Maca Side Effects

Who wouldn’t love to eat something like Maca, which is supposed to be a superfood that tastes like malt and has no caffeine? Like lots of other people, after reading wonderful things about maca, I wanted some. But, as usual, I muscle tested first to see if it would be positive, neutral or negative for myself and my husband. Surprisingly, I got that it would be negative.  So I didn’t buy any.

Later on, on reading again about all the great things in maca, I forgot that I had muscle tested and purchased some. I foolishly ate it without testing first. It tasted great, but almost directly afterwards, I felt nauseous. Now, people selling maca will tell you that this is just a “healing reaction”. My answer to this is twofold:

1) As I explain in my comprehensive natural health manual, You’re not fat, You’re toxic, if you experience an instant reaction to any food, including nausea or hives, then that is not a healing reaction. That is an allergic reaction. A healing reaction occurs only after the food has been absorbed, and your body has time and energy to start moving toxins out of your system. That is at least several hours later. This is why I believe that wheatgrass juice is not good for people – the instant nausea it often causes is likely caused by mold and/or the foreign DNA that was introduced to modern wheat by the Rockefeller’s. (Again, I explain this in my book).

2) I have had many healing reactions, from detoxing many times. I can tell the difference.

However, I foolishly forgot about all that again, because it tasted so delicious. Again, I should have been warned: It tastes so much like dark chocolate, that it’s possible it has some of the substances in it which make chocolate so toxic, quite apart from the caffeine, such as anandamide, which mimics marijuana. (Marijuana is NOT a healing herb. Any herb which affects the mind is bad for you).

The next morning, my husband and I both felt horrible. I had black bags under my eyes.

Finally I muscle tested again, only this time I had the physical substance present to make the muscle test even more reliable. Both of us showed weak muscles when tested. For us, maca is definitely bad for us.

While maca has lots of good stuff in it, so does rat poison.

There are some major clues that tell you maca is not good for you. The biggest one is that the container suggest you have only one teaspoon a day, “or as directed by a healthcare professional”.  I have seen other recommendations to not have it every day. That suggests that it’s acting as a drug, not as a true superfood. Drugs control the body. Superfoods give the body what it wants, so it can decide what to do.

A real superfood, such as goji berries, can be eaten in reasonable quantities.

If you want a superfood, juice some kale or other leafy green vegetables. They don’t come with a warning, as maca does: “Pregnant or lactating women, diabetics, hypoglycemics and people with known medical conditions and/or taking drugs should consult with a licensed physician prior to taking dietary supplements.”  It would appear that somebody knows the strong pharmaceutical affect of maca.

You won’t hear this advice from people who sell maca. Most of them are the same people who tell you that green tea is good for you, even though it contains caffeine. There is no healthy level of caffeine. It’s a drug which puts your body into stress and ages you. But since it’s also incredibly addictive, in a way similar to cocaine, you won’t hear that information from anyone who has not managed to totally give up caffeine in any form.  Drug addicts can always justify a bad habit, and billions of dollars in sales for soda drinks, coffee, tea, chocolate and so-called ‘energy’ drinks depend on this. Caffeine doesn’t give you energy – it simply chemically speeds up your adrenals. It steals energy from you. The hit you get from caffeine is simply a drug fix.

To learn more about what food and drink is toxic and what you should eat and drink, get “You’re not Fat, You’re Toxic” or ask your library to get a copy. The very best thing to do for your body is to stop eating and drinking toxins.

Every body is different at different times. To take full control over the health of your family, learn how to accurately muscle test food and other things, as well as how to rebalance the body energetically so that it can heal, with my DVD training system, Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing.





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