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Menstrual Cramps or Period Cramps

Plus How I Got My Periods to Go from

Five Days to Two Days Long

by Stephanie Relfe B.Sc. (Sydney)

I used to get very bad menstrual cramps, but now virtually never do. In addition, I have helped many people heal their period cramps since 1993, in my kinesiology practice.


Also give up Caffeine, Sugar, Corn Syrup & Aspartame

Your body is not meant to have menstrual cramps. If you get them, there is something you are doing that is not looking after your body properly. A major cause of menstrual cramps is lack of Vitamin B. A major reason for people having a lack of Vitamin B is caffeine and sugar, and other toxins in their diet. In addition, caffeine and sugar are so toxic that they can cause other problems besides just lack of Vitamin B. If you really want to get rid of your menstrual cramps, try giving up all caffeine (even green tea) and sugar for at least eight days before your period. Even better, give up both of these, especially caffeine, a total break for two months. Replace sugar with raw honey and maple syrup.

Knowing this helped me to heal a lot of my cramps. But I would still get menstrual cramps – but weirdly enough, they would be in the middle of my monthly period! So I went to a gynecologist about it. He told me some weird thing about getting blood from my ovulation into the muscles, causing irritation. Well, that didn’t help me.

Fortunately, much later on, I learned how to have my body balanced energetically with Applied Kinesiology, and to do accurate muscle testing. With this, I tested soy milk, and found that I tested negative to soy milk. I was drinking quite a lot of soy milk at that time. Then I read how very, very toxic soy is, even before they made it toxic by making it genetically modified.

I further realized that my so-called ‘period cramps’ would start within twenty minutes of drinking soy milk. I gave up soy milk and soy products (except for some fermented ones such as organic tamari (a better tasting soy sauce) and organic tofu in moderation. My period cramps left me, as long as I did not go back to caffeine and sugar.


One really big help for menstrual problems I learned from my clients. One woman after another would tell me that taking Evening Primrose Oil helped them. I didn’t take as much notice of that as I should have – until one wondrous evening sitting out on the verandah of the Healing Center I was living in at the time. The owner of the center had planted some Evening Primrose next to the table and chairs outside. Evening Primroses are yellow flowers that look a bit like poppies. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, a flower SHUT. Then another, then another. I couldn’t believe it. It was like watching one of those time-lapse movies of a flower shutting, speeded up. How could they do that so FAST?

Here is a vid of one opening. This is not time lapse:

I realized that there is something very extraordinary about Evening Primrose. I started taking Evening Primrose oil before my menstrual periods, and that helped even more. Make sure you don’t get vegicaps or pure cold-pressed oil, as capsules with gelatin as gelatin is made from dead cows. You can buy the oil by itself and blend it into smoothies or yogurt. Here is some:


Organic, Cold Pressed Evening Primrose Oil (Click here)

For the women that I have helped to heal themselves of menstrual cramps, I also had to balance their bodies energetically, and see that all muscles were ‘turned on’. Because different muscles are related to different organs. For example, the Supraspinatus muscle is related to the Central Nervous System. Quite a lot of people have their Central Nervous System out of balance, due to some different stresses in their life. I teach how to do these corrections in my DVD series, “Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing”.

When you do kinesiology on other people, and have it done on yourself, you see miracles happen fairly often. Now, this next thing that I am going to tell you may be hard for some people to believe, but it is true, nevertheless.

Sometime soon after I learned kinesiology, and began to realize the immense power the body has to make itself perfect, I read somewhere that some time eons ago, women had control over their bodies. They only got pregnant when they wanted to. And they had no more than a teaspoon of blood during their periods. I don’t know if that is true or not, but some of that rang true for me. I was rather tired of my periods, which had grown to about five days long with medium flow. I decided that I would do a goal balance and get rid of them altogether. My mother very wisely suggested that I should first ask the body if that was a good idea. So I did, and it turned out that periods do in fact serve some purpose. My body told me through muscle testing that the optimum for it was a period of two days duration, of light flow.

So, I then did a goal balance. To do a goal balance, one first does the usual pretests and balances to confirm that the body is working energetically efficiently, and that muscle testing will be accurate. Then write down on a piece of paper what the goal is. It should be written in present time, starting with “I have …”.

I wrote something like “I have periods that last only for two days, of very light blood flow.”

The paper is then placed on the person’s body, and then their arms are retested. As was expected, the person working on me then found that my arms tested weak. She then ‘balanced out’ the goal (which is a technique that I teach in my DVD), and then retested my arms. After balancing out the goal, my arms now tested strong.

And the amazing thing was that my next period was only two days long, of very light blood flow! Over a decade later, it still lasted only about three days long, and I never had the more heavy flows that I used to have. I needed to use only a couple of pads and a number of tissues for the whole period.

I am not saying that this will work for everyone, but if you have heavy periods, it is sure worth a try. Remember that my DVD training series, Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testingcomes with a full 60 day money back guarantee (less shipping) so you have nothing to lose if this does not give you the results you want.

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