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pascalitePascalite: More Precious Than Gold (click here)

The unique bentonite clay which is the only known cure for a spider bite from the brown recluse spider.  Pascalite has healed many skin problems including ulcers and gangrene.  It has even healed eye cataracts!!!

DON’T WAIT UNTIL SOMEONE GET’S BITTEN. Add pascalite to your first aid kit today!

This is a limited resource. When the vein runs out, there will be NO MORE!

The following is from the book about Pascalite: ‘More Precious Than Gold’

Pascalite is a unique bentonite clay with amazing properties.  It is the only known cure for a spider bite from the brown recluse spider, as testified by a doctor in court.  (The powder was put on the wound and kept wet as a poultice). This bentonite clay has healed many different skin problems, such as ulcers, and has even healed eye cataracts.

Pascalite was gifted to Humanity by Nature. Known to the American Indians as EE-WAY-KEE – The Earth That Heals – Pascalite was named after Emile Pascal, a French trapper who first introduced it to the Western world in 1930.

Found only in Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountains, Pascalite exists as an 18″ vein of dense, cream-coloured, cheese-like material. It is super rich in organically assimilable minerals and trace elements.

Stories about people who have used Pascalite:

The book “More Precious than Gold” describes a doctor talking about a major problem that people in Oklahoma have from spider bites from the brown recluse spider. The brown recluse spider has caused deaths and there has been no treatment for it up until recently. In court the doctor gave evidence of Pascalite healing the necrotic wounds from spider bites of the brown recluse spider.

A woman suffering from eye cataracts and threatened loss of sight was advised by a psychic to use water filtered through Pascalite as eye drops, combining this treatment with Pascalite paste on the eyelids. The psychic did not know of pascalite by name, referring to it as a ‘white clay in the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming’, and it was some time before the woman was able to get an address and secure the Pascalite. She reports the treatment was effective, the eye cataracts dissolving. Two other persons have reported similar results with eye cataracts.

“I just wanted to say thanks so much for the clay you sent to us Stephanie.  This week, I had a really large painful ulcer on my gums and was almost to the point of taking anti-biotics (Me, take anti-biotics? Yuk).  Anyway, I was feeling pretty miserable and then I remembered the clay and after one afternoon and one night of having the clay next to my gum, Voila its gone.  Thanks heaps.  Sahaja.  The Best Health Centre.

One person taking two capsules of powder by mouth four times a day reported that all symptoms of an active ulcer and hyperacidity were gone in 7 days.

Linda Hayden, D.C., from Montesano, California wrote, “A friend gave me a small amount – my boyfriend had skin cancer on his hand for two years he could not get rid of. In about a week, using it, (the skin cancer) was gone.”

A wet pack applied to corns and callouses on and between the toes was left on 3 days, then changed and left on 3 more days. All symptoms were relieved and the corns had disappeared.

Eczema, treated by ‘everything’ for 10 years, responded within 2 days to treatment by Pascalite, and in 1 week the hands were normal!

Used as a water-and-Pascalite pack on the face and arms of an explosion-burn victim, it relieved the pain ALMOST IMMEDIATELY and these areas did not blister. The hands, given conventional treatment, did blister.

On August 23 1977 Mrs Kitt Nelson of Scottsdale, Arizona, reported, “Our 22 year old daughter came down with the chicken pox which nearly drove her crazy because of the itching and irritation. The calamine lotion gave only little relief. In desperation, I mixed some of it (Pascalite) with water – and applied it to her body. In a matter or hours, the healing set in and she had complete rest and relief. Her recovery was fast and her skin remained lovely – the pox left no scars, which was a miracle.”

Used in powder form, it has cleared skin problems such as diaper rash overnight.

Three individuals stated under oath that topical use of Pascalite paste had removed all symptoms of haemorrhoids in 2 to 4 nightly applications. Many others have reported similar results in its use for pile, rectal fissures and related conditions.

Sally Moulder, registered nurse, coincidentally also of Yuba City, on July 28 1977 wrote. “It has brought about an improvement in my condition of hypoglycemia by lessening the internal tremors and permitting me to go for longer periods without having to eat to keep my blood sugar up.”


Nell Coates of Amboy, Washington, explained in her letter of how Pascalite cured her psoriasis. Her doctors said there was “no known cure for it and gave me a list of things to purchase. After getting home and thinking about it, she decided it was too expensive for something that wouldn’t work anyway. Instead she ordered a pound of Pascalite, mixed it with water to make a thick paste and applied this to the spots. When it dried, she washed it off with warm water, applied peroxide with a cotton ball, risned this off and held a 250 watt light close enough that the heat dried it. At night she applied the paste and wrapped her legs in plastic and let it dry more gradually. She began this treatment in May of 1970 and continued through to August – by then she didn’t have even a scar left.”

A man suffering from a case of penile Herpes Simplex first used the expensive cream prescribed by his doctor, but to no avail; the infection spread. He turned to a mixture of Pascalite and honey and within 3 days the swelling had disappeared and within an additional week “blisters, cratering, necrosis and suppuration had healed over with fresh pink flesh.” When it appeared again the following year, he “nipped it in the bud by using mere tap water added to Pascalite and within 7 days it was all healed, and the original blisters never spread as before, and the amount of pain was this time almost neglible. The skin is healthy, pink and unscarred.

It appears to have very good germicidal abilities. A solution of 2 ounces of powdered Pascalite in one gallon of water used to wash two walls of a hospital room showed a sterile culture 4 days after washing. The other walls, washed by the conventional method, showed daily contamination.

A woman who was taking 3 capsules of Pascalite daily, reported that a place on her scalp damaged several years previously by a hair preparation was now growing new hair by using Pascalite applied directly to the scalp.

On September 25 1977, Mrs Beverly Aspelin of Yuba City, California wrote, “…I have been taking it for three weeks and it has really helped me. It has almost gotten rid of all my pain and I am back at work for the first time in six months.”

A sufferer from an advanced stage of pyorrhea was told by her dentist that she should have all her teeth extracted! She began to use cotton pads soaked in a Pascalite-and-water solution, applying them between gums and cheeks at night. Her dentist later found the pyorrhea gone; and now, 10 years later, teeth and gums are in better condition than originally.

Documentary support of all statements exists.

In addition to its other abilities, Pascalite has been shown to be an anaesthetic. Many users have reported almost immediate cessation of pain following its application in paste form to the areas.

The book “More Precious Than Gold” describes how on at least two occasions pascalite saved lives. Once was when a boy was covered in bee stings. The other was when gangrene spread right up the leg. In both cases, applications of totally covering the area in wet pascalite, plus a wet towel, plus a dry towel on top helped the people to heal.

A Vietnam veteran, returning home a hopeless addict and alcoholic, so desperate that he contemplated suicide, and was willing to try anything, was persuaded to take some Pascalite internally. He noticed from the first day that he began drinking Pascalite and water, his compulsion to drink slowly left him. Shortly his life did a complete turn-around. He not only lost his alcohol dependency, but also his addiction to dope.

He then met another Vietnam vet suffering the same double addiction. He got the fellow to use Pascalite as well, and the results were the same!

Pascalite is reported to have ability as a pain killer. Toothache victims and others have remarked this, almost immediately after application of Pascalite paste.

Many beauticians state that it has no equal as a facial conditioner. They report that it’s skin-tightening effects when used on the face is so strong as to be almost painful. It has been reported that when Pascalite pulls the red blood cells to the skin surface, leaving your face temporarily red, it has done its job. Therefore, Pascalite is an unusually effective cleanser, to remove deeply-embedded grime, leaving the skin clean, fresh and healthily glowing.

What is Pascalite?

Pascalite is a rare calcium bentonite, formed thirty million years ago as the froth and foam of the fiery and convulsive era atop the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming. Over the centuries, it captured the calcium from the limestone formation, and many other minerals (now known to be vital to life) in trace amounts migrated into it – manganese, cobalt, copper etc.. Slowly cooling temperatures converted these to oxides, readily absorbed in the human metabolism. It was further enriched by abundant plant life, and tissues, bones, hides and hair of many prehistoric animals, adding their proteins and amino acids.

Pascalite is hand mined underground to avoiding contamination, and then solar dried in the high mountain to preserve it’s apparent antibiotic qualities. It is then turned into powder to make it readily usable for both internal and external purposes.

Please do not confuse Pascalite with ordinary clays such as bentonite clay, Jordan clay or French green clay. Though listed as a calcium bentonite, at least one government agent has hinted it may well be an as-yet-unidentified material outside the scope of present knowledge. Dr Walter Bennett, Ph.D., who investigated it in depth, stated it was still “a very mysterious substance”.

One research group gives a possible explanation as to why Pascalite differs form other clays. It lies relatively near the famous, mysterious Big Horn Medicine Wheel, which dates back to antiquity. “We feel medicine wheels were build on vortex areas where earth energies surface intensely, and the Pascalite contains that same intense energy.”

As to the mineral makeup of Pascalite, chemical analysis confirms Silicon, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Titanium, Sodium, Chromium, Copper, Aluminum, Manganese, Barium, Cobalt, Boron, Potassium, Vanadium, Nickel, Cadmium, Gallium, Strontium, Phosphorus and Zirconium. Some elements in Pascalite which have established medicinal are Aluminum, Titanium, Barium, Cadmium, Strontium and Zirconium. It also has Nickel and Gallium. Nickel is highly suspected as essential to life processes, and Gallium has no known toxicity to man or beast. Considering the mineral composition and the soluble forms available, Pascalite is a valuable food supplement and has extra-ordinary qualities as relates to nutrition and health.

One mineral that a lot of people neglect is silica. It is now recognised as vital to living tissue. It is found in Pascalite as silicate and silicones. In the body, silica occurs as collagen, a connective tissue covering the brain, spinal cord and the nerve systems. It is an essential part of hair, skin and nails. Some reseachers have hinted that a lack of silica may be one cause of poor memory.

The great importance of iron to life is well established. Pascalite provides an abundance of iron as oxides, readily usable in the body.

Pascalite also offers that sometimes scant, but vital, mineral magnesium, the great importance of which is now recognised. It is reported to be involved in virtually every cellular activity. With aluminum, it helps regulate the digestive system, controls both diarrhoea and constipation. It joins with calcium in the prevention of kidney stones. It has a hand in regulating blood sugar. It is important in the maintenance of balance between sodium, calcium and potassium. Some investigators feel that people living in soft water areas may be unaware sufferers of magnesium deficiency. Magnesium exists in Pascalite as magnesium oxide.

The benefits of using Pascalite appear to be partly due to the synergy of its various compounds. What is synergy? It is where the sum of the total is more than the sum of the parts considered individually. e.g. 2+2 may not equal 4. It may equal 5, or 6, or 7 or much larger. An example – No one could foresee that combining soft copper with even softer tin could and does produce stiff, hard, resilient bronze. Often there is a ‘magic’ in nature when you combine a number of things together – an extra “something” appears. This is synergy. This extra “something” is what you get when you eat whole foods, as opposed to individual supplements.

Dr Bennett says that results from the use of this natural material suggests a synergism which is not completely understood. “The multiple, complex inter-dependencies of the elements involved suggest many important facts about the role and inter-relations of metal ions in nutrition, health and disease. It is well understood that a wide variety of metallo-enzymes is required for the successful function of living organisms.

Some of it’s minerals occur in trace amounts. However, their presence in Pascalite certainly has some part in the final results, and must be reckoned in its evaluation. Dr Bennett states, “the fact that amounts are small, and that even requirements are for minute quantities, in no way diminishes their great importance.”

Pascalite is used both internally and externally. For internal use Pascalite is available in powder and tablets.

Since its distribution as “Life Mud” in the 1930s, users of Pascalite have reported many dramatic health enhancing results from this enigmatic substance. Pascalite has been found to have many uses in promoting health in plants, animals and humans.

Users of Pascalite have reported that using it has helped to heal (among other things) skin problems, pain, burns, ulcers, spider bites from the brown recluse spider, facial sores, rashes, skin cancer, wrinkles, acne, eczema, itching, athlete’s foot, corns, planter’s warts, eye troubles, arthritis, gangrene, skin fungus, psoriasis and breast cancer.

PLEASE NOTE:  People seem to benefit from Pascalite when it is WET.  If you apply it externally, it seems to be best to cover it with a bandaid or wet cotton wool and/or wet bandages to keep it wet as long as possible. Then cover with plastic wrap. Don’t cover just with plastic wrap because some people think the pascalite may “fill up” with toxins from the plastic wrap.

IMPORTANT – ESPECIALLY WITH CHILDREN: After pascalite dries out, it dries up the surrounding area so much that it actually hurts. The skin will be red. It is very important to wash all pascalite off with water as soon as it dries out to prevent it from hurting.


VERY IMPORTANT: Perhaps I shouldn’t say this but PLEASE DO NOT WASTE IT ON A BATH unless you have young children and this is the only way of detoxing. Pascalite is a strictly limited quantity. It is the ONLY KNOWN CURE FOR THE BITE OF THE FIDDLE BACK SPIDER. It should NOT be wasted on detoxing for which there are many other and better methods for adults.

Please leave this valuable resource for generations to come to use on vital things such as fiddle back spider bites and burns.

Initially I asked for this rule for all people but I now think pascalite baths may be useful for babies and young children. One woman wrote to me and told me that her 10 month old grandson who was breasfed had a pascalite bath and after the bath there was something dark black in the bottom of the sink (heavy metals from vaccines? I didn’t ask her).

If adults or older children want to detox, I cannot more highly recommend chelation. There is now a cheaper method available by suppository. Search for Detoxamin and Kelatox on the internet.

Stephanie Relfe

DON’T WAIT UNTIL SOMEONE GET’S BITTEN or BURNED. Add pascalite to your first aid kit today!


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