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DISCLAIMER:The information on this website is not medical science or medical advice. This information is not backed up by scientific evidence. This is just for your information. This information and these products have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, disorder, pain, injury, deformity, or physical or mental condition. Results are not typical. Individual results may vary. Please do not do the cleanse or buy any books based on the stories below.

BOOK SUMMARY: The following information on gall stones and the gall bladder is from the excellent book “Are you ‘Stoned’?” by chiropractor Claude M. Lewis, Edith Hiett and Leon Hiett (currently out of print).

Most people are likely to have hundreds of gall stones.  They are soft and don’t show up on an x-ray unless they calcify.  However, they cause problems such as gall bladder attack by blocking the bile ducts even when they are not calcified.

Many people have experienced the non-surgical removal of gall stones.  One gall stone cleanse is detailed in Hulda Clark’s book “The Cure for all Diseases“.  I did her gall bladder flush, and sure enough – next morning the toilet was filled with gall stones.  However, her program required the ingestion of a lot of Epsom salts which I found very difficult (I vomited when I had my third lot the next morning, and so I took only half of what she recommended).  I figured that there had to be an easier and healthier way.

I found it in an excellent book “Are you being stoned?”.  The only ingredients to this method are olive oil and lemon juice.  This article is a summary of that book:

The authors personally experienced the non-surgical removal of gall stones.  Not only did they dispose of any possible future gall bladder problems, they also received more energy and stamina than they had in quite a while.

The pain of a gall bladder attack can be excruciating.  I had one once.  The pain came and went in bouts.  For the first and only time in my life I realized why people get desperate enough to consider surgery – the pain was excruciating.  However, after a while I remembered the big pile of deep-fried potato wedges that I had eaten – and the pain disappeared instantly.  I gathered that it was my body’s way of telling me to NOT eat food that is deep-fried.

Start to think of pain as your friend.  Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong.  Once you figure out what is wrong and what to do about it, the pain will go away.

The book describes one man who had a gall bladder attack.  It came on suddenly with no warning.  He was very fit, looked healthy and had no symptoms.  But when the pain came on it was so severe he almost had a car accident.  So, he got had his gall bladder taken out with gall bladder surgery as so many people do.  Presumably the doctors didn’t warn him about the likely subsequent effects of a gall bladder surgery.  Now, many food cause him real digestive troubles, even simple foods like lettuce, that didn’t affect him before.

Another woman was told that she would be able to eat what she liked after the operation.  I don’t know if they lied to her or were just ignorant, but after the operation she found the digestion of many foods “unbearably painful”, including meat, cream sauces, gravies, hot breads, pasta, green salad and sweets!  Her digestive difficulties stayed with her for at least 15 years after her operation.

The authors told some friends how they removed their gall stones without surgery, simply and harmlessly, with no time lost from job or family, no pain, no expense.  Their friends tried it with varying degrees of success, but ALL were successful.

What does the gall bladder do?

The gall bladder stores bile, and releases it in optimum quantities when it is needed.  Without your gall bladder, the liver will STILL produce bile, but the bile will leak inside you because it will not have a proper place to go.

What is bile?

The spleen breaks down worn-out red blood cells into bile salts and other substances.  (What a wonderful system is our body!  Even worn out blood cells get used!).  Bile salts are normal in the body when in normal amounts.

The liver removes excess bile salts and wastes and sends them to the gall bladder for storage. The liver is the body’s principal chemical plant.  If a man built a plant to perform all the chemical functions one mans’ liver could perform, the plant would cover 500 acres.

While the products are in the gall bladder, water is reabsorbed and so the waste products get more and more concentrated and form bile.

Bile is needed for 3 things:

1.It neutralizes the acid from the stomach (because bile is very alkaline)

2.It breaks down fats so that they can be digested

3.It is a natural laxative for the colon

Bile is essential in the digestion of fats.  When you eat a meal with fats, the gall bladder releases a LARGE amount of bile to digest the fats.  One big problem when a person has gall bladder surgery is that the body has nowhere to store bile until it is needed.  Therefore, it just drips continually.  And when a large amount is needed to digest a meal with a lot of fat, there is not anywhere enough bile added to digest it properly.

What are gall stones?

Stones can form anywhere in the body where there is a liquid containing mineral salts that can be crystallized and where the fluid is held for a while in a hollow organ, such as the gall bladder.

The stones may be large or small, and sometimes grow together causing extra large stones.  Small stones are often excreted along with the bile and eliminated with no problem.  Larger ones, however, can become lodged in the ducts, causing gall stone colic, one of the most painful illnesses known. At other times, gall stones may be silent.  In autopsies, examiners often find gall bladders full of gall stones although the deceased had no complaints about them.

A gall stone is not a true stone.  They are rather rubbery and soft.  Most gall stones float.  They are mostly green.  The size varies from rice grains to golf balls.  Even large gall stones will slip out easily with this gall stone cleanse.  Dr Lewis had one lady who passed a gall stone as big as two hens eggs stuck together!!!

What Symptoms might be produced if there are Gall stones?

Gall stones can cause symptoms such as GALL BLADDER ATTACK, gall bladder problems and gall bladder pain.

Gall stones can also cause symptoms which seem unrelated to gall stones, such as GAS on the stomach, intestinal gas or cramping in the stomach.

If a gall stone remains lodged in the bile for a long time, there will be a buildup of bile behind it.  This can result in JAUNDICE, where the skin turns yellow.

Gall stones are more likely to grow where there are high levels of cholesterol.   CHOLESYSTITIS is an inflammation and possible infection of the gall bladder, caused by a blockage that has been there too long.

Organs never “malfunction”.  They never do something other than what they are supposed to do.  But they do STOP working.  The answer is not to remove the organ, but to work out what is needed to get the organ to start working again.

When ducts get blocked with gall stones, the bile must still get out into the small intestine. It may take another route and end up in the pancreas and by that route go to the small intestine. The body is making the best of a bad situation.

The trouble with this new pathway is that the bile irritates the pancreas.  When a cell is irritated, it performs its function.  In this case, the pancreas produces insulin.  The problem with this is that the insulin is being produced at the wrong time, and this can cause HYPOGLYCAEMIA (low blood sugar) when the insulin breaks sugar down.  Later on, when insulin is needed, there will not be enough, and that causes HYPERGLYCAEMIA (too much sugar) – in other words, DIABETES.

Dr Claude Lewis believes that “gall stones are probably the major cause for the adult onset of diabetes”. (Though eating sugar is probably a big cause too. Diabetes did not exist before we had sugar).

Understand that this is not a cure for diabetes, but Dr Lewis has had people who greatly reduced or eliminated their insulin after flushing out their gall stones.

Warning to people who take INSULIN:

After you do a gall stone cleanse, check your insulin levels before taking any insulin.  Otherwise you may suffer insulin shock, from making your insulin levels too high.  This happened to one woman in her 30s 4 days after flushing out her gallstones.

Removing gall stones may also help CONSTIIPATION, because it improves the flow of bile which is a natural laxative.

Removing gall stones may also help to improve a body that is generally “run down”.

HEPATITIS is an inflammatory process in the liver.  It can be caused by gall stones, because of the back-log of impure products.

This gall stone cleanse is good also for those who have HAD THEIR GALL BLADDER REMOVED! To quote from the book:

‘I remember one lady … who’d had her gall bladder surgically removed … “I can’t believe it,” she told me.  “I’m still having the same symptoms I had before I had the gall bladder operation three years ago”.

“You probably have gall stones” I said

“You didn’t hear me,” she responded.  “I told you I had my gall bladder removed three years ago.”

“That doesn’t have anything to do with it.  You’re still alive; therefore, your liver keeps on removing impurities.  They have to go somewhere, and they’ve formed more gall stones.”

(The doctor told her to watch “what she ate”, but did not tell her what she should and shouldn’t eat.  After all, the average doctor spends only 12 hours or less learning about nutrition in a five year course)

This woman did the olive oil-lemon juice cleanse with very good results.  Needless to say, she was very surprised!


The medical system likes to surgically remove the gall bladder as a treatment for gall stones.  The resulting scar is meant to be only 6″ long, but the author of “Are you stoned?” knows several people who have had much longer scars, and two women who no longer wear two-piece bathing suits.

After gall bladder surgery, tubes drain the excess fluid from the incision and a tube will drain bile from the bile duct.  The tubes may be needed for as long as ten days.  Two weeks is the usual stay in hospital.


Dr Lewis found that 99% of the people who did his gall bladder cleanse had gall stones.

Dr Lewis’ method removes gall stones:

* Easily

* Painlessly

* Virtually for free

* Usually overnight

PLUS you get to keep your gall bladder, which is essential to keep your body at peak health!

The ONLY ingredients you need are virgin olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

There are some optional ingredients:  Prior to the cleanse, apple, carrot, orange or grapefruit juice for a brief fast.  During the cleanse, some V8 juice or pineapple juice.

Following the cleanse he strongly recommends vitamin c, methionince, choline, inositol and lecithin be added to your daily supplements.


A colonic irrigation to clean out the system for easier elimination of the stones is recommended prior to the cleanse.  You may need to start this a week or so before the treatment, to be able to have several colonic irrigations.

If you can’t have colonic irrigation, consider an enema.

Do one or two days of modified fasting using fresh juices.  Apple and carrot juice are probably the best.  Unsweetened orange and grapefruit are next.  Fresh is the first choice, fresh frozen second.

Drink as much as you like!


Pick a day when you have nothing much to do the next day, and preferably even the day after.  Friday is best for most people who have the weekend off.  Don’t make any plans to go out!

DO NOT EAT ANY SOLID FOOD after noon on the cleanse day. You may drink water or fresh juices, as much as you like.

DO NOT HAVE ANY FLUIDS after 6.30 pm (or 30 minutes before the start of your treatment) on the day of cleanse. Give your stomach time to evacuate all the fluids.  Then the olive oil won’t float up on top of the fluid and your chances of nausea will be greatly reduced.


Estia Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil (click here)


One pint of virgin olive oil (Note by Stephanie Relfe: Since reading Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil, we have learned that 70% of so-called extra virgin olive oil is really toxic lampant oil, and could even be partly other oils including extra toxic GMO soy, cottonseed and other oils. Try using cold pressed avocado or other GOOD oils and please make sure it is organic. The important thing is that it is a LOT of liquid oil)

One half-pint of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Peppermint oil (from your health food store)

Pineapple or V8 juice (note: Biotta vegetable juice from Health food store is likely better than V8)

Measuring cup or tablespoon size measuring spoon

Pitcher of water

Paint stirring stick

Jar with screw-on lid

Index cards

Net to drape under the toilet seat, to catch your stones

Place the net under you toilet seat so it will be ready when you need it.  Lift the seat and place the net across the porcelain stool, then replace the seat so it will hold the net in place.  Place the pitcher of water and the paint stirring stick next to the toilet ready for when you need them.  Also have handy the screw-on lid for storing your gall stones and the index card.

If you should experience extreme nausea or vomiting, try chasing it with a small amount of V8 juice or pineapple juice.  Or you might try adding a few drops of peppermint oil to the olive oil.  Use one of these mixtures for a couple of doses and then go back to the olive oil and lemon juice without adding anything.


12 Noon
Stop eating all solid food

6.30 pm
Stop drinking all fluids

7.00 pm
Using a measuring device, pour ¼ cup (four tablespoonfuls) of olive oil and drink it.

Follow immediately with one or two tablespoonfuls of lemon juice.

Lie down and relax.

Repeat this every 15 minutes.  Sit up, swallow it and lie down again.  If possible, have someone else bring them to you.

Relax, read or watch television. Keep as still as possible. It is best to lie on your right side.

Repeat the exact dosage every 15 minutes until you have swallowed all of the pint of olive oil.  If there is any lemon juice left, drink it all. 

It is now probably 10.00 or 10.30 pm

Remember, if you have terrible nausea or vomiting sensations, use the peppermint oil in the olive oil, or chase the olive oil with a small amount of V8 or pineapple juice, until you can resume taking the plain olive oil and lemon juice.

While you are taking the olive oil and lemon juice, if it gets hard to swallow, take a little more time between doses.  Try 20 minutes between doses, or 25 minutes.  Try to swallow all of the oil and lemon juice.  If you are too nauseated to get it all down, take as much as you possibly can.

You have finished the olive oil and lemon juice.  Now go to bed and do your best to go to sleep.  Lie on your right side.  This position speeds up the process of the olive oil entering the gall bladder to act as a lubricant.  This, along with the softening action of the lemon juice, will help to free the stones more easily and readily from the gall bladder.  Stay in bed and forget everything until the urge to go the toilet comes.

That was really quite simple, wasn’t it?

About 2.00 or 3.00 am you’ll probably wake up with the unmistakeable urge to go to the toilet.  It may not happen.  For some, it doesn’t happen until 11am the next day.  If your first bowel movement is at 2.00 or 3.00 am you will probably have no stones in it, but you’ll want to check to be sure.

When you have the first bowel movement after the cleanse, you’ll use the pitcher of water and the paint stirring stick to wash the fecal material through the net.  Pour water gently and use the stick to separate the stones from the fecal material.  The fecal material will be runny and wash through the net.

You can use the index card, folded in half, as a makeshift shovel.  Place the stones in the jar and screw the lid on.  You may want to show your stones to some people.  Many will be amazed, but some will still be unbelievers.  You certainly want to keep your stones for a while to remind yourself that it was all worth while.  After a few days they will dissolve (because of the lemon juice and oil).  If you want to keep them for an indefinite period, store them in your freezer with a label – GALL STONES.  DON’T’ EAT!!!!

You may notice green objects and maybe greenish liquid excrement in the toilet bowel.  Those are small gall stones.  Some gall stones may be dissolved by the treatment.

Dr Lewis found that 1% of people failed to pass gall stones.  If you are one of these 1%, don’t be disappointed.  In some individuals, the powerful action of the lemon juice causes the stones to dissolve before they are passed out of the body.  IF you have only greenish liquid bowel movements, the cleanse has been effective.

Notice any increase in vitality that usually follows the cleanse.

Remember, optimum efficiency in the human body can only occur if all our God-given parts are working properly.

Some people (including doctors) will say that your gall stones are not gall stones but fecal matter.  To quote from Dr Lewis:

“To clarify the situation and eliminate such questions, I sent a sample of gall stones to a medical analysis lab run by a Ph.D. who heads up the Science Department at Texas Woman’s University in Denton.  He ran the necessary tests…

His analysis of the stone sample I sent was 91% cholesterol and the rest was bile salts, water and inert ingredients.  In other words, the sample had the chemical contents of gall stones.  And the report clearly states it was gall stones”.


Take supplements to help your body to heal, including vitamins A,B,C,E and minerals especially magnesium and potassium.  Also methionine, choline, inositol and lecithin.  And whatever else your body tells you it needs.

Stop eating deep-fried foods and any oils other than those that are cold pressed.  Stop eating microwaved food.  Suggested improvements to your diet are given in “A secret of anti-aging“.

Drink 2 litres of good water a day (not distilled water – the energy has been changed).

Once you have cleaned your gall bladder, the next step for you to regain perfect health may be to do a colon cleanse or a parasite cleanse.


This cleanse may not be for all people. Please see your health practitioner. Although we have received many positive emails (some of which are below), we also received the following email from a person who works in a pharmaceutical company. We were unable to communicate with them as they forgot to make their email address returnable.

“I was one of the trusting people who tried this olive oil method for cleansing out the stones in my gall bladder. 24 hours after doing the cleanse I was in horrendous pain and ended up in surgery removing my gallbladder! The stones that were found would NEVER have been dissolved with this method. I was hoping to prolong the surgery, but this brought enhanced the disease. (? Editor- this is not my typo – I have copied this email as I received it). I suppose ingesting the excessive amount of fat sent my gallbladder into overtime. Please post a warning that this could happen. An ultrasound can tell how bad off the gallbladder is. I was lucky … I didn’t get jaundice, just a slight infection before surgery.

In my opinion, you should not recommend this procedure to anyone without posting a warning as well! I am sure it may appear to work for some people who do not have a severe case of gall bladder disease, but for those of us who unknowingly do, it is not to be used” K.K.


(This bit is not in the book): Many people (myself, Stephanie Relfe, included) cannot drink a pint (two cups) of olive oil without throwing up. Therefore, I searched for yet another cleanse, which used less olive oil (and again, no epsom salts)

Here is an alternative:

Eat all the granny smith apples and/or FRESHLY SQUEEZED apple juice (NOT store bought) you can for three days. Also drink water. Eat nothing else. On the final evening get ready for bed. Have one cup of olive oil and 1 cup of lemon juice beside your bed. Take as long as you need to drink it. The slower you drink it, the easier it will be to get down and keep it down. Sit up while drinking, but lie down as soon as you have drunk any. Keep as still as possible. Go to bed as soon as you have drunk it all. It is best to lie on your right side.

It may help to mix the lemon juice in the olive oil.


Hello Stephanie, I had a  Gall Stone cramp on my upper right side. I had it X-rayed and Ultra-sounded and the doctor said that I had Gall Stones and a fatty Liver.  I read your solution for Gall Stones and  improvised on it. I took the Lemon Juice and the Olive Oil and some Welch’s Grape Juice and a Tablespoon of Honey and put them in a blender and  mixed it all up for a minute.  What I got was a  Lemonade that looked like  a Strawberry Milkshake. It tasted great .  And there was hardly a taste of  Oil.It still did a thorough job on my Gall Bladder.

Sincerely,  Harold Samuel Hartley, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The-Amazing-Liver-Cleanse-The Amazing Liver Cleanse (click here)


Results are not typical. Individual results may vary.

“I had my gall bladder removed three years ago, but now I seem to have the same symptoms as I had before the operation: Nausea, gas, poor digestion, pain and general run-down condition.  After taking your gallstone removal treatment, I got rid of TWO CUPS of stones!”  (This woman began to feel better immediately after and went to work the next day).  Mrs N. Richardson, Texas

“I feel fine, but to encourage my wife to take the treatment (since she needed it so badly) I decided to go ahead and do it myself.  I didn’t realize just how good I COULD feel.”  Mr C.N.  Texas

“In the past eight months, I’ve done the gall bladder flush four times, each time passing progressively larger stones.  I was really packed! … The pain in my stomach and esophagus is gone.”

“About two weeks after taking the gall bladder treatment I noticed that my skin condition had greatly improved.  This is the first time in thirty years that my skin has not looked like a teenager with acne.  The acne and skin blemishes are gone and my digestion had improved so much that I no longer have to take digestive aids.”  Mr C.K.  Texas

“I passed a cupful of stones – four stones were the size of prunes…  The next day I had so much energy, I felt like a new person.  I told my doctor, but he didn’t believe me, that it could be done”.  Mrs M.C.  Texas

“I feel so much better (after the treatment) that anything you suggest would be worthwhile if it would make me feel this good”.  Mrs M.A.  Texas

“Ten of the stones that I passed were the size of a penny.  My energy level is easier to maintain and now I get by on 6 hours sleep without fatigue”.  Mr J.F.  Texas

“For more years than I care to remember, I have had trouble with constipation.  I could not have a bowel movement without taking something….In a 25 year period, I had 66 rectal operations.  At one point, my digestion became so difficult with gas attacks and sour bile creating much distress that I relied heavily on antacids to relieve the problem….  I passed approximately 100 gall stones ranging from pea size to quarter size … The stones ranged in color from the red and tan … to green and quite a number of black gall stones. I have carefully adhered to the follow-up treatment.  My overall health has greatly improved thanks to this gall bladder treatment and my strict adherence to these guidelines.  Most amazingly, my bowels are functioning in a normal manner now!”  J.B.R.  Texas


Results are not typical. Individual results may vary.

Attn: Stephanie Relfe January 17, 2001
Re: Gall Bladder Treatment

It has been a full 3 days since I have completed the gall stone treatment described on your website. One week ago (on my 35th birthday) I was desperate to find something that would help the severe pain that I had been having intermittently for months from what I believed to be my gall bladder. (The doctor told me it must be ‘just some stomach acid’ since nothing showed up on the xrays! — I found out later that if your gall bladder is full of stones, the liquid cannot get in for them to see it on xrays!!!) I was ready to try anything – other than the little that the medical profession had to offer me!

During the treatment, I got hundreds of stones from my gall bladder, 3 or 4 were the size of a large grape and the rest were about the size of a Tylenol. They ranged from opaque yellowish to dark green in colour. I had absolutely no pain during this process and little nausea. The only time that I vomitted was 12 hours after my last swig of olive oil/lemon juice. I guess my stomach decided it was easier to come up than to work on getting that last little bit (about 4 tblsps) down!

I would like to commend you for the information that you are providing and your approach to helping people. I have told others who will be trying it too!! I look forward to the results as I am on the mend. I am very conscious now of what I eat. I don’t want to put my body through having to cope with all of that cholesterol again!!

Sincere thanks to you! MLC, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Subject: Thanks For The Treatment !!!
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 13:10:11 EST

Thanks Stephanie for writing about this simple treatment. My doctor told me that surgery to remove my gall stones was inevitable. In fact, I was preparing to have my surgery the last week of December 2000. I had no pain or other problems with my gall bladder. My stones were detected in a routine check up of my liver during a simple ultra-sound. I submitted to your
treatment and the next morning to my disbelief, over 50 green stones ranging in size came out. The best thing about this was that there was absolutely no pain.

Thank God for this natural treatment and thank you for writing about it.

Fernando, California

Subject: Re: Gall Bladder Cleanse
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2001 08:30:08 EST

I just wanted to tell someone that I am very grateful for this posting.

I am 30 years old and was diagnosed with “several gall stones.” My last gall bladder attack lasted for close to 5 hours. I was in the emergency room all night. The doctors there referred me to a surgeon who wanted to remove my gall bladder immediately. Since my chiropractor, who is very good and studies natural healing, was the first to “diagnose” my problem I consulted him right away. I told him that I didn’t want to have the surgery unless it was absolutely necessary. I told him that I found this cleansing routine on the Internet and asked what he thought about it. He said he’d done it himself several years ago but never helped a patient through it. He would be willing to work on the cleansing with me and then follow up with an evaluation of my dietary habits.

I just did the cleansing this weekend. I feel great! I can’t say that drinking the oil or lemon juice was the most pleasant experience in the world but it did work and for me it worked immediately. I started passing stones right away. I passed anywhere from 3 to 10 each time I’d go to the bathroom so all together I’d say that I passed at least 25 stones if not more. From here on out, it is healthier eating for me and my family. I will no longer take advantage of what the good Lord gave me.

I’d highly recommend this procedure for anyone looking for an alternative to surgery. Thank you for posting this process on the Internet. It truly is a blessing.

RLW, Ft. Washington, MD

I tried your gall bladder cleanse this weekend. If what you described are gall stones, then I would have to say it was a successful process. I experienced an elimination of over a hundred stones varying in size from very small to some that were as large as a robin’s egg. The color was mostly black, especially the larger ones, but there were some that were light green or greenish-yellow as well.

I am looking forward to experiencing the improvement in my health as a result. I have noticed that the cramping sensations that I experience in my stomach haven’t occurred after eating as they usually do. I’ve also noticed that the pain I have on my right side has been reduced.

I plan to do this again in a couple of weeks and incorporate it as a regular routine. Even if these weren’t gall stones, they were obviously something that should be removed from the body.

Dan Brinkley, Sunnyvale CA

I tried the treatment and I must say, it works!!! Immediately after 6 hours of passing Gall Stones, I felt like a new man. I feel like dancing. Gone are the back aches, groggy feeling, listlessness, and being tired all the time. I feel like I have added years to my life and want to attest to this treatment. A bit discomforting but well worth it over having an operation to remove the gall bladder. Understanding how our organs work and inter-relate to one another helps to understand the uniqueness of each organ and how they each have a role in maintaining our bodies. We just shouldn’t remove our organs just because there is a malfunction or problem … like a car, if it starts to miss, and run badly, you don’t remove the engine, you find the cause and it sometimes only means a minor tune-up. I firmly believe as most do, that most doctors are not up on treating health problems but need to be educated more in herbal remedies, and alternate medical treatments.

My sister was leery over the treatment because some said that it may cause a blockage and I would end up in hospital to remove it. I told her “well, if that’s so, I have nothing to worry about…if it doesn’t work, I will still end up having an operation to remove my Gall Bladder (recommended by my doctor). If it doesn’t work, I gain !!! right?

Just needed to pass this on to you and thank you for the information.

Robert Shaver, Chino, CA

Dear Stephanie;

I happened upon your website tonite – after suffering most of the day with yet another gall bladder attack, I decided to take proactive action…

I have been suffering with gallstones for several years. I was scheduled to have my gall bladder removed on September 11… yes, “THAT” September 11… but they canceled my surgery do to the “emergency” situation we faced here in Los Angeles.

I had an old Chinese herbalist tell me about the olive oil and lemon juice treatment. I have been using it these last several years every time I have an attack.

However, today’s attack (yes, after eating some french fries) is one of the worst since that fateful one many years ago… so, I rummaged around in my kitchen and found my “remedy.”

It is truly amazing. While I cannot possibly drink THAT much olive oil and lemon juice in one setting, I do take a couple of ounces every hour or so – it means the pain lingers a bit longer, but it is working. It is starting to subside and I know, by morning, I will pass mini-gallstones and feel much better….

I just wanted to let you know that this “old wives tale” remedy works!!! I have many friends who have had their gallbladder removed that wish they had known about it earlier. I too feel that God gave us a gallbladder for a reason… I’d like to keep mine thank you very much!

Oh – and no more french fries for me. It took me awhile to figure out the culprit.. and here your website named it in the first couple of paragraphs!!!

I modified my dosage a bit… rather than try and take the whole thing at once (the thought made me ill!!)… I took two ounces every 15-20 minutes… it was easier to swallow – no nausea, and I woke up feeling much much better!! I am just waiting for “part 2” of the process (grin)….

I’ve used this combo (olive oil and lemon juice) for years… and it works. I am so glad I never had my gallbladder removed… I’ve never been able to figure out why doctors are so eager to get rid of “useless” organs… um… God put them there for a reason!!! Just because we don’t “get” the reason doesn’t mean we don’t need it!!

I’m keeping my appendix too.

Thanks so much for the insight. It helped tremendously!


Bekka San

Monrovia, CA

Dear Stephanie, Again I would like to express my gratitude to you and Dr. Lewis.

My bilirubin (direct and indirect) is down and to a safe level. I’ve lost most of the yellow color on my skin as a result of doing the liver cleans. I have done it three times so far and every time I’m passing more stones. This morning I passed a whole cup of various sizes. Some of the stones are the size of a grape, and there are about 7 of those.

It has been an incredible experience. I will continue to do the cleanse on a weekly basis until they are all gone. Of course I changed my diet to include very little meat, more vegetables but mostly I increased the amount of juices (all kinds). I already feel a lot better. Thank you.

Warm regards, Leila

Dear Stephanie,

I returned from hospital today following a rush to the emergency department on Sunday last, following extreme pain in the chest.After significant messing about, I was told that I needed my gall bladder removed. I am naturally opposed to such surgery as I believe “if its there, it was meant to be there (organ). Additionally, the whole process in the hospital for three days was a scary reminder of how inefficient and DANGEROUS our hospital system has become.

Not only was a cancer patients drip containing specific ‘medicines’ for this other patient, hooked up to my drip by mistake, but other clearly identifiable mistakes were made during the three days: One doctor explained that blood tests demonstrated that I had pancreatitus, a second doctor stated that this was not the case a third doctor (They changed each day) said it WAS the pancreas – each of them had the same records and results to go by. AMAZINGLY, following an ultrasound I was told “We could not really tell from the scans if the pancreas was the problem, however we did find some issues with the gall bladder and we suggest surgery to remove it”. I could not believe my ears.

While lying on my hospital bed, I overheard a patient who had recently had two cancers removed from his throat, being told by a doctor “Ah, we’re not sure, we’ll just watch it over the next few days, but make sure you eat something and swallow” – All of this AFTER another doctor only 2 hours earlier had been told that this man could not even swallow his own saliva” – Appalling.

Even though I don’t think my ‘stomach’ will handle the olive oil – I am going to try your suggested method as I am sure I prefer to suffer vomiting rather than have these cooks put a knife to me.

I have had other experiences with medical negligence – one involved a doctor about to stab me with a tetanus injection – He got a needle out, prepared to jab me and had the need on my ankle when I asked “What are you giving me” – he replied and I said “do you really want a manslaughter case bought against you?” – He asked why? and I told him I am HIGHLY allergic to tetanus (i.e. it kills me) –  He did not ask me, he did not advise me he was just going to go ahead and jab me.

I fear so much for the people who submit to the apparent “We know best” attitude of the medical profession.

Thank goodness for people like you that put information up on the web.



Hi I’m Mike 39 years old and i was in so much of a stabbing pain every night on my right side for 2 weeks so its not as intense as it should be yet but i do not want to know that feeling.My pain was in my right side and my back would hurt as well.I have had my appendix removed so i know it could not be that so I purchased the item’s of lemons and regular olive oil you described and i took them to the way you say(COLD OLIVE OIL) 1 PINT AND SQUEEZED LEMON’S 1/2 PINT.I thought taking this much olive oil would give me a heart attack.I must say taking these two liquids is not very enjoyable but the results were amazing!!! To think how a simple a home remedy like this really work’s.I passed over 25 stone’s and i feel great with no pain!!!!Thank you so’re an angel,regards Mike, New England

Editor’s note: After I wrote to Mike asking him for more information he wrote back:)

I have had the pain for over 2 months and it was terrible at times that pinch in the right side was just terrible and i have been pain free for 3 weeks now..thank you so much, Regards Mike

Webeditor’s Note: Occasionally people send me an email claiming that the stones in the toilet are nothing more than olive oil and fecal matter. However, I have yet to see a lab analysis of this. Maybe this is true and maybe it’s a lie. Maybe the truth is that some but not all of the stones are gallstones. Page 92 of the book has a copy of a lab test. A copy of that is below.

However, as one reader pointed out, “lipids” means “oils”. And the oils could be from the olive oil. However, this does not rule out gallstones. It is possible that the stones are a mix of olive oil and gallstones.


See Ultasound & Hyda Scans of before and after a cleanse, showing a distinct change

I would very much like to receive more lab results that shows that some of the stones are gall stones, so that I can post them here. Even better, I would love to publish more before and after ultrasound photos that I have been told of stories of, showing the absence of stones in the ‘after’ photos. In one story I heard, the photos were done by a gynecologist who would not benefit from a gall bladder operation. Please forward me some if you can so I can publish them.

In the mean time, what is really important is that many people who do this cleanse over and over again report that they feel great and that pain is removed after they do it.

Plus they still have their gallbladder which is needed by the body.

This page is not the only one that talks about this cleanse. This cleanse, in many different forms, has been used by many different natural healers for a very, very long time.

IMPORTANT!!!! Dozens of people who have done this cleanse have saved themselves thousands of dollars (plus complications later in life) by not having an operation. If you are one of these people, please consider passing on this gift by giving a donation to people without clean water. Only US$30 gives clean water to one person FOR LIFE. One billion people currently have only filthy, muddy, manure-filled water to drink which kills over 6,000 children a day. Millions of women have to walk an average of SIX MILES every day to collect it! PLEASE GIVE AT LEAST $2 to


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