Home Remedies for Acne.

Plus how Kinesiology can Help

by Stephanie Relfe B.Sc. (Sydney)

I had very bad acne as a teenager.  I went to a skin specialist who did what most skin specialists do – put me on antibiotics.  Since the antibiotics didn’t do me any good I stopped taking them.  However, a girl who was close to me had particularly bad acne.  Let’s call her Sue.  When she got older, her acne broke out very badly, so that her face was very red with much inflammation and so on.  It was so bad that at one time people found it hard to look directly at her.  It was very painful to be close to someone like this and not be able to help them.

Sue went to a doctor whom she was told was the best skin specialist in Australia.  His advice to her? To stop worrying! He thought it was purely emotionally based.  Yet there was nothing in Sue’s background that would indicate she should have any more worries than a normal teenager. He didn’t, by the way, tell her HOW to stop worrying.

About this time a friend of mine at high school told me a story which fascinated me.  She had had an ulcer in her stomach which caused excruciating pain, as you may imagine.  No doctors could help her.  Eventually she went to a naturopath who put her on charcoal tablets and geranium drops which healed her!  This story was a pivotal moment in my life.  I told the story to Sue and suggested she see a naturopath also. After all, what harm could it do?

The naturopath told Sue that the cause of her problem was an overgrowth of the yeast Candida albicans.  Candida occurs naturally in our bodies and is needed for digestion.  Normally it is kept under control by “good bacteria”.  However, antibiotics kill ‘good’ as well as ‘bad’ bacteria.  So the Candida grew rampant.  That was why the acne got much worse in later years, because Sue had been very strict about taking the antibiotics that the skin specialists had given her.

By then, Sue had a range of other symptoms as well. For example, she no longer had normal menses – just a continual very slight trickle of blood. Knowing what caused the acne, the naturopath was able to heal her of the acne and other symptoms with such things as a change in diet (including giving up sugar and yeast). That was the beginning of the path which eventually led to me learning kinesiology.

As you just read, one cause of acne can be an overgrowth of Candida albicans. Taking good bacteria (probiotics) can help this. We believe that the best source of these is iFlora, as many other brands have mostly dead bacteria in them. Another way to heal Candida, and thus acne, can be to do a kinesiology Candida balance.

But acne can have many other causes as well. Most people try to heal acne EXTERNALLY when the real causes are INTERNAL. A simple way to look at acne is that it is toxins coming out through your skin. Once you get rid of the internal toxins, eventually there will be no more on your skin.

Causes of adult acne and teen acne may include diet, vitamin deficiency, stress, lack of sleep and more. Some people like to say that it’s just hormones, and that is a factor, but if you think about it, teens also tend to have a much unhealthier diet and less sleep than other ages. The real explanation is usually a complex mix of many of these factors.

Since 1993, I have helped many people to greatly improve their acne, and in a number of cases to get rid of their acne altogether, using different techniques from kinesiology. I will tell you how that works, and then give some simple, ordinary home remedies for acne.

When we buy a car we receive an owner’s manual that tells us how to look after the car.  Many of our health problems come from the fact that we were never given an owner’s manual to tell us how to look after our bodies. I believe that kinesiology gives us that manual.  It can tell us what we need to do to correct problems, and what we need to do to prevent problems from occurring.

Kinesiology is a brand new branch of science which was developed by doctors, chiropractors and acupuncturists in the U.S.A. They pooled their knowledge and added it to Chinese medicine to develop a totally new technology which is amazingly efficient at balancing the body so that it can return to excellent health, energy and emotional strength. It stands apart from any other type of health technology largely due to its revolutionary use of muscle testing.

(Note: the term “kinesiology” as used here is used to mean that which is connected with either Academic Kinesiology or Specialized Kinesiology and always includes muscle testing.  It is not to be confused with another definition of ‘kinesiology’ which is that which is taught in some colleges and is defined simply as “the branch of physiology that studies the mechanics and anatomy in relation to human movement”).

Specialized Kinesiology that uses muscle testing has systems that help to balance these factors, so that your body can return to energetic efficiency and heal itself. Plus, using muscle testing, you can identify what particular foods help to make it worse and which ones will improve it.

It is my experience that nearly everyone with acne will have an imbalance in their Ileocecal Valve, and that correcting this imbalance can greatly help acne. The Ileocecal valve is made of two sets of muscles that act like a gate between the small and large intestine.

When these muscles are out of balance, the valve may stay shut more often than it should. When this happens, the food in the Small Intestine cannot get into the Large Intestine, and so starts to rot. This causes toxins to flood back through the system. Acne is like toxins coming out of your skin. If the valve is stuck open more often than it should, rotten food in the Large Intestine can flood back into the Small Intestine, again causing a lot of toxins to be where they should not be.


In either case, this can cause the body to suffer from a lot of symptoms in addition to acne, including:

  • Acne
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Red eyes
  • Black under the eyes
  • Bloated belly
  • Tiredness
  • Sore back
  • Sore neck
  • Headaches and / or migraines
  • Inability to lose weight
  • Cold sores
  • Appendicitis (in the case of the Ileocecal valve)
  • Hemorrhoids (in the case of the Houston folds)
  • In extreme cases, bowel cancer.

Applied Kinesiology has a test and a correction for the Ileocecal Valve. I teach this in my DVD training series Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing. This DVD training teaches all the main corrections which I found that I needed to do to my clients to help them to heal themselves of acne. And to give them the knowledge of what they needed to do to keep acne healed. For example, you will want to test which particular foods put the Ileocecal Valve out of balance, so that it can stay in balance.


This can help quickly and easily. Fill a clean basin with hot water. Make it hotter than warm but still something that won’t hurt you. Soak a washcloth in it. Hold the washer firmly on the afflicted area until it begins to cool. Then repeat the process. Do this for several minutes. This will open up the pores and bring out the blackheads. Then wash the area gently with the washcloth and soap, in gentle circles. Rinse thoroughly. Then splash with cold water to close the pores. Do this every day.


Get some hot water that is as hot as you can possibly bear to have touch you. The hotter, the better. Dip a washer in the water, and hold the water on the pimple for as long as you can bear. This can cause a big pimple to go down overnight.

But if you really want to have beautiful skin permanently, there is nothing that I cannot more strongly recommend than balancing with kinesiology, and improving your diet, emotions and sleep habits. Instructions for all ot these are given in very clear, step-by-step methods, in my DVD, “Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing”. I am so sure that these techniques will work for you, that I am offering a full 60 day money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied (less cost of shipping), so there is no risk to you. And this will be something that will benefit you and your loved ones for the rest of your life.


This solves the basic cause for why you get acne in the first place. Acne is often just the body’s way of removing toxins. To learn how to get toxins out of your body, and what you should eat and how to do it, read this book (even if you are skinny): You’re not Fat, You’re Toxic. Please listen to the first chapter:

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