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Wealthy Children

There’s a dirty little secret, one perpetuated by the oligarchs and men behind the Federal Reserve. And that is: They want the entire country to believe that all 18 year olds should fly the coop and strike out on their own! And they have been extremely successful in getting the entire country to fall into this line of thinking.

Let’s take a look at the two different scenarios. One where the children strike out on their own, and the other where they don’t leave right away. And after looking at each you’ll see for yourself the motives behind this indoctrination.

First scenario: children leave the home right after turning 18. What’s next for them? College? Ok let’s look at that. They think they are supposed to go out of state, and attend great universities. Wherein they rack up massive debt that they can’t even bankrupt, for the cost of the school and the boarding. Bam…they’ve got you. Perpetually in debt, yet maybe a little more productive for the banksters. Then eventually taking loans for cars, homes, their own children etc. These young men and women become “forever slaves” always paying “rent” top the system and never feeling freedom.

Let’s keep looking at the first scenario, but this time the children don’t attend college. They go out and get any job they can. Most of their income goes to rent. Then the beater car they had while living at their parents is becoming unreliable. Now they take out a loan for a newer car. Hello banksters. Then they too get sucked into the narrative that they are entitled to the newest phone etc. now more loans. Then they go to the rent-a-center because they need the big screen for the mindless entertainment. They too are now in perpetual debt to the evil men.

Now let’s look at what the wealthy do. It can start with one generation. Father figure decides he is going to change his families future. He bucks against the norm. But he still goes in debt to buy a home. But he saved for 50% down and can easily afford the payments due to his career field. Let’s just say he is a pilot. Now he worked harder than anyone to achieve that goal and he shouldered the debt to create an environment for his children to get ahead.

He has children and by the time they are 18 all of his debts are paid off and he is saving money. Even has a little airplane paid for. Now he lets the children stay at home after turning 18. In fact he insists on it. And starting when the children were 16 he starts teaching the children how to fly. (Teaching them the family trade doesn’t matter what it is). But now the children are still living at home debt free and now are learning their father’s trade without having to take loans, to go out and learn how to fly. The dad is an excellent instructor and soon…just for the price of gas his kids now have all the required pilot licenses to fly for hire. Where he had to take $70,000 in debt to learn the trade they now have the trade debt free.

Now also the dad slugged it out already, paved the way for the kids to not only learn the trade…but even get them started, by flying with the dad as co-pilots for their first jobs. Now dad has even been able to buy a bigger house for cash after working for decades. Has two houses now.

The children have a successful skill set (family trade) at NO COST, and are now living in the house they grew up in. They buy reasonable used cars for cash, they do not take on debt. The dad has taught them well. By the time the dad retires he has no debt and provided the launching board for the next generation to do the same for their children.

Now the dad, before he croaks, has left the family assets to his children using the legal loopholes, so that they don’t pay taxes on “inheritance”. The kids now work as pilots making decent money with no mortgage and no student loan or flight training debt. They then have much more at their disposal to allow their own children to either stay “in the family business” or start an endeavor of their own. Meanwhile generation after generation they pay cash for bigger and bigger family mansions.

It just takes one smart husband and wife to start the process and for their children to realize that going off to an expensive college and pissing away money to the banks is not the way to live.

Now just replace pilot with whatever family trade you can think of.

From a post on a forum I visit.

It is clear that the system is setup to enslave you. So plan on doing something about it.

Teach your children early that:

A career is not about “what do I want to be”, it is about “what do I want to know”.

They should plan on having several “careers” with the ultimate goal of having more than one business. Multiple streams of income are important.

College is necessary so long as they don’t pay for it. A Pell grant will give $5000 per year in free government grant money that will allow them to gain a SKILL. That is $20,000 over 4 years.

College degrees must produce a salable SKILL. That means useless degrees in social sciences, humanities, philosophy and psychology are OUT. Degrees require a minimal amount of these courses to graduate, so tell them to take just the minimum for graduation. Remember that these types of subjects are used to de-christianize and communize students so they must select the least damaging of these kinds of courses.

Remind your children that a degree is only the first step and that certifications and licenses are even more important in this competitive economy.

Some important things to learn (by college or by buying books on Amazon) are Technology (Windows PC, Networking, Webservers using the WordPress blogging platform, accounting, sales and marketing and internet marketing. If you know WordPress, you don’t have to pay someone to create a website. If you know Quikbooks, you don’t have to pay an accountant, etc


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