$48, 000 over a bite from a kitten

By Jim Stone


Here’s another Anascorp scam. They gave her 15 ML of rabies immunoglobulin worth approximately $30 in the outside world and charged her $48, 000.

And worse, American medical typically charges around $20,000!

I have yet again come up with the perfect proof that American medical is nothing but a scam.

FACT: 5 ML of rabies immunoglobulin outside of the U.S. costs $10 with a total treatment cost of about $12, by the American government’s own numbers. In the U.S. rabies treatments cost between ten and twenty of thousand (even at the regular price, not what this woman got charged)

HERE IT IS, AFTER BITE RABIES COSTS AS LITTLE AS $10 TO TREAT, EVEN ACCORDING TO The U.S. National Library of Medicine and yes, it is a .gov so you know damn well the FDA knows how badly the American medical system is scamming people. Here is a quote straight off a U.S. government web site: (

1388 (46.5%) dog bite victims presented with Category III wounds, of whom 1108 required RIG. 280 were excluded, based on our exclusion criteria, ie. the biting animal was reliably vaccinated, the victim had received vaccine more than a week before presenting to the RPC, or the animal was known to be alive 10 days or m ore after the bite. We did not encounter any serious reaction with ERIG.

The cost of a 5 ml vial of ERIG containing 1000 IU is around PKR 1, 000 (USD 10). The dose is calculated per weight of the individual. Hence, a small child required 0.5 to 1 vial, and an adult 2-3 vials. The number of vials of ERIG consumed for 1108 patients was 1261 vials, and cost PKR 1, 261, 000 (USD 12, 610). The number of vaccine vials consumed to treat 2300 patients with TRC id regimen was 2400. (Five patients brought their own vials for IM injection). A vial of cell culture vaccine costs PKR 547. The total cost was PKR 1, 312, 800 (USD 13, 128).

The sum of treating 2300 patients with proper PEP (2300 required vaccine alone or vaccine plus ERIG) was PKR 2, 573, 800 (USD 25, 738) or PKR 1, 200 THIS!!!–>(USD 12.00) per patient treated. (Table 2)

Let me translate that: Outside the U.S. the $48, 000 ONE woman was billed would have treated 4, 000 people.

Let’s be very clear once again about the above, before continuing: Outside of the U.S., the post bite type of rabies treatment costs a total of $10 for five millileters, ($20 for 10 milliliters) The stuff is not magic or horrendously expensive to produce, it is actually by American standards a very affordable product.

However, in the U.S., the medical system knows it can bilk people with 100, 000+ percent markups and that’s exactly what they do. That’s the real problem with America’s medical system, it is not that medical is expensive, it is that scammers have taken it over and use medical need to “carjack” and rob people the same way thugs do it in the ghetto. Here is proof:

As stated by America’s own National Library of Medicine, 5 milliliters of Rabies Immuno Globuilin for post bite treatment costs $10 dollars out in the real world, ($20 for the 10 milliliters quoted by Web MD below, which now, in the U.S. has a wholesale cost of 3, 600 U.S.D, which the hospital then jacks up to 10 times (or more) of even THAT ridiculously inflated price. Read it and weep:

“In 2007, for example, vaccine maker Sanofi Pasteur charged an average wholesale cost of $740 per 10 milliliters for its Imogam immunoglobulin, a purified blood product that is the most expensive part of the rabies treatment. Ten milliliters is the standard dose for an adult who weighs between 134 and 166 pounds.

By 2017, the company charged $3, 612 for the same dose, an increase of 388% over the last decade, according to First Databank, a company that tracks pharmaceutical costs.

HyperRAB, the other brand of immunoglobulin on the market, has seen price increases of 370% over the last decade.

The CDC estimates that as many as 50, 000 people in the U.S need this regimen to guard against rabies each year.

OK, let’s do the math, based on all AMERICAN BASED documentation:

In the U.S., the total base price of all post-bite rabies treatments, (before hospitals mark it up) is $3, 700 X50, 000 administrations of it, for a total PRE MARKUP price of 180, 900, 000 and an AFTER MARKUP price of 50, 000 X $20, 000 USD (less than the kitten bite woman got bilked but still out of the park expensive) and that comes out to a cool $1 billion dollars.

However, OUTSIDE THE U.S. where there is no medical scam, to treat the exact same 50, 000 people the exact same way the total cost is $50, 000 x $12.00 which America’s own national medical library stated was the full cost of all treatment per individual, for a total end price of $600, 000 USD for all people treated. That’s $20, 000 vs $12.00 (because even $600, 000 looks like a lot when all treatments are added up).

Let’s put this even more clearly: The U.S. medical system scams people so badly, that the cost of treatment for THIRTY PEOPLE in the U.S. can cover the TOTAL cost of giving the exact same treatment to 50, 000 people elsewhere, and it is all documented from American based sources.

Insurance is not the answer. Charging people between $500 and $1000 a month for mandated insurance under a phoney “national health care scam plan” is NOT the answer. Supporting this hell system by robbing everyone via mandated monthly payments is NOT THE ANSWER. The answer is likely going to come the day the American people finally realize they are scammed and robbed at every turn, and then purge the people doing it by force.

Meanwhile, the thieves and corrupt will wave the flag, tell everyone how America is great while posting FAKE videos of people eating from the trash elsewhere to re-enforce it all, or they will blabber all about how Mexicans only make $2 an hour and GEE BE THANKFUL YOU ARE AMERICAN, GEE BE THANKFUL YOU ARE AMERICAN, while we ROB YOU, shoot your kids brains out with eugenics shots fronted as “neccessary medical care via vaccination” and regulate you into a shithole while you proudly sing the national anthem and get pissed off at kneelers. That’s the real issue don’t you know, THE KNEELERS. DO NOT look at us, watch that KNEELER. And wave the flag in retailation of that KNEELER. While we screw you.

Trump was going to fix all of this, RIGHT? He tried. He was honest. But wanting to do something and actually getting it done are two different things in a system that has been totally subverted by traitors and outright enemies. They have made it obvious that we are going to have to move beyond Trump and put things right ourselves if America is EVER going to move forward from here, both the open left and those who “claim to be on the right” have now shown their true colors, THE ENTIRE DAMN THING NEEDS TO BE PURGED and it is now obvious we can’t vote our way to that reality.

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