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How to Simply Be Happy

by Stephanie Relfe B.Sc. (Sydney)

When I was in my 20s, I used to marvel at my bosses wife – she was always radiantly happy. It seemed to me that she could smile for no apparent reason. After learning how to heal the body, mind and spirit, I know now that this is a state that should be natural to all of us, and now I also often smile and am happy for no apparent reason.

Many people do not feel happy because their body is out of balance energetically. Once it is rebalanced, they often simply feel happy for no reason at all. This is our natural state – just the way babies and animals are happy most of the time.

The way to find out if your body is out of balance is with muscle testing and kinesiology. Then there are techniques to rebalance the body. I have helped many people make vast improvements to their emotional wellness and health with kinesiology and muscle testing. For example, here are a few reports from some of my clients:

“Since visiting Stephanie I have felt much less stressed at work.  The little things the children used to do, now don’t worry me.  Even things that should worry me don’t any more.   Also I now have more confidence in myself.”  Sharon N.

“I wasn’t a negative person before hand, but after my balance life looked even more positive – almost to the extent that I felt like I was on a high!”  Gina R.

Kinesiology is a brand new branch of science which was developed by doctors, chiropractors and acupuncturists in the U.S.A. They pooled their knowledge and added it to Chinese medicine to develop a totally new technology which is amazingly efficient at balancing the body so that it can return to excellent health, energy and emotional strength . It stands apart from any other type of health technology largely due to its revolutionary use of muscle testing. To see examples of muscle testing, please see the trailer of my DVD training system, “Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing – The Revolution in Natural Healthcare” .

(Note: There are two definitions of ‘kinesiology’. Both study muscles. But one uses muscle testing and one does not. It is only kinesiology which makes use of muscle testing throughout a session that gets miraculous results).

I will explain below some of the ways in which this is done. And also why Synergistic Kinesiology is much more effective at long term improvements in emotional healing than other techniques which don’t help the person to idenfity the CAUSE of why they have an emotional problem. Three of the DVDs in my training series are devoted specifically to emotions. But you will learn below how the techniques which you learn in the other 9 of the 12 DVDs also improve emotional wellness. That is because the whole body is connected to the whole body. After all, when you step on a cat’s tail, it’s the other end that screams!

Every person is different. But no matter what the emotional state of any one person is, there are a number of things which should always be tested and corrected for, to improve those emotions. Some of these are:

1) The Centering System.

This is an energy system that seems to be related to the Central Nervous System. There are three different systems that make up the Centering System. The general test to find out if one, two or all three of these systems are out of balance is as follows. First confirm that an arm muscle locks when tested (That is, it tests strong). Then you warn the person that you are going to give them a gentle thump on their upper arm, so that they are not shocked when you do that. Then you do that, and immediately afterwards, retest the arm you just tested. If Centering is in balance, the arm will still test strong. If Centering is out of balance, the muscle will unlock and the arm will go weak.

You can imagine how incredibly stressed a body is, if just a gentle thump to the upper arm can cause the muscles to go weak!!! When a person’s Centering is out of balance, they are like a three-legged table. It takes almost no stress at all to make them go wobbly. Once their Centering is in balance, they are like a four-legged table. They become much, much stronger emotionally.

It is my experience with my clents, that at least 50% of people, and probably higher, have their Centering out of balance. It takes a major stress to put the Centering system out of balance, but most people have been subjected to at least one of these stresses, including:

  • Being born, especially by ‘normal’ Western methods, where a woman lies on her back / has drugs etc.
  • Having a baby
  • A car crash
  • A major blow to the body
  • A divorce, either your own or your parents
  • Having an operation
  • Major financial stress
  • Eating microwaved food
  • Being vaccinated

I have experienced the ‘before and after’ of the Centering correction myself. I used to cry a lot, super easily. When I went to personal development seminars, people would sometimes come up to me and congratulate me on being ale to cry so easily! (Since many people are not able to let their tears come out). However, I hardly ever felt the need to cry once I had my Centering systems put back in balance. The difference between the ‘old’ me with Centering out of balance and the ‘new’ me with Centering in balance is like night and day. I teach how to test for and correct the three different systems which make up the Centering system.

2) Emotional Stress Release

Specialized kinesiology has a very simple and yet very powerful technique for removing emotional stress for the body, called Emotional Stress Release (ESR). It can be shown how very effective this techique is by muscle testing. First the person thinks of something that upsets them, or was stressful in the past. Then the kinesiologist tests them. Typically, muscles that were previously strong will now test weak. Once the ESR technique is done, and the person again thinks of the upset, their muscles will usually remain strong.

This clears emotional stress from the body. It can be especially interesting to do ESR on people who have supposedly cleared the stress from their mind, of being born. When they think of being born, often their arms will go weak. This shows that while the stress may have been cleared from the MIND, the BODY still has negative energy about this incident stored in it.

Also, we are not the body. We say ” ‘my’ body”. Who is the individual that owns the body? We are a spirit, or soul, who is separate from our body. Our body is like a living car that we live in to play the game of life. However, most people identify purely with their body. This can cause problems. For example, somewhere in my life I became aware that some of my problems with relationships were due to a subconscious feeling that I did not love myself. I tried different techniques to fix this, but none of them really worked.

It was not until I discovered kinesiology that I found the cause of this problem. I had no problem loving myself. It was my BODY who was feeling unloved. Many bodies feel unloved, because their owners say all kinds of horrible things about them, or treat them in ways that they don’t want to be treated – like make them stay up late when they would rather be asleep, or give them unhealthy food to eat which is shortening their life span. Doing ESR can do wonders to remove long term emotional problems.

3) Self-Sabotaging Commands in the Wernicke’s Area of the Brain

Some of our negative behavior and actions come from commands that are stored in our brain, in what is called the Wernicke’s area, on the right side. These commands, which we call “wernicke’s commands” were put there when someone who we looked up to as an authority said them to us. The ‘authority’ could have been a parent, teacher, peer, politician, society or a doctor.

Most people have dozens or even hundreds of these commands in stored in their brain. Examples of wernicke’s commands are:

  • “Don’t do that”
  • “Grow up”
  • Shut up”
  • “Eat up”
  • “Forget that”
  • “Give up”
  • “You’re mad”
  • “You’re bad”
  • “You’re stupid”
  • “You’ll never make it”
  • “You’re too fat”
  • “You’ll never change”
  • “You’ll forget”
  • “You’ll go to hell”
  • “You’re a slow learner
  • “Eat ALL your food”,
  • “You’re not good enough”
  • “You’re not strong enough”
  • “You’re not pretty enough”
  • “You’re not clever enough”

My kinesiology teacher, David Bridgman, developed an amazing kinesiology correction which identifies and removes these commands from the brain. Removing them can make a big difference, especially when combined with other actions. For example, one man I worked on in his 40s who was very, very thin had been trying all his life to put on weight. Nothing worked no matter what he did. Muscle testing shows that most problems need a combination of various things to be done to heal a problem, but in this case all the body wanted me to do was find and remove ten wernicke’s commands, which were all to do with him being thin. When I saw him a year later, he was elated to tell me that shortly after that he put on ten pounds.

I’m sorry to say that here is no magic bullet like this for reducing weight. But nearly everyone who has come to me who wanted to reduce weight had at least some wernicke’s commands about being fat, eating their food and similar commands, which was holding them back from doing what they needed to do. To reduce weight, a total lifestyle program is needed, which is what I give you in the book that took me years to research and two years to write, You’re Not Fat, You’re Toxic.

This book can also help you to be happy, because a body full of toxins is an unhappy body.

The Wernicke’s Correction makes up one of the 12 DVDs in my DVD Training series.

4) Locating the CAUSE of a problem with Muscle Testing

I teach how to ‘talk’ to the body with muscle testing to identify the exact cause or causes of a particular problem. This is one reason why Synergistic Kinesiology is so much more effective at healing emotions than other systems which don’t identify the cause of the emotion, such as Emotional Freedom Technique.

Usually at least one of the causes of any problem that the person has in the present is due to something that happened in the past. I show you how to identify what that was, when it happened, what the particular emotion was that is still stored in the body, and other things you need to know.

5) Fourteen Muscle & Fourteen Organ Balance

At different times of the day, different muscles receive more energy, while others receive less. This is the ‘body clock”. There are fourteen muscles in this body clock. Each muscle is related to a different organ or system, such as the Stomach, Liver or Central Nervous System. When any one of these muscles is out of balance, the person is quite likely to feel more emotional.

Once I was very, very upset about the break up of a relationship. I went to a friend to give me a kinesiology balance. I was crying uncontrollably. My friend did Emotional Stress Release (ESR), which should have fixed me, but made no difference to my crying. So my friend decided to stop doing ESR, and instead to just give me a Fourteen Muscle Balance. Sure enough, one of my muscles was out of balance. As soon as the correction was done, my crying stopped, I started smiling again, and I moved on from that relationship, and did not look back.

6) Pain

If there is any pain in the body, this can obviously affect the person. Anger and pain have a strong energetic connection, so a person in pain will feel angry much more quickly and easily than when they are not in pain. Kinesiology has various techniques for removing pain from the body.

7) Connection to Suppressive People

This is not taught as part of kinesiology but I include it here as it can help a lot of people. A percentage of the population, maybe 20%, may have health and emotional problems because they are physically connected to what is called a suppressive person. I describe these people fully in this article.

I once worked on a woman who had various pains and health and emotional problems. When I saw her for the second session, all the work that I had done at the first session had become undone. Instead of doing what many healers would do, and just redo what I did the first time, I did a process which I teach in my DVD series. Through this process I was able to identify exactly what had caused this woman to go out of balance again. The emotions that the body indicated suggested that there was a suppressive person that she was close to. I described suppressive people to her, and she had no trouble identifying that as her boss. We then scored her boss on the suppressive scale, and the boss scored super high as a suppressive. My client then decided to quit her job. She got another, better, better-paid job within two weeks, and virtually all her symptoms went away.

8) Foods can Cause Negative Emotions

Surprisingly, muscle testing and kinesiology show how many people’s emotional problems do not have an emotional cause. For example, the emotional problems of many people are caused partly by their diet. A whole book could be written on this subject alone, but I will give you a few examples here.

A person who ingests caffeine will not have as deep a sleep as they should. Therefore, that can make them tired the next day. Anything that depletes the body of energy can cause the person’s emotions to go downhill. (To learn how kinesiology gives people significantly more energy, read this article).

A lack of good water (eg Reverse Osmosis water, not chemical-filled tap water) can cause the kidneys to go out of balance. The kidneys are associated with fear. So a lack of water can cause the person to be more fearful.

Alcohol has to be detoxified by the liver. This can mean that a lot of extra energy goes to the liver. The liver is associated with anger. Therefore, a person who has alcohol can be extra angry, especially the day after they had the alcohol.

Any food which puts the body out of balance, can cause the person to feel emotionally weak. Foods which strengthen the body, especially raw seeds, some nuts, fruits and vegetables, can help to rebalance the body and increase the feeling of emotional wellness. So my DVD which teaches muscle testing for food is very, very helpful for those who want emotional wellness.

I am so sure that these techniques will work for you to increase your Emotional Wellbeing, that I am offering a full 60 day money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied (less cost of shipping), so there is no risk to you. Please remember, this will be something that will benefit you and your loved ones for the rest of your life. Please go now to visit “Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing – The Revolution in Natural Healthcare“.


Why Emotional Freedom Technique is Inferior to Synergistic Kinesiology

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