microwave the food.Instead buy a wok for cooking and re heating. You can also reheat by putting food in a casserole in the oven (a fan oven is quite fast). Or you can put a saucepan lid over your food on a plate and put the plate on a saucepan of boiling water. Food will stay warm for hours this way, without drying up.

WIMAX & WiFi Wireless Internet

Wifi and Wimax are very bad. This will may turn out to be much worse than even cell phones. My husband Michael came home one day after visiting the mall and he looked terrible. It turned out he had been inquiring about Wimax. I used kinesiology on him and he was way out of balance.The cause was the electromagnetic radiation from Wimax. Just walking past these little black boxes can affect you. When will people realise that we are made of ENERGY and that other energies affect us, even when we can’t see them?This is what Wifi looks like:


Mobile phone or pager

Mobile phones shrink brain cells.

It’s estimated that 2 billion people will have brain cancer by 2020 from cell phones. That’s virtually everyone who has one, since the other 4 billion people are probably children or people who can’t afford them.

The Interphone Study Group eventually acknowledged that “heavy users” of cell phones had an approximately doubled risk of a life threatening and often-fatal brain tumor, after 10 years of cell phone use. Their definition of a “heavy user” was someone using a cell phone for about two hours per month!

I begin to think now that cell phones are worse than everything else on this list. I did not think that originally, because muscle testing did not show it up as such a great danger. However, I believe now that those tests were in error, because I did not test for emotional over-ride, which can interfere with a muscl test. People are addicted for some strange reason to mobile phones. There is a new psychological disease called “nomophobia”, where 1 /5 people suffer as much stress, when their cell phone is out of range, as if they are MOVING or GETTING DIVORCED!!!! From now on when I muscle test mobile phones, I will always use the “emotional override” test in addition to a normal muscle test. This technique is taught in my DVD training series, Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing – The Revolution in Natural Health Care.

Break the addiction. Use only a landline. Use it only for REAL emergencies. NEVER for conversations.

If you must use a mobile phone, use text messages, hands-free kits and/or the loudspeaker mode.

Radio clock near the head of the bed.

Having a radio clock near the head of the bed seems to affect a surprisingly large number of people. Presumably the radio clock puts out an electromagnetic field which interfered with your brains electrical field. The fact that you are in the bed for so many hours every night gives the effect extra strength – at the time when you most need to be unaffected by anything.Move the radio clock as far from the head of your bed as possible.

Using a computer for a number of hours

Turn off the monitor whenever practicable.

Keep any computers or printers you are not using turned off as long as possible.

The worst effects come off the sides and the back. Don’t place a computer so that it’s back is pointing at someone.

Drink water frequently whenever you are using the computer.

If your computer case is plastic, exchange it for a case that is all metal. Laptop cases are plastic, so use them as little as possible.

Have a kinesiologist muscle test you to find out how many hours you can be on the computer for without stressing your body. (Different people I have tested have varied from 1 to 23 hours). Then get the kinesiologist to rebalance your body to reprogram your brain to handle the stress. It’s a bit like giving your real computer increased memory.


There is ample evidence that exposure to ionizing radiation causes cellular damage and is CUMULATIVE.(One wonders why regular breast screening is recommended for women when x-rays help cause cancer!). Solution:

Limited exposure.

Take vitamin C & other antioxidants before and after exposure.

Have a kinesiologist rebalance your body to handle the stress

Being in a car or plane for a long time

If you’re driving, stop every 2 hours and walk around the car a few times.
Drink water frequently. If on a plane take your own 2 litre bottle with you.
Have a kinesiologist rebalance your body to reprogram your brain to handle the stress.

Standing in front of a microwave


Walking through a metal detector

Have a kinesiologist rebalance your body to reprogram the brain to handle the stress.

Wearing a watch

Believe it or not, and I apologise for the inconvenience of this information, I have found that this affects a lot of people. When these people are muscle tested, the arm with the watch will test weak and the arm without the watch will test strong. When the watch is removed, both arms test strong.We have 14 main meridians, or rivers of energy in the body. SIX of these go through the wrist. The pulse given off by the watch interferes with the meridians, putting the body off balance.I personally now no longer wear a watch. I have had clients give up wearing their watch make remarkable improvements. For example, one woman was very worried and upset. She had pains and a lump under her arm. She had been to the doctor for a test and while they didn’t tell her what was wrong with her, they looked very worried and told her to come back next week for more tests. She came straight to me. I gave her a kinesiology balance, made some changes to her diet etc. and told her to stop wearing her watch. When she went back for more tests they looked very surprised – they could find nothing wrong with her.

Watching television

This does not appear to be too stressful electromagnetically unless people are watching, say over 6 hours a day.However, television puts people into a hypnotic trance within a minute – as measured by their brainwaves.IN ADDITION, your brain needs to dip into the lower frequencies of alpha many times a minutes. The television prevents you from doing this! Therefore, watching television ads reduces your peace of mind and adds to your stress.

I and my husband have noticed that anytime we have an upset between us it is almost always after watching a TV show or movie with violence in it. I would be interested to hear if anyone else has noticed this.

For more information, see It’s Official: Watching TV Causes Attention Deficit Disorder

Living (or long-term working) within a mile of High Tension Power Lines

This should be a lot higher in this list.

Sorry – the only solution is to move.If you already know about energy and life force, you know this is a big danger. If you need “scientific” evidence, read: Living Near Power Lines Doubles Risk of Cancer

Ultrasound scans on unborn babies

Don’t do this. I had links to articles about this but have lost them. Please send me any new links you have.

Wearing flashing lights

I was at a conference when a woman friend told me her stomach hurt. I used muscle testing and found that one of her arm muscles was out of balance, the one that relates to the stomach meridian (meridians are the pathways of energy of the body. See this diagram). That muscle was right underneath a badge with a flashing light she was wearing. After I corrected the imbalance, and she removed the badge, her stomach stopped hurting.

DO NOT WEAR ANY FLASHING LIGHTS. I cringe at the shoes they now make for children with flashing lights on them. A woman I know asked me why her 3YO son had constipation. Her son had shoes with flashing lights on them. When I told her how bad these are, she realised that his constipation started around the same time that he got those shoes.

For scientific evidence, please visit Dr. Barrie Trower’s website

The Dangers of Radiation and what you can do about it (click here)



More information:

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