How Wearing Metal Rings & Body Piercing

Harms Your Health & Happiness



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It is a little known fact, that metal anywhere on your body negatively affects your health. How can that be? In his article, “Chinese lessons for modern chiropractors” Dr. George Goodheart, the father of Applied Kinesiology spoke of his discovery called the Antenna Effect. He found that it is possible to tape a small metal ball onto an acupuncture point and accomplish longer term stimulation to that point. These little BB’s are now called AcuAids and are used by thousands of doctors daily. This was an important discovery. Like those tiny BB’s, any metal that is constantly on a given point on the human body may cause problems. The critical factor is where the points are located on the body.

Acupuncture is a therapy that has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years where metal needles are stuck into different parts of the body. It is based on meridians. Meridians are pathways of energy in the body. Hundreds of different people meditated long enough so that eventually they could all see all the meridians, the pathways of energy. Everyone who could see these pathways saw them in the same areas and flowing in the same direction. Today, modern science has instruments that has confirmed the existence of these meridians and acupuncture points.

There are fourteen main meridians. If you look at the diagram below, you can see where they run.


Meridian Diagrams From “Touch for Health” by John Thie

Where-ever metal is present, it distorts the energy flow. If it is located near a meridian, it throws off the meridians and can have a small or even a large effect, especially long term on a person’s health. They may never realize. In the past, major problems have been from people having metal fillings in their mouths.

People also have their health affected to a certain degree from piercing their ears. These days people are piercing more and more parts of their ears, without any idea of what they are doing to themselves. There is another whole set of acupuncture points on the ears. Every energy center of the body can be represented on a part of the ear as you can see from the following diagrams.

piercing-2Picture Copyright Terry Oleson 1996.

Ear Meridian Chart by Terry Oleson (click here)

Perhaps two of the most important energy centers in the body are two areas where people are now commonly starting to pierce their bodies.

One is the tongue. This is where the meridian for the central nervous system and its counter part, the governing system meet. Some people put a stud right in the middle of their tongue. My body cringes when I think of the harm they are doing to themselves energetically.

A more common are of body piercing is the navel. This is right on the meridian for the central nervous system. The central nervous system is responsible for just about every single functioning part of your body. So if you have metal on your central meridian this can obviously have all kinds of effects on all kinds of different parts of your health. One would never realize the problems relate to the stud on the navel.

The navel area is also very important for another reason. If you ask people who do martial arts, you will learn that this area is called the “hara”. This is your main power center. If you want to do martial arts you focus on this power center. If you want to pick up a heavy box, focus on this center. Any time you want to be stronger, if you feel this area, you will have more strength. Putting a metal stud there distorts and short circuits the energy.

Of course, another problem with metal on the body is that you may absorb some of the metal,. Probably the best way to remove metals from the body is by chelation. We used to seel a product which was chelation by suppository, which is 25% cheaper than traditional intravenous chelation. However, even though it helped many people and hurt no one, the government told the manufacturers to stop selling it.

Here are some comments from a reader:

Real Piercing Jewelry involves strict design standards using materials approved and tested for use in the human body. These metals include ASTM standardized implant grade* steel, titanium, and niobium as well as appropriate gold alloys and platinum.

What about gold? Almost all gold jewelry is an alloy (a blend of different metals) not a “pure” metal as many people assume. Only 24karat gold is pure gold, and pure gold is much too soft for use in piercing jewelry. The karat designation (10k, 14k, 18k, etc.) for gold alloys was put in place to determine the value of the metal, not the bio-acceptability of the material (whether it is safe for use in the body). For example 14k tells you that fourteen 24ths of the alloy is pure gold and ten 24ths is not gold. The portion that is not gold is what determines the bio-acceptability of an alloy and it’s suitability for use in piercings. In a normal jewelry store, gold and platinum alloys are probably the safest choice since regular jewelry stores do not usually deal with implant grade materials. While a few gold and platinum alloys offer acceptable results for most people’s piercings, statistically better results are achieved with implant grade metals. Gold does not offer better healing or a reduced risk of infection as many people believe – it should be chosen only for its colour.

What about “Sterling Silver” or “Pure Silver”? Silver is never medically approved for use in the body and is often mixed with other metals which may be toxic. Silver oxidizes quickly when used in skin (turns black or grey) can actually stain the skin permanently in the area of the piercing. Silver oxidation also produces a weak acid as a byproduct.  The oxidation process often results in a chronically irritated piercing that never seems to heal completely.


I received an email from a young woman who was thinking of getting nose and lip piercings. This is my reply to her:

Please do not do that.  The central meridian, and the governing meridian, which is the meridian for the spinal cord – the two most important energy flows in the body, meet at the lips.  Plus the central meridian goes over the nose. So piercings in these areas can have profound affects on one’s health and wellbeing.

Yes, many women do this stuff to themselves and SEEM to be okay.  But it’s only appearances.   I have had many, many women come to me who LOOK healthy and happy, but when I muscle test them, I can tell that they are way off balance, and I ask them if they feel terrible a lot of the time.  They do.  And I ask them if nobody believes them?  And they say yes.

People used to pass away peacefully in their sleep.  Now 1/3 of people are dying of cancer.  Cancer HURTS.  A friend of ours died of cancer, screaming in her husband’s arms, despite the drugs.

Piercings are just a part of all the bad stuff that is affecting us.  It was not meant to be this way.

Plus there is a spiritual aspect.  In the past, the only people and animals that got pierced and branded were slaves – to show ownership.

Plus – there’s no money in piercings.  Please see how many wealthy people (apart from drug dealers etc.) who have all this garbage on them.

Please stand firm and don’t buy into what everyone else says.  Be your own person.


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