Eat Rhodiola Root for

Energy & Mental Clarity

Secret of the Vikings

by Stephanie Relfe

Rhodiola Rosea also known as Golden Root, Stonecrop (because it grows where nothing else will) and Hong Jing Tian, is an adaptogenwith great energy enhancing, healing, fat burning and brain boosting power.

Adaptogens are a group of plants that can help your body adapt to physical, chemical, and environmental stress and rhodiola is one of the most effective in this family. Ginseng is an adaptogen.

This unique herb grows at high altitudes in the arctic areas of Asia and Eastern Europe. It grows in harsh conditions of high altitude; extreme cold, low oxygen, little rainfall, and intense radiation from the sun. It seldom has to compete with other plants for space!

Historically the Vikings used Rhodiola to enhance physical strength and the Sherpa people used it to climb at high altitudes including Mt. Everest.

The Russians have used rhodiola benefits extensively over the past 70 years mostly for improving work performance, insomnia, fatigue, depression, and increasing athletic endurance.

Michael and I have been taking large spoonfuls of Rhodiola powder in a smoothie. It’s amazing! We’ve had noticeable improvements in our levels of energy and mental clarity! 

Forget the lies that coffee and chocolate manufacturers are currently spreading that they are good for you; caffeine is a dangerous drug that puts your body into stress. There are no safe levels of it. Caffeine also increases blood pressure at the same time it decreases blood vessel width, which is why it’s a major cause of stroke. It’s also a major cause of many health problems, including pain.

In addition caffeine raises cortisol levels, which gives you a fat belly. When the hormone cortisol stays high for a long period of time from emotional or physical stress OR FROM CAFFEINE it can cause your body to experience:

  • Lowered blood glucose response.

  • Fat stomach.

  • Thyroid issues.

  • Hormone imbalances.

  • Decreased memory.

  • Weakened immunity.

There are many other reasons why you must get totally off caffeine completely: Read You’re not fat, You’re Toxic to learn more and get a makeover for your diet and lifestyle.

Instead of caffeine, take Rhodiola rosea! Rhodiola can calm your body when your system goes into a “fight or flight” mode from everyday stressors. Mix it with water and raw honey (non-GMO), and it tastes a little like chocolate. So far I have been able to find no side effects from this root, and nothing but good. That is, unlike caffeine which controls your body, it supports your body by giving it what it needs.

Forget buying rhodiola in capsule form – just ingest the dry powder in a smoothie. Don’t pay big money for capsules. Get the powder in bulk and mix it into your smoothies. Currently one of the best sources of bulk Rhodiola powder is Another one is here. Also check ebay.

Rejuvenate your body and mind with organic Rhodiola rosea powder. As a nourishing adaptogenic root, it reduces fatigue, relieves stress, and improves overall health. Rhodiola rosea powder can help you feel your best both physically and mentally. Embrace its restorative effects by adding the powder to your smoothies, teas and soups. The sweet and slightly bitter taste of rhodiola rosea blends seamlessly with a variety of beverages and foods.

In addition, our passion is finding ways that increase people’s natural metaphysical abilties. We suspect that this is one of them! Note: Russians are very psychic! Here’s another clue:

Rhodiola was a “Soviet military secret for years and years,” thought to enhance physical and mental performance, Brown said.”

Just made this delicious recipe; it tastes like chocolate milk! But unlike chocolate it’s not toxic! It’s super good for you!


Rhodiola powder – lots of it. (Note: Most research papers showed improvement with just 100g! But why be stingy on something this good?)

Almond Milk (non-GMO verified).

Little raw honey (non-GMO) melted in water.

Dash of coconut creamer or organic cream (so it’s not GMO).

Goji berries / banana / frozen mango / frozen acai.



WARNING: As with all new health foods, start off with small amounts and increase slowly, in case you start a healing crisis. 


Rhodiola activates Kundalini! Increases metaphysical abilities




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