2 Billion May Suffer from Cell Phone Brain Cancer by 2020:

Australian Health Research Institute Reports


New Delhi, Delhi, India

The studies and survey conducted by Australian Health Research Institute indicates that due to billions of times more in volume electromagnetic radiation emitted by billions of mobile phones, internet, intranet and wireless communication data transmission will make almost one third of the world population (about 2 billion people) patients of ear, eye and brain cancer beside other major body disorders like heart ailments, impotency, migraine, epilepsy etc.

According to the reports the tissues of children are tender and are likely to be more effected by use of any wireless gadget and devices and they should not be encouraged to use mobile phone. The fatal and volumetric effects of Electromagnetic Radiation emitted mainly by mobile phones, Mobile phone antenna, tower, Mast, Transmission Tower, Microwave oven, wireless devices, system and equipment. These dangerous effects have been certified and confirmed repeatedly by many leading medical and scientific research institutions of the world including Ministries of health of various governments, W.H.O. and now have been admitted and confirmed by Govt. of India in their recent press releases.

The attached image shows and proves about the serious ill effects of E.M. radiation released by Radiation Nuclear and Safety Authority of FINLAND as to how E.M. radiation emitted by mobile phones damages the various body cells and causes incurable and fatal diseases.

Symptoms and Health Risks by use of mobile phone:

— As and when, any mobile user starts feeling sleep disturbance, restlessness, depression, nervousness, headache, reduction of power in concentration, hot spot in the brain and partial overheating of brain, eyes and ears, high blood pressure, productivity problems (impotency, exhaustion, physical weakness, genotype disturbances, changes in blood formations and change of readings glasses number, it is a clear warning that person with such symptoms is suffering one or the other dangerous diseases due to excessive use of mobile.

Precautions, the Mobile users must take

Never keep Mobile phone near your heart (left pocket), never allow children below 16 years and pregnant women to use Mobile phones, never cook food in a microwave oven, never give infants and children pre-heated milk or food from micro wave oven, never use premises for living and working where transmission mast / tower are installed.(effective range is 66 meters in radius), switch off Mobile phones when not in use, never keep mobile near to your bed side when sleeping, prefer the usage of land line if available, Use Mobile phones only in Emergency and for very short duration, never use other wireless gadgets for very long durations. Don’t use smart phones.

It is always advisable that mobile phone should not be treated and used like a land line. It should be used only as an emergency alternate to a land line. If you don’t have a landline, you can get a magicjack from Walmart and phone over the internet.

While it can be useful in emergency situations, daily use of a mobile can finish a life.




2/11/17 The following image is very creepy. Why would Deagel.com, a website which uses as their sources the various US government agencies, project that the USA will LOSE 260 MILLIONS PEOPLE BY 2025?




Read these posts from forums:

1) “In the last month or two I know of 5, yes FIVE different people I know of locally in my county (Whatcom County, Washington State USA) who just got diagnosed with sudden onset of brain cancers!

All five people are under 50 years old.

All five people live in this county and are active with healthy life styles. (one is an elementary school teacher, one is a young mother, another guy died a while back but he was also a substitute teacher and he was only 33 years old).

Another thing, not one of them had any other type of cancer, all started suddenly in their brains!!!”


2) “My room mate had a brain tumor a few years ago, it wasn’t malignant and she is better now, but her surgeon has told her to never use a cellphone and to replace the cordless home phone with a phone that plugs into the wall .

He has been a neurosurgeon for 30 years and he told us that he has noticed a dramatic increase in patients with brain tumors, especially in children.


3) “OH MY GOD.

My stepson’s mother got sick very suddenly and died from a brain tumour last week. From symptoms to diagnosis to death it was 12 days.

She was 44.

Leaves behind my stepson who is in college and two very young kids from her current marriage.

Husband and I are devastated. Everyone is.”


4) “In the first 40 years of my life I knew zero people with brain cancer.

In the last ten years I’ve known 3…and in all 3 cases, the tumor was right behind their left ear…right where they hold their cell phone.


5) “My boss a few years ago. 42, found the tumor dead in 30 days.”


6) “The most interesting was my boss in 2004. He was 52 at the time. He was always on his Nokeia phone and used to complain it made his hand burn. First he was dizzy. Kaiser hospital gave him nasal spray. He went back and then they gave him sea sickness pills. He went back again and they found cancer in his lung and removed half of his lung. But he was still dizzy. (The cancer had traveled from his brain to his lung.)

Finally he switched doctors who found he had a cluster of brain tumors (37 of them) next to his left ear. (My boss was left handed). He saw Dr. Black of Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles who is one of the best in his field for brain tumors who told him he was convinced the brain tumors were caused by cell phones.

My boss had brain surgery, laser surgery….but the cancer finally got him.”


7) “My girlfriends G B became symptomatic around 2 yrs after her getting her cell phone with 1000 mins/mt. I would ask here why not use the house phone but wanted to use the mins.

Two tumors later, one behind her left ear and the other one on the other side of her beautiful head. They cut out the left one, left a chemo wafer in the cavity, then they went after the other one 4 mths later.”


8) “A teacher Waimea Middle School, he started with severe headaches that later had him trowing up and passing out at work. The ambulance took him away the day he past out and that is when they discovered his brain cancer. He left Kauai for medical treatment in Seattle.

He was dead 2 weeks after that. He was in his early 40’s. His girlfriend was in Alaska and he spent hours everyday talking with her on his cell phone.”



Wifi is Killing Millions

Cell phones Shrink Brain Cells

Electromagnetic Stress

Dr. Barrie Trower – Expert on the Massive Dangers of Cell Phones












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