Think and Grow Rich

Original Version
by Napoleon Hill

Do you want to be rich? Being rich is good, not because you can buy more stuff, but because it gives you more choice and freedom. Plus you can then help more people.

There is an ocean of abundance in the universe, and it wants to outflow to you. You must know how to tap into the ocean of abundance.

To get started, do this easy activity that has worked for hundreds of other people. Read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. But – there are two keys to making this work!

1) Once will not be nearly enough. I learned this from a talk given by Anthony Robbins. When he was poor a rich man suggested he read the book. Robbins said that he had already read it. I think from memory the man’s answer was something like “But HOW MANY times have you read it? I’ve read it many, many times.”

The richer you want to be, the more times you should read it. Six times is suggested for a bare minimum. And then make a commitment to re-read it every six months.

2) You MUST read the original version, published in 1937. I have added a link to what I believe is an original version below. I found this comment about a modern version of the book on amazon, regarding how this book has been altered and made less effective:

Do not buy this version. I purchased this version and discovered the original 1937 edition free online so I decided to compare. I discovered after comparing the first few pages of the original online version to this version that quite a few critical points had been omitted from the book. I became curious, so I went through every word of the online version and compared it with the book and was astonished at the amount of important information that was excluded from the book. Almost all of the key elements of the book had been removed or worse (reworded and changed) this completely diluted the message. I can see why many readers could find the book to be a little vague and unclear.

I decided to write down the numerous words and paragraphs that had been removed from this edition and put them together. Wow! Just reading what was removed was profound and told a story in and of itself and made me question why this critical information was removed. It should be a crime to remove so much original content. Something that was clear, concise and cohesive had now become distorted and muddled. Clearly the original content could stir the masses for change not just for money but politically and socially which Napoleon states. The thought police have been more active than I thought wink wink. Here is a small list of omitted subjects that you are missing if you purchase this version:

We personally believe that evil people have deliberately interfered with the original forms, because there are some people who in this world don’t just want to be wealthy. They want everyone else to be poor.

Here are comments about the original version of “Think and Grow Rich”:

I cannot say enough about Think and Grow Rich. Napoleon Hill studied more than 500 of the world’s most Successful and Wealthiest individuals over a period of 25 years in order to produce this work. It is a true goldmine and any serious Success Student MUST read it. But, don’t stop there: APPLY ITS 13 PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESS!

From amazon:

I was introduced to “Think and Grow Rich!” by an alcoholic member of our cemetery sales team. I had a wife and three children at the time, and we were just barely making it. My only source of income was the commissions I made knocking on doors selling cemetery property, and they were hard to come by, especially since almost nobody was a permanent resident in the Miami area.

Reading “Think and Grow Rich!” gave me a crutch to lean on as I forced myself out to pound those doors where the potential prospects were. If my family was going to eat, I had to convince people to buy cemetery property 30 or 40 or more years before they would need it. The Six-Step Success Formula the book contains helped me to realize that there was a way even for an uneducated lunkhead like me to make it like the big guys. I followed the success formula faithfully, and, lo and behold, my whole life turned around.

Two of my most useful tools in the book are the poem “My Wage” (“I bargained with Life for a penny…”) and “If You Think You Are Beaten” (“Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man…”). I truly believe that Dr. Hill has the same message the Bible has for us. It was just little easier for me to apply. I went on to build the largest cemetery organization in the country starting out from my basement on Concord Avenue in Anderson, S. C. In 1970, we sold 30 cemeteries to Service Corporation International, making it possible for them to become the largest funeral-cemetery company in the world. I served as President of their Cemetery Division for three years.

I’m now 82 years old, living comfortably on the shores of Lake Hartwell with my wife of 62 years. Almost all my good fortune came about because I had the good fortune to be introduced to “Think and Grow Rich!” in 1953. (This new addition is actually closer to the one I read back then. The versions sold since the 1960s omit a lot of material that Ross Cornwell has put back in.) I have given away many cases of this great book. It was required reading in my company and in my family, and it has made a difference in a lot of the people’s lives who were given the opportunity to make it part of their lives.

Download the Original 1937 version of Think and Grow Rich





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