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Your Health is like a Bank Account

The following is from Chapter 42 of You’re not Fat, You’re Toxic:

One day I was at the post office, and I heard a woman talking to another woman say how she had just put on a whole lot of weight, and didn’t understand why, because “she was eating the same things that she always ate”. Does this sound familiar? If you are too young for this to have happened, be warned! Everyone gets old and this could be you one day if you don’t learn now.

Living near the beach, I see a lot of thin teenagers in bikinis who chomp on chips and drink sodas. Yet I see very few 30 year olds with the same bodies. If only those teenagers would change their habits and addictions now, they could maintain those great bodies for life. This chapter will explain why this happens.

Our fat and weight are intricately tied up with our health. Our health is like a bank account. The following numbers are obviously totally fictitious. I am just doing the best I can to try to get you to see the health of your body from a different perspective. 

When we are born, we arrive with a deposit of, say, $500,000- $2 million, depending mostly on the diet and lifestyle of both of our parents in the seven years before we were conceived, particularly the mother but also the father. 

From then on, whenever we did something negative to the body, we withdrew from the account. Some things, like having a little sugar, reduced the account by only a few dollars. High fructose corn syrup used up more. Eating microwaved food and aspartame used up a whole lot more.

Unfortunately, the ‘price’ of some of the negative things that we spend from this account has also gone up over the years, at the same time that the credit from some of the good things has gone down. For example, an egg from 1960 may have been a $0.20. But now it costs $5.00, unless it’s organic. This is because of such things as:

  • The quality of our soil has gone down, due to chemical farming.

  • Concentration of toxins in most animal products has increased due to factory farming and crazy breeding of animals to meet unnatural standards.

  • Dangerous toxins are being added to the food chain due to Genetically Modified food.

  • More products which make our lives ‘better’ (air fresheners / non-stick fabrics / cell phones etc)

  • Nowhere near enough government oversight to see that chemical factories recycle and deal with chemicals properly, before releasing them into the environment.

  • Big corporations preventing the growth of technologies which can provide cleaner, safer energy and products, but threaten their own profits. For example, see this video Henry Ford’s car that was made of plastic and hemp in 1941. It was 10x stronger and lighter than steel, and was even fueled by hemp, without putting dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere.



  • Another example is that back in 1996, my husband Michael was involved with a company that perfected a revolutionary, wonderful process that cleaned all impurities out of coal before burning the coal. It was called the “Turner-Lloyd” process and it even has a U.S. patent. This could have ended air pollution from coal factories at the same time it made the valuable impurities vailable for selling. But the oil companies frowned upon this technology, so that company was prevented from developing their technology, and we don’t have it today. 

Going back to my description of the health bank account, when we do something positive, we add to it. Unfortunately, it’s a lot easier to keep the balance on the account high by not spending, than it is by adding to it. Fresh-squeezed juicing, eating lots of raw plant food and getting rid of parasites by herbs and zapping raises the account. Getting a kinesiology balance can also make a positive deposit.

Eventually, some people start to spend so much that they get down to a zero balance. When this happens, the ‘bank’ starts to charge interest. Just as with a credit card, now you have to do more than make a monthly payment. You have to pay extra. This is when the old ways that used to work, no longer work. This is when symptoms such as massive fat gain as well as aches and health problems really start to increase, or in extreme cases the person dies at an early age of heart attack or cancer.

Now you have to do much more than what you might have had to, had you done more earlier. Now you have to not only stop spending, but also start contributing. For example, it’s no longer enough to just stop eating donuts. You might have to start paying back by eating raw plants as well. Another example may be that maybe you got by on 6 hours of sleep a night, but now a normal night of 8 hours sleep is not enough. You might need to have 9-10 hours of sleep for a while.

The following are totally wild guesses only. They are totally inaccurate. They are merely to give some idea of how some things cause a bigger withdrawal from, or deposit to, the account. The list does not include everything that is good and bad. (For a detailed program of what is good and bad for you, please see You’re not Fat, You’re Toxic.) It’s just to give you an idea of how you accumulate health debits and credits over time. They are only an illustration to help you to understand this concept.



Subtract this amount each time for doing the following:


Add this amount each time for doing the following:


Eating sugar.

No exercise in a day.

Super stressful exercise.

Missing one hour’s sleep.

Eating meat, chicken.

Eating dairy.

Drinking one cup of coffee or tea.

Drinking a soda with caffeine.

Eating chocolate.

Drinking bottled fruit juice.


Having some sunlight on your skin without burning.

Getting an extra hour’s sleep.

Eating some raw seeds.

Drinking 6-8 8 oz. glasses (for adults) of reverse osmosis water in a day.

Having spirulina or chlorella.


Eating high fructose corn syrup.

Eating wheat.

Eating something that had blue coloring added to it.

Eating puffed grains (rice, wheat, corn etc.)

Eating garbage eaters (oysters, clams etc.)

Eating factory-raised pig (pork, bacon, ham, sausage).

Drinking homogenized milk.

Eating soy e.g. oil, flour, beans (except fermented – e.g. organic tofu, soy sauce).

Eating vegetable oil or margarine.


20 minute walk.

Zapping your parasites with a Hulda Clark zapper.

Taking probiotics (good bacteria) occasionally.

Eat raw, leafy greens (other than lettuce).

Eating raw coconut oil.Eating chia or flax seeds, or brazil nuts, for omega 3s.


Going a day without water.

Eating aspartame.

Eating MSG (monosodium glutamate).

Eating cottonseed oil.

Eating a fast-food meal.


Drinking freshly-squeezed vegetable juice.

Eating a totally raw plant meal.

Having a kinesiology balance.


Eating microwaved food or water.

Kissing an animal (which gives you parasites).

Eating French fries.

5 minutes talking on a cell phone.

A night with a radio clock next to the head of the bed.


Doing a herbal parasite cleanse.

Having nothing but fresh vegetable and fruit juice for a day.




Eating anything genetically modified (e.g. corn, soy, canola, cottonseed, sugar from beets, zucchinis, alfalfa) or second hand GMOs from animals fed these things, which means non-organic dairy, eggs, meat, farm-raised seafood).

A night sleeping with an electric blanket.


Forgiving others and yourself, and letting go of past mistakes.


Getting mercury dental amalgams.


Getting mercury dental amalgams removed.


Having one vaccination.


For each month you were breastfed, after the first month. (And the mother does not ingest anything particularly unhealthy).


For the first month you were breastfed.


For a comprehensive program that’s easy to understand and do, to increase your health bank account, read You’re not Fat, You’re Toxic. It summarizes over 43 top health books and documentaries (saving you $500), all of which are well referenced, as well as the latest information from many different sources. If you don’t want to buy a copy, ask your library to obtain one.


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