Headache & Migraine

Types of, & How to Get Rid of Them

with Natural Remedies

I have helped many people to heal themselves of headaches and migraines naturally in my kinesiology practice, since 1993.  Some of these people had headaches or migraines every day, for years.  Their headaches and migraines went away after 2-3 one hour sessions of kinesiology, and had not returned months later.

It doesn’t really matter where the pain is, whether the top of the head, behind the eyes or the back of the head. All types of head pain are usually caused by energy that is stuck and/or from toxins. After all, no one has yet developed a machine that can show where pain is located. Strangely enough, often the cause of pain is not where the pain is felt. This is because the whole body affects the whole body.

In this article I will talk about how applied kinesiology can help heal headache and migraine, plus give some quick natural health remedies you can do right now.

Kinesiology is both a science and an art. I am talking here about the kind of kinesiology where muscle testing is used. Having a good kinesiologist work on you is an amazing experience. The kinesiologist will ask the client to straighten their arm. The kinesiologist will then say “hold” and push down on the arm. Sometimes the arm will stay in the same position, but sometimes, depending on what the kinesiologist says or does, no matter how strong that person is, they will not be able to hold up their arm. This is called muscle testing. (If you want to see some examples of muscle testing now, please view the trailer of my DVD “Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing“and then come back to this article). The session continues with the kinesiologist testing a number of different movements.

How does muscle testing work? The brain is an unbelievably powerful computer. If the body is working as it should be, the brain sends electrical signals to every one of the 600+ muscles in the body, and receives signals back again, continually. When this happens, we say that the body is “in balance”.

But what happens when we do something to the body that the body doesn’t like, like eat something that is bad for it, or have an emotional upset? Something has to give. Just like when the wiring in a house is overloaded, a fuse in the fuse box will blow. That is because it’s better to blow a fuse than to shut the whole lot down. The body would also rather ‘blow a fuse’ than ‘shut the whole lot down’. So the body ‘looks around’ and decides which of the 600+ muscles in the body will no longer receive signals correctly from the brain. We say that that muscle is ‘out of balance”. That muscle will test weak when the kinesiologist tests it. We say that the muscle has ‘unlocked’.


A major cause of headaches and migraines is toxins.  Toxins are like the exhaust gas from your car. They are the left-over substances from chemical reactions. Different foods can be toxic to different people at different times. Nearly everyone is ingesting toxins in their food and drink, even if they think they eat only healthy food.

I spent many years researching this topic, and two years writing the book You’re not Fat, You’re Toxic, which explains about hidden toxins in our diets, even supposedly healthy ones, and what to do about it. It’s got 55 easy-to-read, fact-filled chapters.


Another cause of headaches and migraines could be an imbalance in the digestive system. Many people who have a headache or migraine will turn out to have an imbalance in their Ileocecal Vavle.The Ileocecal valve is made of two sets of muscles that act like a gate between the small and large intestine. When these muscles are go out of balance, (from toxic food or toxic emotions), the valve may stay shut more often than it should. When this happens, the food in the Small Intestine cannot get into the Large Intestine, and so starts to rot. This causes toxins to flood back through the system. If the valve is stuck open more often than it should, rotten food in the Large Intestine can flood back into the Small Intestine, again causing a lot of extra toxins to be where they should not be.


In either case, this can cause the body to suffer from a lot of symptoms, including:


  • Headaches and / or migraines
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Acne
  • Red eyes
  • Black under the eyes
  • Bloated belly
  • Tiredness
  • Sore back
  • Sore neck
  • Inability to lose weight
  • Cold sores
  • Appendicitis (in the case of the Ileocecal valve)
  • Hemorrhoids (in the case of the Houston folds)
  • In extreme cases, bowel cancer.


Applied Kinesiology has a test and a correction for the Ileocecal Valve. I teach this in my DVD training series Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing. This DVD series teaches all the main corrections which I found that I needed to do to my clients to help them to heal themselves of constipation. And to give them the knowledge of what they needed to do to keep constipation healed. I am so sure that these techniques will work for you, that I am offering a full 60 day money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied (less cost of shipping).


I have found through my own experience that one cause of headaches, and a contributing factor towards migraines, is dehydration. The brain is over 50% water. When people tell me they have a headache I get them to drink a pint of good water immediately. Often their headache is gone within 20 minutes!!!! (Notice that no one made any money out of that piece of information).

Water is so important to the body that one of the Pretests that needs to be done before a person muscle tests, to ensure that they get accurate answers, is a test for dehydration.  Over 50% and maybe around 80% of my clients were dehydrated when they first came to me. I teach the test for dehydration in Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing.

It is rather funny – or maybe sad & pathetic – that recently there has been a so called “scientific study” done which supposedly showed that people don’t need water!  That a soft drink or even a cup of coffee was good enough!  Please always remember that scientific studies cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  No one makes any money from telling people to drink more water. But if people don’t drink enough water, then they will end up with health problems, which is good news for drug and hospital companies, which receive $2.2 trillion p.a. in the USA alone. That’s five times the defense budget! (Ref: Forks over Knives documentary – just one of the 43 books and documentaries that I summarize in You’re Not Fat, You’re Toxic).

Pure water is needed to remove toxins from the body. Would you wash your hair with orange juice? Or wash the walls of your house with coffee? How about putting a soda in the car battery? Water should be pure. I believe the best water is water that is filtered by reverse osmosis, because that removes poisons such as chlorine and fluoride. The cheapest way to get reverse osmosis water is to do it yourself. Here are details on how to do this.


As I said earlier, a main cause of headaches and migraines is toxins. The problem is identifying which particular substances are toxic to the person.  Any substance which will put the Ileocecal Valve out of balance can cause a headache or migraine.  Muscle testing shows that this can be many different foods which many people consider to the healthy, such as bananas, milk and tomatoes.

In addition, there are some substances which can be so toxic to a particular person, that they can cause a headache all by themselves, almost immediately.  This has happened to me on occasion, and through muscle testing I was able to identify the culprits.  I now know that I will get a headache within 30 minutes of eating pine nuts or aragula. aragula is a leafy green vegetable which is in a lot of salad mixes.  Who would have thought a salad could give you a headache?


Another cause of any health problem, including headaches and migraines, for a number of people is that they have one, two or three energetic systems out of balance called the “Centering” systems. The muscle test for Centering is simple. The kinesiologist gives a gentle ‘thump’ to the upper arm on one side, and then muscle tests the arm on the other side of the person’s body. If the person’s Centering is out of balance, that gentle thump will be more stress than the body can handle, and the person will NOT be able to hold their arm straight when the Kinesiologist tests it!!! This is an amazing experience to the person. Over 50% of my clients had their Centering out of balance.

One of the Centering systems is called the Cloacals. When the Cloacals are out of balance, nearly all of the body’s functions will not be operating at full efficiency. Again, this prevents the body from healing itself of constipation.

A person with their Centering systems out of balance sometimes feels like a three-legged table. It takes almost no stress to put them out of balance. Once the person’s Centering systems are put back in balance, the person feels like a four legged table. They are fully back in balance and the body finds it much easier to heal itself of any problems. The Centering corrections are also taught in my DVD series.


Another cause of headaches can be stress from negative emotions from the past.  In my DVD series I teach how a person just has to think of a problem – such as their headache – and then follow a system which can locate the cause of the problem. The body knows everything about itself.  It is amazing what it can tell you.  For example, I once had a woman client come to me.  On her second visit, all of the work I had done to her on her first session had become undone. Rather than just rebalance everything again, I did, as I usually do and as I teach in my DVD series – how to identify what caused those particular muscles or systems to go out of balance.

Muscle testing told me that something very, very bad had happened to her at 5 years old.  The woman was about in her 50s, and was well dressed and quite wealthy. I asked her if it was possible that she had been molested at 5 years old.  Immediately she burst into a flood of tears.  Yes, she said, that had been done to her – and she had never told anyone about it before. The stress of that particular event was still stored in her body, and causing all kinds of problems. I then did a technique called “Emotional Stress Release” which removes the stress from the body.  And no doubt telling a non-judgmental person about what happened would have been a release as well.


Another cause of headaches and migraines, according to Dr Hulda Clark, can be parasites. These can be removed with three herbs – wormwood (kills the adults), black walnut extract (kills the intermediate stages) and ground cloves (kills the eggs). An added benefit of doing a herbal parasite cleanse which you may experience, as I did, is a sharp drop in appetite.

Dr Clark also describes how to kill parasites by electronic means, with what she calls a  ‘zapper’.  There have been times when I have had a headache, and I’ve used my zapper, and the pain in my head was gone within about 20 minutes.  You can get a zapper for about $40 from www.ebay.com. Search on “Hulda Clark Zapper”.  All of this is described in her book The Cure for all Diseases.


A common cause of headaches and migraines is constipation and / or dirty bowels. This can be caused by having the Small Intestine or Large Intestine, as well as the Ileocecal Valve, out of balance.  Again, kinesiology has a correction for this imbalance. It is called the “14 Muscle and 14 Organ Balance”. Again, I teach this in my DVD series.

Many people have meat inside them that has been there since they childhood. A colon cleanse has been known to be of some assistance with this. See this article for more information.


Your mind is more powerful than you know. If you have a pain in the head, try this right now.

1) If you haven’t already done so, drink a full glass of reverse osmosis water.

2) Put your fingers on the two bumps on your forehead, above the eyebrows, as I am doing for this young man in the picture below. Cover them with one or both hands.

Look at a ‘mental video’ of anything that could be upsetting you now, or in the past. Keep doing this until the pictures in your head go away and you give a gentle sigh. This could take a minute or two. This is called “Emotional Stress Release”, from kinesiology. It brings blood from the back of the brain (where the past and negative memories are stored) to the front of the brain (where present time is located).


3) Do this visualization:

Have someone ask you, if possible, or ask yourself these questions if there is no one around to help:

– If the pain is a ball, how big is the ball? (Watermelon? Basketball? Softball? Golf ball? Grape?) When person answers, say ‘thank you’).

– If the ball is holding water, how much water is it holding? (When person answers, say ‘thank you’).

– If the pain is water, what color is the water? (When person answers, say ‘thank you’).

– Tip your head back and let the water run out of the back of your head, into the ground.

REPEAT ABOVE UNTIL the ball is very small and/or the pain is gone.

There is often more than one cause to any health problem, even headaches and migraines.  The whole body works with the whole body. Kinesiology and muscle testing are amazingly powerful ways or rebalancing the body so it can return to optimum health, and to identify ways to keep it in optimum health. I am so sure that you will get the results you are wanting from Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing, that I am offering a full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee (less shipping). There is no risk to you. Please try it and see for yourself and start creating miracles.

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