How you can Supercharge your life

by using different words


Most people have little idea what they do with their mouths. Words have great power to create and destroy. There is a story that was told by the instructors of the personal development seminar I attended called “Money & You”, about Buckminster Fuller, an American architect, author, designer, inventor, and futurist. He coined the term “spaceship earth”. “Money & You” was created with input from Fuller himself. Forgive me if I make some errors. I have heard this story from the instructors 30 times in the early 90s, and while I remember it fairly well, I may not have all the details correct.

This story goes that Bucky’s life was once one of fulfilling personal pleasure, partying and such like. Then he had a life-changing experience. The story goes that when Bucky was a young man living in Chicago he partied a lot. At this time, he had a young daughter, either 3 or 4 years old, Alexandra, who was very sick with polio and meningitis. Before Bucky, as he was called, went to a football game he went to see her. Her 4th birthday was the next day, when he was expected to return. She asked him to bring back a flag from the game. However, Fuller did not return home for several days. When he did he was confronted with his wife who told him to forget about apologizing, and to go immediately to see Alexandra, because she had taken a turn for the worse.

When Fuller picked up his daughter up in his arms, he said hello to her. Then she asked him if he had brought the flag he had promised. Regretfully, he told her that he had forgotten to. This disappointment was enough to end her slender hold on life, and she died in his arms.

After that Fuller felt so bad he went for a walk along a lake, and decided to end his life. The story goes that he heard a voice saying something along the lines –

“You do not have the right to end your life. It is not yours to end. Your life has a purpose. You have not yet done what you came here to do.”

After that he began to search for the meanings of life, God and the universe. He sought to discover what, if anything, could be done by a penniless, unknown man working on behalf of all humanity.

First of all, he stopped talking for two years. He realized that words had often got him into trouble. Therefore they had tremendous power. He vowed to not speak until he was sure exactly what was the meaning and effect of any word.

I am not sure if he believed in God or not, but he did believe that there is a force which he called Great Spirit which is intent upon making all people so successful that they can all live at a standard of living much higher than that achieved by anyone else before. He then spent the rest of his life helping that goal to come true.

Most people use words that they picked up from their parents, friends or society, and use them without ever stopping to consider what that word means and whether or not it is affecting their life.

An Exercise that shows that Negative Words make you Weak, & Positive Words make you Strong

You need another person to do this. Stand up. Think of negative words and negative things, like fear, worry and grief. Have someone put a hand on the lower end of the breastbone. Then, while you think of negative things, have them very slowly and steadily push backwards on you. See what happens.

Now repeat. But this time first think of positive words and things, like love, power, intention, courage and strength. Now have them put their hand on your breastbone and very slowly and steadily push backwards on you. What happens?

For most people who do this exercise, they fall back easily when thinking of something negative. But when thinking of positive things, they stand strong and erect, absorbing the power of the person pushing on them, and staying grounded, for quite some time.

Muscle Testing Shows the Power of Words

The power of words to affect your body can be shown excellently with muscle testing. The basis of muscle testing is that the brain continually sends and receives electrical signals to and from all of the 600+ muscles in the body. However, any kind of stress can interrupt this flow. The stress can be physical (such as a blow to the head) chemical or nutritional, electromagnetic (such as from a cell phone) or emotional.

To perform an accurate muscle test, a person who has been trained correctly, first does a few techniques, called pretests, to confirm that the body is capable of giving accurate answers. For example, if the person being tested is dehydrated, the tests will be not be valid. Therefore, one of the pretests is for dehydration. The correction is to drink one or more glasses of water.

Most movements involve the action of a number of muscles. Because we want to muscle test only one muscle, the tester puts an arm or leg in a certain position in such as way as to isolate only one muscle. 


Muscle Testing Anterior Deltoid




The tester then explains to the person being tested that a muscle test is not a test of strength. It’s to see if the brain of the testee can tell how hard the tester is pushing on their arm. The tester then says “hold” (to give the brain a chance to know what’s coming) and applies pressure to the arm. If everything is in balance, the arm will stay in the same position. If there is a stress involved, the arm will go weak, and the testee will not be able to hold up their arm, no matter how strong they are.

If the arm goes weak when you muscle test, that indicates that the thing being tested has a negative effect on the body. If the arm stays strong, that indicates that the thing being tested has a positive effect on the body. (This is not always so, as it can also mean that the thing being tested is so stressful to the body that the body ‘blocks’ on it. It’s kind of like putting a rubber glove on a hand – it protects the hand, but the hand is now less effective).

Here are some examples of words that produce positive and negative responses:


When you have the testee say “Problem” and then you muscle test them, their arm will go weak. But if the testee says “Challenge”, the arm will stay strong.

That is, do not say “Problem”. Instead say “Challenge”.


The words “Try” causes muscle go weak, but the word “Intend” causes muscles to stay strong.

As Yoda said in the movie Star Wars, “Do, or do not. There is no try.” Trying is not doing. Intention on the other hand in incredibly powerful. Try this next time you need to find a parking space or to arrive at a particular place on time. For a second or two, INTEND what you want to happen. See and feel it as an actual reality. I and many others have done this so many times with amazing success and shocking accuracy. 

Once when I was in Sydney, Australia I had to get to a meeting with a supplier. I was about to leave the store I was in when the phone rang – it was the supplier I was to meet with, asking where I was. I told him I was leaving now and would be on time. I don’t remember the actual time that I accomplished the journey in, but I had to go from Chatswood in the Northern Suburbs to the Inner city suburbs, and cross the Sydney Harbor Bridge, during rush hour, and I did it in half to a third of the time you would normally expect. When I walked into the meeting exactly on time, the man looked at me in amazement. I can still remember his words to me – “Did you fly?”


The word “Hope” makes muscles go weak, while “Intend” keeps them strong. Therefore, do not say ‘Hope’. Say ‘Intend’. Do this now. Think of something small that you want to achieve or get. Then hope for it. Really focus on hoping for it. Feel the hope. Tune into that feeling. Hope, hope, hope… Does that feel powerful or wishy-washy?

Now, instead of hoping for it, intend that you will achieve or get it. Increase the feeling of intention. How does that feel? Which felt more powerful? Can you see now that hoping for something is really powerless. When you only hope, you are giving your power away.

When you want something good to happen, provided that it is something that you feel that God wants you to do, develop INTENTION.

Again, the word ‘hope’ will make a person’s muscles go weak. Right now hope for something like having a good day on Sunday

Remember that Jesus Christ said, “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works than these shall he do”. John 14:12.


It is possible that the oligarchs who have set up systems to rule our lives were responsible for encouraging us to use words that disempower us. Here are some examples:


As you read about The Powers That Be, the secret powers behind world governments, who tell our elected officials and corporate executives what to do, you will often see them referred to as the ‘elite’. While I am sure they love to be referred to this way, because their egos are sky high, it is in error because ‘elite’ means

Having a high status because it contains the best of its kind.

That is, elite people should have all the noble qualities of honesty, compassion, courage, morality, integrity and unselfishness. Most of them are the opposite of this.

The most accurate term for the secret people who rule the world is “oligarchs”. An oligarch is a member of an oligarchy. An oligarchy is:

A government run by a small group of powerful people.


The first time I saw this term in the media was when Sarah Palin said it. Since that time, this term has become fairly widely used. It’s a brilliant term to use what was previously described simply as “members of the old boy’s club”. It is very accurate. This is a brilliant term to use for marketing the truth in the mental war for the minds of the people in the war against the oligarchs.


With their almost unlimited funds, the oligarchs pay people to put down anyone who exposes the truth about them, and to confuse everyone else. One good way to do this is to call anything that talks about them a conspiracy “theory”.

A conspiracy is when people:

Plan secretly with other people to do something bad, illegal or against someone’s wishes.

Does anyone really believe that no one ever does this? A “theory” is just an idea. To suggest that conspiracies are just an idea is laughable.

The question should not be, are there conspiracies. The question should be, what are the details? How deep do the go? And how far back into history?

The term “conspiracy research” is a much more powerful alternative.


Many people talk about “holistic medicine”. That means it has a “hole” in it. That is, something is missing from it.

The correct spelling should be “wholistic” as that reflects the real meaning. Wholistic medicine looks at the whole body. And it should also look at the whole range of possible causes of a health or emotional problem, including chemical & nutritional, emotional, physical and electromagnetic. (If you are interested in learning wholistic health for you and your family, an easy way to learn this is to read my book You’re Not Fat, You’re Toxic, which has 55 chapters discussing the complete range of wholistic health).


When I was growing up, the word “kid” was used about half as often as “children”. Now the word “children” is virtually never used. The corporations have seen to that. What once was considered vulgar jargon is now being accepted as part of everyday speech. This is very sad, because it is decreasing the amount of love in the world, and helping further the downfall of our civilization.

A kid is a baby goat. Goats are known to be wild, unruly and stupid.They are certainly not civilized. In many countries kids are eaten.

Every time you call your children “kids” you are encouraging them to identify with baby goats.




A child is a miracle that is the most important thing in the universe, especially if it is your child.




Calling children “kids” affects your children negatively. In addition, as we saw by doing the exercises above, words affect your nervous system. When you say “my child” or “my son / daughter” this creates a heart connection between you and your child, that “my kid” (my baby goat) does not, for both you and your child.

It is likely not a mistake that this word has been changed. People are naturally lazy, and prefer to use a one syllable word (kids) instead of a two syllable word (children) if they can. It is quite possible that the word “kid” was introduced to us by the oligarchs. As Satanists, they want to destroy the family. And as Satanists, they like to sacrifice baby goats – and children.

Please do this for three weeks. Make a huge effort to never use the word “kid” again. Use the words “children”, “son” or “daughter” instead”. See how that feels.


While we are on the subject of children, I thought I would mention the word “socialization”. Just about the only reason left to people to justify why children should not be homeschooled is because they need “socialization”. I imagine that most people get an idea that this means learning to be “social” – that is, good natured and polite. These are the things that they learn from responsible adults, not other children.

I wonder if people would be less keen on “socialization” if the knew that the number one definition is

To place under government or group ownership or control.

For more information, please see “55 Serious Reasons why You Should Homeschool


When people first started noticing the contrails that lasted for many hours, instead of a few minutes, and that these long-lasting contrails contained chemicals, someone created the word “chemtrail” to name them. This word has been favored by the oligarchs whom I presume are paying for this incredibly costly exercise. The word “chemtrail” has been associated with “conspiracies” so much, that it has been denigrated.


chemtrail contrail


No one as yet knows the full purpose behind chemtrails, but it is apparent that geoengineering is at least one purpose behind them. Interestingly, I saw a claim that whenever anyone changes the word “geoengineering” for “chemtrail” on Wikipedia, it will be changed back within about 15 minutes.

For more information on geoengineering, please see this speech given at the United Nations:

And visit


We saw with the muscle testing and physical exercises that words have the power to affect your body. How important is it, then, that your name does not say anything negative? In addition, your name should never say anything to the world that would cause others to think something bad of you. In addition, if you have read The Holographic Universe, you will realize that there are energies in the universe that we do not fully understand. That is why having a name with a negative meaning can end up with you having a whole lot of unnecessary ‘bad luck’.

You may have seen so many times weird examples of this. Lawyers seem to often have names that shoot themselves in the foot. Here are a few examples of lawyer names that no one should ever have:

  • Payne & Fears (Do you want pain? fear?)

  • Boring & Leach (Do you want to bore people? Make them think you are a leech?)

  • Slaughter. (This might work in court, but not in relationships)

  • Outhouse (pee-yew)

  • McPhail (Fail)

  • Duh

  • Raper

  • Lies (I found it hard to believe any lawyer would have this name, but sure enough there a a number of “Lies” on the internet):

A MAN named RAZE

Here’s a story, albeit back-to-front, as to how changing a name can change your luck in life. I once had a man come to me for kinesiology sessions. His first name was Raze. It turned out that he was having very bad luck. He had lost his job, business, money, relationship, everything. I asked him if he was aware that Raze meant “to completely destroy”. He did know that. In fact, it turned out that he had changed his name to Raze, so that he could get rid of his old life, and start a new one. I pointed out to him that the name Raze said nothing about creating, only destroying. In discussions, it turned out that all his ‘bad luck’ happened soon after he changed his name officially.


It doesn’t matter if your family name has been in the family for generations. Did you know that there was a time when many people had no family name? It’s time to make a change so that you and your future generations do not have to suffer being taunted at school, hearing sniggers as they leave the room and especially getting cursed by a simple word. If your family has a name which was noble in your country, but you have moved to a country where it means something horrible – as was the case for a girl in my class who moved from Germany and had a name that sounded like Shitz, then change it, or move to another country.

If it’s good enough for the King of England to change his name to something that sounds better, it’s good enough for you. This happened when King George V, Queen Elizabeth II’s grandfather, changed his family name. That was because he was German and realized that he needed to re-market himself as English if his descendants were to rule England, so they could get to keep all that extra tax-free loot. So he changed his family name from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, to Windsor, which sounds just SO much more English, don’t you think? Good thing too – it would not have looked too good during the war if he had not done that. If they can do that, in full view of everyone, then, if your name has affected you negatively in any way, isn’t it time you did the same?

Please, consider what your name is doing to you. If it means something negative, why not change it and see what happens, even if you only have to change one letter. Even better, why not change it to something that means something positive?

Please send me your stories about that showed the power of words in your life.

More Information on Powerful Words

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