Fatigue & Lack of Energy –

Causes of & How to Fix It

by Stephanie Relfe B.Sc. (Sydney)

Since I learned Specialized Kinesiology and Muscle Testing in 1993, I have helped many people and experienced for myself over and over again how incredibly effective kinesiology and muscle testing is for helping people who suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or just ordinary lack of energy, to regain their energy and strength. Muscle testing indicates that many people are operating with as little as 50% or even less energy than they should have!

There was one lady in her 80s who I worked on. She got on the massage table like an old lady, but bounced off it like a teenager. She reported to me later on how several weeks after her first session, she was with her grandchildren on the beach. They were so amazed at how much youthful fun and energy she had, that they wondered what drugs she was on!

While not everyone has this much improvement to their energy levels, it still gives some idea of what is possible with kinesiology. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and general lack of energy can have many, many different causes. Following the system that I teach in my training DVD, “Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing“, can make a huge difference.

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Having a good kinesiologist work on you is an amazing experience. The kinesiologist will ask the client to straighten their arm. The kinesiologist will then say “hold” and push down on the arm. Sometimes the arm will stay in the same position, but sometimes, depending on what the kinesiologist says or does to the client’s body, NO MATTER HOW STRONG THAT PERSON IS, they will not be able to hold up their arm. This is called muscle testing. (If you want to see some examples of muscle testing now, please view the trailer of my DVD “Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing“and then come back to this article). The session continues with the kinesiologist testing a number of different movements.

How does muscle testing work? The brain is an unbelievably powerful computer. If the body is working as it should be, the brain sends electrical signals to every one of the 600+ muscles in the body, and receives signals back again, continually. When this happens, we say that the body is “in balance”.

Unfortunately, a lot of people who think they are doing muscle testing, and maybe even putting videos of it on youtube, do not do it correctly. Correct muscle testing and techniques are taught in great detail in my DVD.

The first part of any session of kinesiology or muscle testing should ALWAYS be the pretests. If anyone just grabs your arm and says they are “muscle testing” but doesn’t do a number of different techniques first which are called pretests, then the results of the muscle test are not to be trusted.

Also, some people use muscle testing to sell their product, rather than to find the truth. These people can often be seen at Body, Mind and Spirit Festivals. If a person is not trained correctly in accurate muscle testing, and wants a particular outcome for a muscle test, they can definitely interfere with the result they get.

One of the pretests is for dehydration. At least half, and probably more like 80% of the people who have been to me complaining about lack of energy, whether or not they have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, are dehydrated, as shown by the dehydration test. Once the person is given a glass of good water to drink, the dehydration test will give a positive result. So, drinking 6-8 glasses of reverse osmosis water through the day can help increase your energy.

I once had a lady come to me who had very serious health problems. She was in her 30s and had already had at least three different operations to try to fix her health problems. However, when she drank a glass of water, that did not produce a positive result. So I then gave her a second glass of water. Again, this did not give a positive result. This was very strange, but the reason became clear after further questioning: It turned out that she NEVER drank just water by itself. Her mother had given her coke cola in a bottle to drink when she was a baby. No wonder she had health problems! And lack of energy! I told her that I couldn’t work with her until she had started to drink 6-8 glasses of water every day, as her body had a lot of work to do with that water.

Another time a woman’s body indicated to me that something very stressful happened at a certain young age. I asked the woman if something very bad happened at that time. And, yes, it had. At that time, the woman had had a very bad car accident.

At another time, another woman’s body told me that one of the causes of her problems was chemical or nutritional.  Then it told me that the cause was something which she didn’t eat. I then decided to test, as I often do, if it was inside a building or outside a building.  The body indicated that it was inside a building.  Further testing indicated it was in her home.  I asked the body if it was in a number of rooms, or in just one room.  I got that it was in just one room.  I then narrowed the chemical down to the front hall.

Then I tested to find out what the chemical was.  Finally we got that it was cat fur.  Now, we had an apparent conflict.  If the problem was cat fur, why did it occur only in the hall and not in the whole house?  My friend then asked me to ask the body, which cat?  I then learned that there were two cats, hers and another cat which visited from another house.  The body said it was the visiting cat.  My friend then told me that the visiting cat never came into her house further than the front hall!

Another one of the pretests that must be done before any session of kinesiology or muscle testing is to confirm that the muscle called Supraspinatus is in balance. This muscle is related to the energy of the Central Nervous System. So if Supraspinatus is out of balance, the Central Nervous System is out of balance. There is a very good chance that a person who is very low in energy will have Supraspinatus out of balance.

After the pretests are done, a kinesiologists should check that an energy system called “Centering” is in balance. The general test to for this is to first warn the person that you are going to give them a gentle thump on the upper arm. Then muscle test that or the other arm. If the person’s Centering is out of balance, that will have been more stress than the person’s body can handle, and the arm will test weak. You can imagine how very much out of balance a person is if such a tiny amount of stress can affect a person so much! In my experience, the chances that someone who has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome also has their Centering out of balance is close to 100%.

There are three different energy systems that are part of Centering. A person may have one, two or all three out of balance. They are called Hyoid, Gaits and Cloacals. I teach how to test and correct all of these in my DVD series.

Once the Centering has been tested and corrected, if necessary, the next thing that should be done is what is called a “Fourteen Muscle Balance”. There are fourteen main meridians, or energy pathways in the body. Each one of these meridians is related to a particular muscle. By muscle testing each one of these muscles, one can find out whether or not there is an imbalance of energy for that muscle. An imbalance can mean that the muscle is receiving too little, or too much, energy. When you identify an imbalance with a muscle test, that notifies the brain of the imbalance. You then do the appropriate corrections for that particular muscle, and then retest the muscle. The brain will then start sending correct signals to that muscle.

The fourteen muscles balance tests and corrects the following energy systems:


  • Central Nervous System
  • Governing System (related to the Spinal Cord)
  • Stomach
  • Spleen
  • Heart
  • Small Intestine
  • Bladder
  • Kidney
  • Circulation Sex
  • Triple Warmer System (Related to some hormones)
  • Gall Bladder
  • Liver
  • Lung
  • Large Intestine


You can probably realize how having even just one of these system out of balance can cause a lack of energy in the body. It is almost guaranteed that anyone who has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome will have at least one of these systems out of balance.

Getting the pretests, Centering and the main Fourteen Muscles back into balance can make a huge difference to a person’s energy. However, it is my experience that the effects of the balance will probably not last long, unless the causes of why they all went out of balance in the first place are also identified and dealt with. The causes could be, and usually are, a combination of physical, emotional, nutritional and / or electrical stresses. I teach how to identify these causes in my DVD series.

For example, I have found that almost everyone who eats microwaved food, sleeps on an electric blanket or sleeps with a radio clock beside the head of their bed will have their Centering out of balance. That does not mean that rebalancing the Centering is the only thing that is needed to heal their Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or lack of energy, but it is, in my experience, the most important part of the healing process. Once the cause is identified and the person commits to not do that thing again, the chances are a lot higher that their Centering will stay in balance, and the body can begin to create more energy.

I have also found that Centering or any one of the main Fourteen Muscles can be out of balance because a major emotional stress happened to the person at some time in their past. For example, I once had a well-dressed, attractive, fairly affluent lady come to me with health problems. Her Centering was out of balance and I rebalanced it. Now, it takes a MAJOR stress for the Centering to go out of balance. If one of the Fourteen Muscles are out of balance, the body can often rebalance it with a good night’s sleep. But the body finds it very difficult to rebalance the Centering once it is out of balance. I have had many clients who seem to have had their Centering out of balance all their lives. This particular woman was one of those people, because when I saw her again a few weeks later, her Centering was again out of balance.

So, this time, instead of just rebalancing her Centering, I did a procedure which I also teach in my DVD series. I used muscle testing to identify the cause of why the Centering went out of balance. The body indicated to me that the cause was emotional. I then tested a list of over 300 emotions, and the body then indicated that the cause was “No choice”. That is one of the absolute worst emotions to have.

I then muscle tested that this emotion came from an event that happened when she was around six years old. I began to suspect that sexual abuse was involved, and did a silent muscle test so that the lady would not know what I was testing, and tested that she had been sexually abused at that time. (This is not uncommon. Studies now report that one in four girls and one in five or nine boys (depending on the study) were sexually abused as children).

I then told the lady that I was going to ask her a very strange question – was it possible that she had ever been sexually abused at six years old? Immediately she burst into tears, and told me that that was what had happened to her, and that she had never told anyone about it before in her life. She cried for much of the rest of the session, while I did a technique called “Emotional Stress Release” which helps to remove emotional stress from the brain. One can probably see how having that kind of emotional baggage stored in the body can definitely cause a lack of energy!

Another contributing cause to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or general lack of energy is what the person is eating. It can be a huge help to many people to muscle test the foods they eat. I teach this in my DVD. Thinking of certain foods can make a person’s muscles go weak. So, if just THINKING of the food can cause the muscles to go weak, then it stands to reason that eating them can cause a lack of energy.

However, the foods that may be the main causes of lack of energy may not cause an arm muscle to go weak. That is because the person has become so addicted or emotionally attached to that food, that their emotions will over-ride the test, and give what looks to be a positive result. However, one can then do a test for Emotional Attachment, which I teach in my DVD. Once that is done, the true situation can be seen. And that usually means that thinking of the offending food will now cause the muscle to go weak, which is better than a false test. Once the person sees that thinking of the food causes their muscles to go weak, it helps them to have the strength to avoid that food. Examples of foods that can do this are candy and bread.

For a complete program of what to eat and not eat, please read the book which took me years to research, and two years to write, You’re not fat, You’re Toxic. In addition to diet, it covers other causes of fatigue, such as toxins, parasites, sleep problems, and aspects of exercise that most people do not know.

An important cause of fatigue these days will be from GMOs, both first or second hand. You must avoid them all.

It may seem kind of obvious, but a lack of sleep can cause tiredness. What is not very well known is that lack of sleep is cumulative. Dr William Dement researched this and found that your body keeps track of how much sleep you owe it for at least two weeks. The body may in fact keep track for a lot longer than this, maybe even years, but his research did not go further than two weeks.

That means that if your body needs eight hours sleep (not counting the time it takes you to fall asleep) which most need to at the least, and you get only seven hours sleep a night, then after five days you owe your body five hours sleep. An extra hour’s sleep in doesn’t do it. If you get only six hours sleep a night, it’s even worse. Muscle testing shows that many people owe their body HUNDREDS of hours of sleep! Paying back a lot of this sleep debt can make a huge difference.

Once all of the above has been handled, plus any other stresses that the body indicates, so as stored stress from a car accident, if the person still has lack of energy, then the person may also benefit from researching the following:


  • Candida

  • Parasites (This was a major cause of lack of energy for my husband before I met him. He had to give up his job because he was so sick and tired from parasites he got when he visited Mexico for one day. The doctors did not identify the problem. But Michael did Hulda Clark’s herbal parasite program, and he was healed within just six days).

  • Lyme Disease (If anyone has found a way to heal this, please email me).
  • Exercise.
  • Emotional Stress from Suppressive People.


I hope that some of this information helps you. And that you take action to learn accurate muscle testing and kinesiology.

There is no risk to you because we offer a sixty day money back guarantee (less shipping), so if you don’t get the results you want within that time, just send the set back to us for a refund.


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