PAIN – It’s Taking over the World

Understanding & Healing It

 Many of my clients have told me a story similar to the following. Does this sound like you?:

“I have this severe pain in my (fill in the blank – back, neck, shoulder, hips, knees…). I had all kinds of tests done, and they found nothing wrong with me.”

You see, pain is ENERGY. You can’t see it. There is no medical equipment that can identify it. Some doctors will even tell people that there pain is ‘imaginary’, when they find ‘nothing wrong’ with the person.

But, nothing happens without a cause. A major cause of much pain is toxins. Once you know the cause of a problem, you can heal it, permanently. Not just manage or control it, which is all some people seem to think is the best they can hope for.

This article is sad but interesting:

Living Sick and Dying Young in Rich America.

Chronic illness is the new first-world problem

(The article tells about two 30-year-olds who have chronic pain)…”We recently realized we weren’t alone. Almost all of our friends are sick, too. When we met our friend Missy Narrance, Joe found solace in talking to her about his health. She’s 29 and has been battling lupus and fibromyalgia for the past 10 years. She’s been through chemotherapy twice, and her daily symptoms are so extreme that she was granted federal disability status when she was just 23 years old. In our close group of friends—who range from 25 to 35 years old—we know people with everything from tumors to chronic pain. Sometimes our conversations over beers on a Friday night turn to discussions of long-term care and miscommunication between doctors…

I wondered if this was normal. Do we know so many people who are dealing with pain because people are just getting sicker in general?

I found out that they kind of are. It turns out that chronic conditions like what Joe and my friends are dealing with are one of America’s biggest health emergencies….

But it’s not just that Americans are getting sicker—it’s that young Americans are getting sicker. A 2013 report by the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine (NAC/IOM) echoes the shock of that fact. “The panel was struck by the gravity of its findings,” it reads. “For many years, Americans have been dying at younger ages than people in almost all other high income countries.”

Nowhere in the article does anyone talk about WHY this is happening. And when you do a search on keywords, you find that most people search for terms like pain management and pain control. Very few people look for how to heal pain, let alone the cause of it.

I can tell you from personal experience and the experience of my clients and thousands of other people who have turned to natural health, that healing pain permanently is relatively easily accomplished, no matter which part of the body the pain is located – back, neck, hip, knee etc.

My experience and research has taught me that pain is caused primarily by toxins. And it’s also the body’s attempt to draw attention to a particular problem. For example, once I had agonizing stabs of pain in my abdomen – enough for me to realize why people might consider going to a doctor. But I knew that all pain has a cause, and I mentally revised everything I had eaten that day. As soon as I remembered some huge, deep fried potato wedges that I had eaten that day, for the first time – I had the “ah ha!” my body was looking for. I promised my body I would not eat them again. And the pain immediately stopped.

There is a lot to learn about which toxins cause pain, because so many toxins are now being deliberately added to our food supply, quite possibly because they fuel the $2.2 trillion a year spent on the Medical Industry (five times the defense budget). That is why I spent two years writing my book “You’re not fat, You’re toxic”. I went to a lot of trouble to give you the maximum amount of information in the smallest amount of time, in a manner that is very easy to understand, no matter what your level of education. A lot of this information is little-known by most people (which is why most people experience pain). It’s more than just the best weight loss book ever written. It’s also a manual for healing pain. 55 chapters give you all the information you need to begin your pain-free journey, including great success stories, shopping lists and recipes.

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Heal Your Pain



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