New Bible Codes Discovered!

The Secret Solfeggio Frequencies:
Sound Vibration Rates for Creation and Destruction

“Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse”

by Dr Leonard Horowitz and Dr Joseph Puleo


Book Review by Stephanie Relfe

In 1999 my husband and I were living in Dallas Texas. By chance we decided to attend a small Body, Mind and Spirit exhibition. There wasn’t much of interest until we attended an incredible lecture by Dr Len Horowitz. Dr Horowitz is an incredibly good speaker. He looks the part, and with his degrees from Harvard and in Public Health, what he says about the medical establishment packs a lot of punch. It was great to see someone so courageously, and effectively, standing up to the establishment.

His talk was so good that we decided to attend the evening lecture he gave that night. At that lecture we learned about newly discovered secret codes in the bible. These codes produce a brand new type of music which uplifts people spiritually and is related to the physics of creation.  They were discovered by Dr Puleo who was guided to discover these codes through visions from Jesus Christ. 

The new bible codes, found in the Book of Numbers, include a mathematical electromagnetic frequency code for “miracles” that experts say has already been shown to help repair damaged DNA, the genetic blueprint of life.

These bible codes are totally different from any previously written about, and certainly don’t need a computer to decode them (as previously discovered codes were supposed to).

According to the documentation and analyses provided in “Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse” principal investigator Dr. Joseph Puleo was intuitively guided to find the pattern of six repeating codes in the Book of Numbers, Chapter 7, verses 12 through 83. When deciphered using the ancient Pythagorean method of reducing the verse numbers to their single digit integers, the codes revealed a series of six electromagnetic sound frequencies that correspond to the six missing tones of the ancient Solfeggio scale.

healing-codes-dvdPresentation on DVD

These original sound frequencies were apparently used in the great hymn to St. John the Baptist that, along with many Gregorian chants, were lost centuries ago according to church officials. The chants and their special tones were believed to impart special spiritual blessings when sung in harmony.

Dr. Puleo, a naturopathic physician and minister of the gospel, and lead author, Dr. Leonard Horowitz-who holds a masters degree in public health from Harvard-spent three years researching the six tones that physicists and musicians alike recognize as “an extremely unique interrelated series of mathematical and electromagnetic sound frequencies that include harmonic sequences similar to those found in the ‘wedding march.'” Additionally, the entire series appears to relate to the “144,000” predicted in the Book of Revelation to be gathered by God to sing a special song heralding the Messianic age.

The first note, “UT-quent laxis,” is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as “the Gamut of dramatic emotion from grief to joy,” and “the whole series of recognized musical notes.” It has a frequency of 396 cycles per second, and is also associated with a “magnetic field strength equal to 105 power gauss,” or 100,000. The second tone, “RE”, short for “resonare fibris” or resonance, also correlates mathematically to 144,000. The third note, frequency 528, relates to the note “MI” on the scale and derives from the phrase “MI-ra gestorum” in Latin meaning “miracle.” Stunningly, this is the exact frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair damaged DNA the genetic blueprint upon which life is based. FOR FULL DETAILS OF THESE FREQUENCIES SEE THE LINK BELOW.

The authors speculate these six tones may have been played by the ancient priests during the miraculous shattering of Jericho’s great wall in six days before falling on the seventh, and the creation of the universe in six days after which God is believed to have rested on the seventh. Bible scholars believe both events occurred as a result of sounds being spoken or played.

“I was intrigued when Dr. Horowitz first described the Bible frequencies,” said Dr. Lee Lorenzen, a world renowned biochemist working with water crystallization methods to rejuvenate DNA. “The ‘528’ frequency is well known to scientists working on DNA repair,” he continued. “After studying the healing fountains of the world we decided to add that frequency to a Clustered Water(TM) preparation we recently patented. We believe it may be beneficial in delaying aging processes.”

“I was spiritually guided to move to northern Idaho to meet and work with Dr. Puleo,” Dr. Horowitz said. “I had prayed for a breakthrough on the level that Dr. Puleo was blessed to find. I simply became the communicator for Joey to reveal some of God’s most special secrets.” Likewise, Dr. Puleo explained, “I specifically prayed to meet Dr. Horowitz after I viewed his lecture video. I needed someone who could write and communicate this knowledge. About a month later, Dr. Horowitz showed up at my door.”

Originally, Dr Puleo wanted to write under the pseudonym “Dr Barber”, despite being warned that it would be safer to use his real name.  However, after an attempt was made on his life he changed his name into the second publication to his real name of Puleo.  Neighbours witnessed two men in black outside Puleo’s house aim a lazer gun through Puleo’s kitchen window.  However, God protects his people.  The lazer should have given Puleo a heart attack (at least).  But at that moment he raised a glass bottle full of olive oil.  The lazer went through the bottle and knocked Puleo over, but enough of the blast was absorbed by the olive oil bottle to save him.

Other attempts have been made on Dr Puleo’s life. These attempts help to confirm the power in these bible codes.

(Note from Stephanie Relfe: I have seen photos of this bottle when we went to visit Dr Puleo. The photo clearly showed the weird shaped hole in it. We felt the story was totally true. The bottle itself is in safekeeping).

I had the above information on my site for about a year, when on July 20 2003 I felt guided to put all the information about the different tones on my site. This information is on pages 166 & 167 of the book. That was when things got weird. My husband Michael went to scan the pages for me. Nothing happened. All that came through was a blue screen with no words on it. This does not normally happen. He tried to scan a normal page from another book. It scanned perfectly. He alternated back and forth about eight times. Each time the pages from The Biological Apocalypse would be jammed, but pages from anything else scanned perfectly. Michael even tried to scan the front page of The Biological Apocalypse. Again, it wouldn’t scan. It became obvious to us that something energetic had been done to this book, and that someone on the dark side did not want this information published. I realised that I would have to type the pages manually.

That there is MUCH more to these frequencies than we now know, is shown from the following story in the book on page 70. Someone among “The Powers that Be” apparently does not want this information given to the public: Dr Puleo (Joey) was researching the tones, trying to find out what they meant:

“So Joey asked around for leads. Soon a friend directed him to a university, in Spokane, WA, where a monsignor became his contact. The clergyman was head of the Mediaeval department. “He knew all about the ‘organs of Corti’, Solfeggio, Guido of Arezzo, and the whole thing.” Joey recalled.

Following twenty minutes on the telephone with the man, he asked Joey, “It’s wonderful to speak to you, my son, but what exactly is that I can do for you?”

“Can you decipher Mediaeval Latin, Monsignor?”


“And you know the musical scale and everything?”


“Well then could you tell me what ‘Ut-queant laxis’ means?’

After a brief pause the Monsignor quipped, “It’s none of your business.” Then he hung up.

Weeks later, the Spokane librarian who had (been searching for information for Joey on these notes, with regards to Mediaeval Latin) called him back. “I didn’t forget you,” she said. “I tried to find out more on the subject. Some people I contacted told me to drop it, to just forget it!”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes,” she replied. “I’m very serious.”

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