H1B Visas & Fake Degrees are Destroying the USA

by Michael Relfe

Finally, America has a champion, in Donald Trump, to reverse the tide of the destruction of the American technical sector. The H1B visa, created in 1990 by CIA Satanist George HW Bush, was the primary driving force in destroying the home grown technical sector of the USA. No longer required to hire American IT graduates and train them in the latest technologies, American companies could hire foreigners (with sometimes fake credentials) and have an “instant workforce” without the investment necessary to maintain long term superiority.

As an SAP technical developer that lost his career to cheap Indian labor (Bangalore Indians, not Apache Indians) in 2001, I have personal experience of the way that short sighted American companies (these communist companies – Google, Cisco, etc traitors that hate Trump so much) care absolutely nothing for the American worker.

And now, over 15 years later, it is much worse. Thousands of Indians conspire in “corporations” to place their countrymen with American companies. Many of their “IT people” have either fake or exaggerated credentials, that can in no way be verified. American companies are at risk from these employees.

Worse, they even run “crash course” type training programs in major cities, where they will flush the latest courses through students’ brains and even supply a fake resume stating they have 3 years experience with that software. The references on the resume can even be checked; when called, the Indian person on the phone will give a glowing recommendation to the “former employee”.

Here is an example of a company recruiting for fake candidates in Houston, complete with all the spelling errors. They are in every major city such as Chicago, Dallas, Houston, etc. They can be found advertising in the free classified ad websites and sometimes even on Craigslist and classified give-away newspapers. Hundreds of thousands of fake Indian IT employees infect the companies of America.



* ETL Informatica Training and 100% Placement *
Jan 7th 2017, Location: Multiple,Texas
Recently we placed many individuals from Non IT to IT project across US, this is one stop solution for serious candidates.

Note: I recommend this training for people with Green Card and US Citizenship; others can join too.
Who can join:
Anyone who has minimum bachelor degree any discipline
Anyone who wants to jump into IT industry
Anyone who wants to switch from QA/Testing

Email: learnittoolsgmail.com with subject line: “Informatica Training”

–>join for first 3-5 free Demo classes if you feel comfortable then join.
–>Highly skilled SQL Trainer
–>Online Classes through WebEx
–>Starting from Monday Jan 31, 2017 at 7:00 PM CST
–>Minimum Three classes in a week
–>4 Weeks tools training
–>5 Weeks real time project training
–>If you are slow learner/missed classes then you can join next batch with no cost
–>Every month new Batch
–>Interactive session with lot of live examples
–>Full training material will be provided which include real time project document as well

Training Details:
–>Weekdays – Evening and Weekend – Morning
–>Video recording of every session
–>Live Project after training
–>Resume preparation
–>Vendor Call training
–>Mock interviews
–>Followed by Job Placement
–>After first placement, your future training will be free and keeps you competitive as per market need.
–>Class room Training is also available in two branches

***** We focus on only one Tool and its supporting components:*****

Major Training
—>Informatica (ETL) latest version
Supporting Training
—> SQL
—> Teradata
—> ORACLE SQL Developer
—> Basic Unix
—> Autosys / Control M
—> SDLC using Waterfall and Agile
—> Live Project
—>Data Warehouse concepts / ETL concepts / Data Modelling

I will help all candidate installing required software including Informatica

We already placed hundred + persons during last couple of months.
Email us to know more about our Training & Placement Program.
Email: learnittoolsgmail.com with subject line: “Informatica Training”



  • Fraud – No company can guarantee 100% placement to a beginner with 1 class, UNLESS THE BEGINNER LIES ABOUT THEIR EXPERIENCE.
  • Fraud – In the ad they state that anyone with a Bachelor’s degree in ANY DISCIPLINE can be an Informatica Developer. This is impossible unless the person LIES ABOUT THEIR EXPERIENCE.
  • Fraud – They state that “Recently we placed many individuals from Non IT to IT project”. This requires the person to LIE ABOUT THEIR EXPERIENCE and this company is guilty of aiding and abetting fraud. No one hires a beginner with a non-IT degree and 1 crash course class. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.

One of the problems with the Indian IT Companies is the culture of India itself. India has a caste system that defines how people interact with one another. The higher castes look down upon and degrade the lower castes. The fact that Americans do not have a caste system automatically puts the Americans lower than the lowest Indian caste. That makes every Indian “above” every American and allows Indians to perform any crime, lie, fraud or to tell any untruth to any America.

American industry has allowed itself to be sabotaged by foreign invaders. Only by removing these invaders and eliminating the means they used to invade us (foreign worker Visas such as the H1B) will America be able to regain it’s technological superiority. See the section on Computer Security at www.DoNotJoinTheMilitary.com.

Foreigners working in America are a scam. They destroy the careers of American citizens and allow sub-standard work forces that sabotage American companies.

The H1B visa should go the way of the dinosaur. It should be extinct.

If these traitor companies don’t like it, President Trump should terminate them.

Technical superiority of the workforce is a matter of National Security. Although corporations are state creations, the Federal government has power over them. An excecutive order revoking the Employee Identification Numbers (EIN) of these traitor corporations would shut these corporations down by preventing them from doing bank transactions or paying anyone. They would immediately cease to exist.

Instant removal of the Boards of Directors and CEO’s would allow the government to replace them with citizens that would run these companies with an “America First” mindset. No loss to the investors or employees. These Communist-Socialist-Progressive-Liberal traitor parasite directors and CEO’s would finally have to get a real job. These companies are Federal Contractors and should work for the welfare of America.

The “United States” is currently under military rule (DoNotJoinTheMilitary.com) and this could be accomplished in a few days.


“This is accurate and very very prevalent.  I’ve met a few who say they bribe their school to add their names to the graduate roll.  And forget govt, they never check foreign diplomas.”

“5,000,000 Green Cards = 1 Million+ 1MM Immigrants per year legal.

300,000 H1Bs 3-6 years, maybe 600,000 H1B workers in US.

90,000 H2A seasonal.

320,000 J1 per yr, teachers, professors, researchers, (au pair) etc. can be multi-year displace US Citizens for teaching at Universities.

385,000 F1 Foreign Students, compete with US Citizens for the limited space at Taxpayer funded Universities. Multi year.

56,000 H2A Agricultural Workers seasonal.

Note Gov only lists stats 2010 or earlier, inexplicably.

Note: The FEDs leave the Country of Origin blank for 50% of the new Green Cards issued.”

Why the Cold War between Tech CEOs & President Trump is about to go Nuclear







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