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Stephanie Relfe B.Sc. (Sydney)

It’s making headlines on the net. Oil pulling is healing people of all sorts of health problems. There are stories of people healing themselves after oil pulling for 6 weeks – 6 months, wholly or party of a huge range of symptoms including:

  1. Snoring

  2. Sinus

  3. Arthritis

  4. Lack of energy

  5. Lack of memory

  6. Mental fog

  7. High blood pressure

  8. Blood sugar levels

  9. Bronchitis

  10. Difficulty sleeping

  11. Pain

  12. Hemorroids

  13. Warts

  14. Stretch marks

  15. Allergies

  16. The list goes on and on …

I first heard of this from my mother, who phoned to tell me that she had a full night’s undisturbed sleep, for the first time in years, after just four times of oil pulling. There are lots more testimonials of all kinds of diseases being healed by oil pulling on the net.

Oil pulling was reported at a Conference of Oncologists by Dr. F. Karach, M.D. Naturally, this conference was NOT in the USA, where it would affect the profits of the drug companies. It was in the USSR.

This is what Dr. Karach says:

All you need is cold pressed (expeller pressed) sunflower oil or cold pressed sesame oil. In the morning, before you brush your teeth, and before breakfast on an empty stomach, take one tablespoon* in the mouth but do not swallow it. Move oil slowly in the mouth as rinsing or swishing and Dr. Karach puts it as ‘ sip, suck and pull through the teeth’ for fifteen to twenty minutes. This process makes oil thoroughly mixed with saliva. Swishing activates the enzymes and the enzymes draw toxins out of the blood. The oil must not be swallowed, for it has become toxic. As the process continues, the oil gets thinner and white. If the oil is still yellow, it has not been pulled long enough.It is then spit from the mouth , the oral cavity must be thoroughly rinsed and mouth must be washed thoroughly. Just use normal tap water and good old fingers to clean.

Clean the sink properly, you can use some antibacterial soap to clean the sink. Because the spittle contains harmful bacteria and toxic bodily waste. If one were to see one drop of this liquid magnified 600 times under a microscope, one would see microbes in their first stage of development.

*Editor’s Note: I am not sure what size this is. An Australian tablespoon is twice the size of an American tablespoon, which is called a “desert spoon” in Australia. So, I am wondering, if the Australian tablespoon is the same size as a UK tablespoon, and hence maybe also the same size as an Indian tablespoon? I suggest you take as much as you are comfortable with.

Now, I myself have a fairly strong gag reflex. So this is what I did to overcome this problem. First, I realised that the most important work is likely done in the earlier parts of oil pulling. As time goes on, the effect gets smaller and smaller. So, I believe it is MUCH more beneficial to do 1-2 minutes EVERY day, rather than 15 minutes once a week. Muscle testing confirmed this. Muscle testing indicated that I get 90% of the possible effect for one day, after only 7 minutes of oil pulling. It was 8 minutes for my husband. So if you can’t do 15 minutes, or don’t have that much time available, just do 7 minutes, but do it EVERY DAY.

What does help is that once you have swished the oil with your saliva a bit, it’s not nearly so ‘oily” and that makes it easier to keep in your mouth.

I started off at 2 minutes, and then worked up to 7 minutes over the next four days. Practise makes perfect. Do what you can and spit it out if you think you are going to gag, so that next time your body can do longer. Look out the window or pray and focus on other things every now and again. After I have washed my mouth out thoroughly, a drink of water gets rid of any lingering gagging feelings.

If you still gag, rather than give up, add some orange or mint flavoring until you get used to it.

We have also tried on occasion, cold pressed (expeller pressed) sweet almond oil which tastes better and is easier to work with.

Notice and write down any changes you notice, including changes in energy, mood, improvements to strength and whiteness of teeth and changes to pain in the body.

The oil pulling /swishing is done best before breakfast. To accelerate the healing process, it can be repeated three times a day, but always before meals on an empty stomach.

My mother can do it while she is preparing breakfast, but I found that at first I needed to concentrate so I didn’t swallow. I had to sit down, with my head over a bowl. Later on, I was able to do my email or make breakfast while oil pulling.

Naturally, there are already web articles explaining “why it can’t work”. Let me remind you that the closest that science has yet got to explaining something as basic as photosynthesis is that “it’s a miracle”. And that according to the laws of aerodynamics, bumble bees should not be able to fly.

Also, note that currently one in three people in the USA will probably die of cancer. Dying is not the problem. But dying of great pain, which is what happens with cancer, is. Unfortunately, people are not passing away peacefully like they used to. The average person lives around 70 years. There are around 290,000,000 people in the USA. Assuming they all die in the next 70 years, that means that roughly 4,142,857 people will die each year, on average.

Current estimates say that one in three will die of cancer. That means that roughly 1,380,952 will die of cancer each year. Each cancer patient is on average worth $300,000 (probably more these days). Most of this money goes in the last 6 weeks. That means that cancer in the future is is worth, very, very conservatively, $414,285,600,000 a year! That’s over $400 BILLION a year. That’s nearly half a TRILLION dollars a year! Plus money spent on research. And because age isn’t average, and most people are baby boomers who will likely die in the next few decades these figures are even higher for the next few decades as the baby boomers get old. Sorry, I don’t have the references for these figures – they are in my head. Some are from www.cancertutor.org which I hope you have read by now. The real numbers for this are undoubtedly higher.

So, ask yourself, if something that is almost free like oil pulling can endanger this fortune, do you think they wouldn’t debunk it?

Give it a go. Do it daily for several months. It can’t hurt.

Email me to let me know how you go!

Also, it will help to stop ingesting more toxins. You might like to start your research on how to do that in this article on diet.

How Might Oil Pulling Work?

I had been amazed at my results from just a few days of oil pulling. About 15 years ago, I woke up one morning with a hard lump about 1-2 mm wide, like a very small bb (ball bearing), about 1/2″ below my left eye. I believe it was from some kind of bug bite. My body seemed to build a wall around this, and it became dark red and was very hard. I had tried numerous ways to get rid of it, (including chelation and pascalite) but they had helped only partially. Now after five days of oil pulling (2,4,5 minutes with sunflower oil plus 2 mornings of 7 minutes with almond oil) the lump was nearly gone!!! In addition, I felt clearer in my thinking.

I was lying in bed meditating on oil pulling, and asked myself how it worked. Instanlty I got a picture of a white blood cell, a macrophage.

macrophageMacrophage. Source: http://pathmicro.med.sc.edu/ghaffar/innate.htm

Macrophages are part of the body, but they act like little animals who wander through the the blood stream, and ‘eat’ all kinds of rubbish and germs that endanger the body. I ‘saw’ the macrophages going to the mouth areas to collect oil, and then using it to dissolve toxins stored in the body, and then later dumping the toxins, which were in the oil, back again – maybe into the salivary glands. I thought about the fact that when we do oil pulling, this is the ONLY time that the macrophages get access to PURE oil. Normally, the only access they have to oil is from oil that has been through the digestive system, including the acid in the stomach. I cannot prove this but if someone is looking for a subject for a doctoral thesis, this might be worthwhile.


We have never met you-but yet you are such a personal part of our lives.  We had just started ear candling-‘playing around with ear candles we had ordered from another site.’ When we discovered you.

Your order always looks so clean – we feel so comfortable using them personally. My mom and I did the Detoxamin program. I have used the Pascalite. I have been oil-pulling since August 2008

I will have to give you my testimonial. I went to my dentist-3 months ago.  I am 55. He told me my gums are so healthy that I can put off x-rays for every 1 1/2- 2 years.  He is so picky. He wants annual x-rays. My gums had been #’4′ in the very back molar area by my crowns-so oil pulling immediately reflected improvement in my gums.

I told everyone-(my friends usually just laugh and moan later when they see I am effectively in better health and looking better.) I have 1 special friend that immediately jumps on the wagon with me in whatever I am doing.  He started oil pulling ‘BIG time’.  He was scheduled for heart bypass, clogged arteries, you know the symptoms when you are almost 70.  He went in for surgery after oil pulling for 6 months, was out the next day! back to work in 2 days! The doctor asked him what on earth are you doing!  He told the doctor he had kept on doing the oil-pulling that the Dr. had laughed at and he started feeling so good, he started decreasing his meds-blood thinners, (Cumadin-I didn’t look up the spelling-sorry)  then he totally quit taking them (without consulting his doctor.He is a bad boy!)

The doctor was so skeptical-that Bob was not following his prescribed regimen, they even checked his blood -sugar level and several other tests and they had changed back to being completely normal.  (Were out-of-control-prior to oil pulling)  His was quite miraculous!

Anyway-Thank you,

Dear Stephanie,Thank you for posing your article in the Net. It is wonderful to know that there are many people who are benefit from the oilpulling. I did it myself and I find it refreshing and I know that something happened. Even though I am healthy, but who knows. My teeth are stronger and the gum problem is gone. Thank you for your affirmation and encouragement to the people. May you have many blessings in life. Sincerely, John

Have been pulling for about 2 months now, the best thing that I noticed is the knee pain in both knees is completely gone. My feet don’t hurt when I first get up to walk after sitting. I have recommended this to one of my employees that was having extreme pain in his legs. He reported to feel much better after just a few days. I will continue this from now on. I pull oil while taking my shower and doing my morning routine. My skin is much clearer, Thanks, Debbie.

I wrote to you earlier about oil pulling and the good results that I have had. I did recommend it to one of my employees and he has been doing it about 2 months. He told me he went to a dance a week ago and danced for the first time in years, his knee pain is completely gone and he feels better than he has in years. I am so glad I found this site, it has been a godsend. Thanks, Debbie


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