Preventing Germs:

Gas pump handles are the worst


Hundreds of surfaces in the USA were swabbed to see which objects are the germiest. It turns out that gas pump handles are the worst. Mailboxes, escalator rails and ATM buttons are also covered in bacteria and viruses.

This makes sense when you think about it. Nobody ever cleans these things. It gets worse: one third of people do not wash their hands after going to the toilet. At a ball game, it’s two thirds. This applies to both men and women, although men tend to be worse. I must assume that a major part of this is from poor parenting when these people were growing up, and should have been learning good habits. It is necessary for all people to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and warm water every time after going to the bathroom, and before eating.


If you are in a public toilet, do not touch the tap with your hands – use the back of your hands or a paper towel instead, or at least pour soap and warm water on the tap before using it.

What can you do to prevent the flu and other diseases that you could catch from touching these? For the gas pump handle, the best thing is to get a paper towel or at least a tissue, and use it to avoid contact with the handle. Gas stations like Daily’s (Shell) supply plastic mittens to protect your hands. For the ATM or card payment buttons at the gas pump, cover your finger with a tissue. Or buy a box of 100 nitrile gloves from ebay, amazon or walmart. At the very least, use your knuckles rather than the tips of your fingers, which is more likely to be contact later on with your face.

You don’t want to be using antibacterial substances except in emergencies, because your body absorbs these, and anything that kills germs, is not good for your own body cells. In addition, the extensive use of these substances is helping germs to produce extra powerful germs that cannot be killed easily.

However, know that germs are not the main problem. The important question is, how strong is your immune system? The healthier your body is, the stronger your immune system will be. For example, one study showed that wild rats who live in sewers have much stronger immune systems than rats who live in laboratories. The cause of this is likely to be due to a number of reasons, not just one, including:

  • Their immune systems get a better “work out”. I talk about this concept of “Use it or Lose it” in You’re not Fat, You’re Toxic, with regard to exercise. (The concept of “Use it or love it” also applies to your brain power. People are meant to learn new things throughout their life).

  • They get all kinds of different foods which build a strong immune system. Laboratory rats have a very restricted diet of processed food, and no fresh food. You are what you eat.

You’re not Fat, You’re Toxic gives you a clear program for improving your habits and diet so that you can greatly strengthen your immune system. While you are doing this, you will be getting thinner, more energetic and happier.


There are two kinds of disease. One is the type most poeple think about, like the flu, whereby you are being attacked by germs such as viruses and bacteria. It’s called infectious disease, meaning that you can catch it from other people.

But more and more people these days have health problems from the other kind of disease. That is degenerative disease, which basically means the body is breaking down in its ability to work correctly. You can’t ‘catch’ a degenerative disease. Degenerative diseases include autoimmune diseases, where the immune system is not working correctly. Note that the word “disease” is “dis-ease” or “lack of ease”. Even young people are now suffering from degenerative diseases. Since nothing happens without a reason, why is this? I cover many of the reasons in You’re not Fat, You’re Toxic.

Degenerative disease include:

  • Alzheimer’s’ disease

  • Arthritis

  • Cancer

  • Celiac disease

  • Diabetes

  • Heart disease

  • Multiple sclerosis

  • Osteoporosis

  • Various “Syndromes”

Nothing happens without a cause. The cause of degenerative disease is the person has broken the natural laws that God designed to keep us healthy. It can take a comprehensive program to reverse a degenerative disease, and return optimal wellness to a person. That’s why I had to write 55 chapters, giving you simple, step-by-step instructions for doing this. Please check out the 5-star reviews at You’re not Fat, You’re Toxic right now, to ensure that you live a long, happy and healthy life.

You’re Not Fat
You’re Toxic

Protect Yourself


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