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The following are miracles that were posted on a forum (Beware if you visit this forum. You need excellent security as it has a lot of trojans on it. Also, it can corrupt you spiritually, because while there are good people and useful information on it, there are also foul mouthed and foul minded people on it. In addition, some claim that Tavistock is behind the website, and it seems to have addictive qualities).

and other posts including


I went to pick up my brother and his new guide dog from a seeing eye school in Morristown NJ. When we were on highway 180 approaching Englewood NJ, a torrential rain storm started. I was driving in the right lane going slow.

The car in the front of us started to slide in the big puddles. It ended up hitting the guard rails on the right side. I pulled over right behind them (I dont know WHY I did that-Its not like me to do things like that)to check on them.

It was raining sooo hard, so I did not get out of the car right away. Within a couple of minutes the car that had hit the guard rail started to pull out back into the highway. Seeing that they were okay, I slowly pulled out into the right lane also.

A couple of minutes later, a white van cut me off while attempting to change lanes right in the front of me. I hit the brakes, and I started to hydroplane. I turned the wheel (WRONG thing to do while hydroplaning), I started to spin out of control, traveled across three highway lanes, all while spinning, hit the left median three separate times and stopped across the right lane blocking traffic.

HOW I did NOT hit any cars in heavy traffic it self is a miracle. When we came to stop, I see an 18 wheeler heading straight our way. He hits his brakes, jackknifes, and starts sliding straight towards us!

I remember VERY VERY CLEARLY, saying out loud, JESUS HELP US. My brother had no idea that what was about to happen, because he is blind. The truck stopped sliding ONLY three feet from us. It never hit us. No other cars were involved!

NOT a scratch on any of us. My brothers seeing eye dog, Max was fine too.For the rest of my life, I WILL ALWAYS KNOW miracles happen, when one evokes the name of the Lord!


Years ago one midnight in July, there I was on a wide two-lane main road in town, driving to the diner to pick up my teenage daughter and maybe give a ride home to any of her friends wanting one. Windows open to the perfect breeze, radio off listening to crickets: heard the sound of a train very loud clattering from the tracks about a half mile away.

It got louder as I stopped for the red light by the diner and put on my left turn signal to pull around the corner and into the parking lot. A brick bank on the corner blocked a view of the cross street… the freight train clattering sound got even louder AND THEN suddenly a huge lumber truck with a long empty trailer rocketed around the corner on two wheels heading straight at me, surprise quick as a blink.

No time to have my whole life flash in a thought, no time to slam the car into reverse or to think or pray, could only read the word Volvo as wide as my windshield and say to myself “That thing’s got my name on it”: seeing the truck driver with his hands off the wheel covering both his eyes I simply sat still waiting for my life to end.

That truck looked too wide for the road anyway, but somehow it only knocked my sideview mirror askew squeezing by.

Next, there was the trailer (long enough to carry telephone poles) gone into a jacknife to contend with; and immediately this, too, somehow straightened out to pass me by a hair. So then I sat there in shock, watching this thing keep on clattering down the road in my rearview mirror.

(And, from the same person):

Years ago, driving by myself again, same car, this time on a trip to visit my sister who lives three hours away. Radio off, was thinking about the miracle with the lumber truck and joking around with Jesus trying to get a laugh out of Him. “Thanks again for straightening out that truck. Remember when I was little and would ask You to turn a penny from heads to tails? Now, of course I’m not asking this favor for a demo of Your Existence, but it’s just that I’m tired and running late and miss her and just this once sure do wish it could only take an hour to drive there instead of three. Would that be at all possible, Jesus, just for fun?”

Loud and clear in my mind, then, He Laughed. The sound of His Laugh was Santa Claus and Elvis. It made me so happy to hear.

After driving for another while, I noticed the clock was stopped. How funny that the time said only an hour had passed on the road, upon arriving at my sister’s house. 

“How’d you get here so fast?” she said, “You just called me an hour ago on your way out the door”. Yep.


My brother was dying of Hepatitis (heavy drinker) and his liver was shutting down. He was getting inferon treatment, but it failed and his only hope was a transplant. He called me and broke down on the phone when he told me.

I explained to him that God can do ANYTHING and as Yashua (Jesus Christ) said “What any two ask in his name he will grant”.

He was a devout atheist but agreed to pray with me on the phone. I lead the prayer and we agreed to meet up when I got back home.

He went to the Dr. the next day for status tests and the Dr. took some blood/urine samples. The following day his Dr. said that they must have mixed up his samples and wanted him to come back for more samples.

When the Dr. repeated the test, it came back perfectly normal. He was totally cured! The Dr. told him that the inferon must have had a delayed effect as he couldn’t explain it any other way. That was over 6 years ago and he is now a christian and his liver is perfect!


An ex-co-worker of mine who helped lead me to Christ several years prior contracted alopecia areata (incurable) and lost ALL of his body hair even his eye lashes. He called me to tell me about it and that his faith was shaken. We talked for a while and I told him about the other healings that I witnessed and asked if he would pray for me. So I lead him in prayer and told him that God is with him always.

I didn’t see or hear from him again for about a month. We hooked back up and ALL of his hair completely returned! In fact it was thicker than it was before he contracted the disease.


When I was 7 years old, I was flown from Iowa to California to visit my dad for the summer. He took me to the ocean near L.A. and I jumped in and was swimming in the ocean for the first time…what a great and magnificent thing the ocean is!

Anyway, I got caught in a rip-tide and was pulled way out…past the end of the long dock nearby…way past where anyone was swimming. As I was beginning to go under for the last time, a girl on a raft appeared (she came from the open sea, not the beach direction). She grabbed me and told me to hang on to the raft. She paddled steadily and got me back to the beach, where I collapsed in exhaustion. Only a few seconds went by when I rolled over to thank her, but she was gone! She was carrying a brightly covered air raft, so it should have been easy to see her, but she was not in the water and not on the beach…believe me, I searched! 

I believe she was an angel…


OK this happened to me about 3 years ago. My husband and I were traveling with my parents and were staying at an old hotel in Barcelona. We had stayed a couple of nights there and were heading for the ship the next day for a 12 day cruise. This was really an ancient hotel next to an old cathedral that dated back hundreds of years.

On the morning when we were supposed to leave for the ship, I was getting ready to put my shoes on and was puzzled to find only one shoe. You have to realize this was a extremely small room in which my husband and I were staying. We proceded to tear up the room and emptied out all of the suitcases looking for it. We finally gave up about an hour later. I then called down to the front desk and told them of the problem. They said they would send up a maid to help us look.

After the three of us had again tore up the room looking, I turned to the maid and asked her if things regularily turned up missing in that room and if she thought it could be a poltergeist. Even though I asked her the question, I still didn’t really believe it. I actually believe poltergeists are demons! She turned slowly around and her face was white as a sheet! She nodded her head yes and walked out of the room.

I was really frantic then. I had only brought 2 pairs of shoes with me, high heels and tennis shoes. The special taxi that was supposed to take the 4 of us to the ship, was about to arrive in a few minutes and there was no way I could spend 12 days trotting around in high heels! I guess I should also mention that inside the insert of the shoe was $200 dollars for emergency money. I then trotted down the hall in bare feet to tell my folks of my delima.

My Mom came back with me to the room and we searched again. My Mom is a Christian and I am too, however I never prayed at the time. My Mom did. I’ll never forget the look on all of our faces when my Mom knelt down and then raised back up with the shoe in her hand! I almost passed out from the shock! She picked it up off the middle of the floor, right where she’d been kneeling! It materialized right smack in the middle of the floor! Even now I start trembling when I think back on it!

My Mom still turns white when anyone asks about it. She tells everyone that when she knelt down, it wasn’t there. When she started to get back up, there it was, right at her knees. 

I’m still amazed when I think about what happened. Even though I asked the maid about poltergeists, I believe it was demon activity. God is more powerful then any demon, and he made them give the shoe back!

By the way, it still had my 200 dollars in it!


One day, I was walking w/ my husband and sister-in-law down the street. We were just talking. Suddenly, my husband stopped walking and I thought it was weird and I stopped, looked at him and then I saw him in a trance. He grabbed his sister, who wasn’t noticing anything at all what we were doing and pulled her back. This palm-sized rock fell right in front of where she would have gotten hit. I was in shock. He then turned back to his normal self.

Another time, he found out his co-worker was going yet on another vacation without notifying him in advance, so he was fuming. Normally my husband will work it, even if he’s angry, but he refused to budge on this one and complained to the boss. His boss told the co-worker that he had to postpone the trip. Lucky that it happened. He had 4 tickets to a plane that crashed.

As for me, too many of my own miracles. I realized that everything happens for a reason and it has led me to the right path that’s best for me: the problems of childhood, going to school, jobs I’ve held and the life I’ve led. It was exactly according to plan and it has been everything I hoped for while growing up as a child.


I came extremely close to drowning at Daytona Beach in Fl. I was with my cousin and two people we had met in waist deep water. I was 14 years old and I could not swim very well especially when the tide was strong. The waves were very strong and before I could do anything I was at least one hundred yards out and at the time I was way over my head.

I remember calling for help and I could barely see people on the shore. I finally decided to let go and just go under because my arms were burning like mad. My entire body was exhausted.

As soon as I went under the last time, I saw someone who had long hair and slender build. That is the image of the person who told me to hold on to them.

Next thing I know I was let down about ten feet from the shore. This person told me the waves would still be strong since I was so weak from fighting. As soon as this person put me down I was knocked to my knees in shin deep water.

I crawled up on the shore, exhausted. When I looked for the person who brought me into the shore, I never found anyone.

To this day I wonder why someone would save someone yet let them go before they were on the dry shore. I also wondered why this person didn’t stick around. My cousin came running down the beach, crying his eyes out thinking I had drowned because the life guard was calling everyone in because of rough water….

I was given so many chances at finding God and I finally did although it took me almost four decades to do so.  I now can feel God’s ultimate energy following through my hands and body as we speak. I deal with my pain and other issue through prayer and a natural lifestyle.


Back in the 70’s, I was a bulldozer operator on gigantic projects in the Chicago area. 

The first thing that is done on these projects is to use earthmovers to strip the topsoil off, down to the clay. The topsoil is stored in huge piles, to be spread back on the clay after the earthwork is done.

In some places, the topsoil is 12 feet thick, and the earthmovers needed a bulldozer on top of the piles to keep them smoothish and so the earthmovers could dump their 24 cubic yard loads on top without tipping over the edge.

So, I’m on a bulldozer, on top of a pile of topsoil probably 50 feet tall, keeping it as safe as possible for the earthmovers. Got too close to the edge, and started sliding off the pile sideways! The dozer started to tip over, and at that point, time slowed down to such a point where I was able to easily get out of my seat and actually walk around the roll-over cage, the seat, the cage, the seat, etc as the dozer rolled over and over down the steep slope!

I should have been thrown and crushed, but I was able to calmly walk my way to safety! I didn’t see Jesus or anything, but there was a huge time distortion that saved my life!

And, to top it off, the dozer ended up on it’s tracks, still running and with no damage. My boss never knew what happened, and he would have flipped out for sure. I took a short break, and went back to work.


Once when trying to read the bible, stumbling over every sentence, I got angry with myself and shouted out God I wish I could read better. When I began reading again I found I was reading prefectly, I swear since that day my reading has improved.


After spending a few vacation days in Richmond VA, it was time for my brother and I to drive back to NY. After staying up late, performing our last gig (We are musicians-he a piano player, and I a singer)by time we finished loading up the equipment in the car at was close to 4 am.

We had not slept at all. I was driving, but I felt great, and refreshed. I convinced my brother that we should just hit the road to get an early start and beat the traffic out of the VA and DC area. By the time the sun came up, we were both starving, so we stopped to eat at Maryland Pancake House. I stuffed my belly, drank LOTS and LOTS of coffee and hit the road again.

I did not know,that if you get no sleep then go and stuff your belly, MAJOR MAJOR sleepiness will come over you and no amount of coffee will stop it. As soon as I hit the highway again, I could not keep my eyes open. No matter what I tried. I opened all the windows to get some air, but the heat of August hit me in the face and made my overwhelming need for sleep worse. My brother is already sleeping.

I continue driving no more than a couple of minutes, and I fell asleep behind the wheel. The right tires of the car started to drive on the gravel side of the road. I heard it, but I just could not open my eyes. RIGHT there and then, I “heard” a VERY VERY STRONG voice, a demanding voice, say, MARIA, WAKE UP!WAKE UP!! My brother was in a very deep sleep and snoring, so he had no idea what was going on!

I opened my eyes RIGHT before the car went into the woodsy area full of trees! I turned the wheel just in the nick of time.


I was flying home from navy bootcamp 1985 back from san diego i was released early to medical injury. It was a sunday and i was to be picked up at airport by my brother in boston. I sat next to a older lady. 70 ish i was 18. She started talking to me about what she does. Traveling around the world sharing the gospel. I thought it was weird since i was catholic and sharing about jesus was weird.

She told me i was going on a long journey in life and insisted i take 20 dollars. I didnt want to offend her so i did. She then then had me touch her right hand it was real cold. Then she had me touch her left hand it was hot! I was like this is weird.

I got off the plane and my brother wasnt there. His car had broke down. I had to get a cab home it cost me the 20 dollars. I was invited to a bible study 3 years later and i read about. Be entertained by angels without even knowing it. I became a christian. And still faithful to this day.


About two years ago I was in a terrible accident that totaled my car. I had gotten into a huge fight with my boyfriend and was driving high-speed, idiotically, on the interstate at about 6 in the morning. It was a very busy interstate and people were headed to work at that hour. 

He called me on the phone and upset me even more and in a fit of rage, (I had both hands on the wheel) but I took one and banged the steering wheel. In that moment, I lost control of the car, I tried to regain control but overcorrected and spun out on this busy interstate, and hit the side rail twice. 

I eventually came to a stop and my car was stopped completely perpendicular to the lane, and the car was facing the rails on the side of the road. Because my sides hit the rails my doors were jammed. I rushed to open the door but it just wouldn’t budge. I thought about hopping over to the other side to try that door and I saw this big 18 wheeler headed straight for me.

In that moment, I said to myself: So this is how it ends for me? I should have been very frantic, but when I tell you that I experienced a real peace unlike I’ve ever experienced before. I have busy career and stay on the go all the time that I often just feel overwhelmed. But in that moment I just felt an overwhelming peace and contentment. 

And suddenly, my car started to move toward the rail and the side of the highway. My car was still perpendicular to the highway roads but managed to get completely out of the lanes. I knew it was the Holy Spirit that pushed my car out the lane. I wanted to look back when it was happening but I was afraid. 

The driver of the 18 wheeler pulled over and frantically ran to me and said “I almost hit you” but your car moved out the way just in time.

I praise God for saving my life!


A few years ago, my father in law passed away suddenly. My wife took it very hard. He hadn’t been a regular church goer, but was otherwise a good man. She was concerned about his soul.

We had a battery operated electric candle sitting on the dresser in our bedroom. It hadn’t been used in about two years, most likely because the batteries had died and no one had changed them. When we had used it, it went through batteries pretty fast.

Well, a short time after we came home from the funeral, that candle came on by itself. It stayed on continuously for about a week. No one tried to turn it off. While it was on, I went and looked at the on/off switch. That switch was in the OFF position, yet the candle remain lighted. Now you could call this some kind of malfunction, but if it was, it was the most unusual one I’ve ever seen from a common battery operated device.

Whatever the case, my wife felt better after that. She knew then that his soul was in good hands.


Several years ago, I was riding my Harley on an interstate home from work. As I was exiting to an on ramp to another highway, I failed to notice that traffic ahead had stopped until it was too late. I stood up, literally, leaned back and stood on the rear brake. I had no traction at all, and the bike fishtailed right to left 180 degrees like a clock pendulum several times with no perceptible decrease in speed, as if I were on ice.

In those few seconds, I knew that I was either going to die or end up severely injured, so I tried to make my peace with God while I could still draw breath. My vision seem to blank out.

The next thing I knew, I was at a full, complete stop behind the car ahead. I was upright with both feet on the ground, and the bike was faced perfectly straight forward as if nothing had happened.


From someone in Sweden:

Sometimes I’ve had problems and just tried to sort them out myself; other times I was so desperate that I prayed, ‘Jesus, please help me!’ I had an electricity bill once that made me go white, as I just couldn’t pay it; in dollars, and in today’s money, it would be about $800, I did not know what to do. I went to bed and prayed, ‘Please, I just can’t pay this.’ Two days later, a letter arrived with a tax refund: for the *exact amount* of the bill! I can still remember opening it, I just could not believe it. Exact to the penny!

Another one; 13 years ago, I worked a 6-month contract as a night-call assistant at a senior care home. I lived, with my 16 year old daughter, in a flat [apartment] attached to the building. The contract ended, I had another job, and had to find somewhere else to live. But I couldn’t find anywhere! I had enough money in the bank for a deposit and 3 months’ rent upfront, and hadn’t anticipated a problem …… but every single place said ‘No pets.’

We were on the phone all the time, I chased up every ad, went round all the estate agents’ offices – nothing. I was panicking. My employers agreed to extend my tenancy by one more week, but we *had* to be out by then, as the new staff member was moving in. With three days left, we literally had nowhere to go! I was so stressed out that I was doing things like putting sugar in the freezer.

I went to bed and said, ‘Jesus, please help us. I don’t know what to do!’ I don’t think I really expected an answer. But to my surprise, I heard a voice in my head. It said, “Have I ever let you down?”

I thought about it, and about other times I’d been rescued from dire straits. “No ….. You never have.” 

That was all I heard, and I tried to have a bit of faith. The next day, I had a really strong urge to go back to an estate office again. I thought, ‘Well, I just went there the other day, and they had nothing to rent!’ But it was so strong that I went back there. (Feeling pretty stupid!) It was the same woman in the office, and she looked at me with surprise, and said irritably, “I’m very sorry, but as I told you yesterday, we have no available rental properties.’

As I stood there, feeling absolutely helpless, a tall man came through a side door into her office, saying, “I’ve lost my stapler, can I borrow yours?” She said sure, and he started hunting through her desk drawer, while she continued telling me there was nothing they had. He looked up and asked what was going on. She said, “I’m just explaining to this lady that we can’t help her.” He looked at me, and said: “I will find you somewhere to live. Come back tomorrow at 9 am.” 

I couldn’t believe it. The next morning at 9 am, I went back, and he handed me the keys to a wonderful 5-room apartment with a garden and at a cheap rent. We had just 24 hours left of the deadline to move! When we got outside, my daughter turned to me and said seriously, “Mum – that was a miracle.” And it really was.

The strange thing is, I never saw that man again! It’s a fairly small town, and I kept an eye out for him, because as you can imagine, I wanted to thank him; but I never ever saw him again.


I was organizing shelves in the garage, standing on a ladder about 4 feet off the ground. The kids started fighting and I moved to stop them, forgetting I was on a ladder. I stepped off and fell flat on my back on the concrete.. As I went down I yelled for God to help. I had visions of how smashed in my head would be. 

Then I hit the concrete flat on my back and head and it was soft and squishy like a marshmallow and I sort of bounced a few times in slow motion.

Surely an angel must have come between me and the concrete.

I laid there marveling that concrete could be soft.

After a while I got up and leaned down to see how hard the concrete really was. It was hard as a rock.

I was totally NOT DAMAGED at all.


I was in the passenger seat when my mom pulled out in front of a car on the freeway. The car was coming from the left and very fast. They honked their horn and it sounded like it was in the back seat. There was not enough room behind us for the car to swerve around. We both came out fine.

About 5 minutes later a car was coming fast from behind and my mom kept speeding up until she got to 75 mph and got scared and decided she needed to get in the slow lane. I looked to my side and there was a car she was pulling into. She should have hit it, when I looked again the car was gone. Nowhere around either. I don’t look when I think an accident might happen, I don’t know why but I always look away.


My uncle D was in his 20’s (hes now about 65); he and his girlfriend at the time were driving in Northern California at night, up towards the coast. He said his girlfriend was driving and they started to argue about something. She increased her speed causing her to lose control. The car couldnt make the turn and went off of a cliff. It went a good couple hundred feet below before crashing into rocks and catching on fire.

D and his girlfriend stood at the top of the cliff and saw the car impact below. They remember screaming and saying “OH SHIT WE ARE NOT GOING TO MAKE IT” from inside the car and to the next point of stand on the edge watching the car freefall – nothing in between that time.

The rescue unit arrived pretty quickly thinking there had to have been people still in the car because the resident that called it in said they heard the tires screech from breaking as it drifted off the cliff. Long story short, they couldnt believe my uncle’s story either, but they were unable to explain how it could have happened otherwise and also found them both to be completely sober. She was ticketed for something minor and my grandpa paid to have the totaled car removed.


I was driving too fast on a winding country road when I approached a narrow one lane bridge around a bend. Heading toward the same one lane bridge from the other direction was a Pepsi delivery truck. As soon as I saw the oncoming truck I knew I was going to die in a head on collision.

I woke up one mile down the road parked on the side with the engine running and in drive.

It shook me up when I realized what happened and I couldn’t believe it.

A few days later at the country store I saw the delivery truck driver and asked if he was on the road at the one lane bridge. He said he saw me coming but couldn’t stop in time. He said we passed each other on the bridge.

There is no room to pass. It’s a one lane bridge!

(from the same poster):

Years earlier, I was shot at point blank range 3 times and was not hit. The wall behind me where I sat indian style showed 3 bullet holes. The shooter wound up shooting himself in the thigh and I escaped.


Labor Day weekend 2007. My wife and I were driving out to a friends party. It was a beautiful day so we took the Mustang out, it’s a 1970 Convertible. Traffic was a little heavy but we were moving about 45-50 on the freeway.

Driving in the fast lane we came up on a Large Mobile Home with dual wheels in the rear. One of the wheels was loose and looked like it might fall off. We pulled along side of the RV and tried to warn the driver.

As we got the driver’s attention I happened to look ahead to check traffic.

To my shock it was totally stopped.

It’s an old car, No ABS, No Huge brakes and only lap belts. I thought “This is it,..crap”. I heard the wheels skid and waited for the impact.

The next thing I know we are in the middle lane and the RV is behind us.


I once experienced what I guess was a miracle. I was 7 or 8 years old, and I couldn’t swim, I could only swim underwater. So I went to the lake to swim but I knew I always had to stay close to the shore and swim underwater. But one time I got too carried away and swam too far from the shore underwater, so when I tried to put my foot on the ground, the ground wasn’t there, I was extremely scared, I started panicking, swallowed some water, and thought I was going to die, also all of this happened underwater so no-one was there to help me because they couldn’t even see me, and I was alone without my parents.

I was thinking I’m going to die, but then suddenly I tried to find ground again with my feet, and there it was, so I put my foot on it and pushed up, and my head was above the water and I saw that I was about 20 meters from the shoreline, but the water level was over my head already at 10 meters from the shoreline… I took a breath and swam back underwater.

Once I got out of the water, I was snow white and completely frightened, people looked at me like they were scared, I just went on my bicycle and drove home.
I still remember the feeling of certain death that I felt that day like it was yesterday. How I found my footing 20 meters from the shore when the water was above my head already at 10 meters I have no explanation.



Once when driving in the country before sunrise, I encountered an entire herd of black cows (probably 20 that I could see within my headlights) ALL lying down in the ditches and on the road. I remember thinking there was NO way to get around them and I was going too fast to stop before hitting one.

The next instant I was past them – no recollection of ANYTHING that happened between those two moments. My heart wasn’t even racing – I hadn’t had time to panic.


About 30 years ago I was in the right lane of a busy four lane city street, my little sister (12 yo) was sitting in the passenger seat.

The car next to me which was in the left lane and only about 5 feet ahead of me suddenly makes a hard right turn in front of my car.

I screamed, slammed the brakes, closed my eyes, braced for impact…..nothing….

I open my eyes and we’re half way down a side street, just sitting there.

My sister looks at me and says ” WOW, the Angels picked up our car and moved us over here.” I said, “Did you see them?” She said, “No, but what else could have happened?” We talked about it daily for months. 


When I was a baby, my brother, who was 4, somehow unlatched the gate that was surrounding our pool. I crawled through the gate and fell into the pool. My mother was in the house at the time on the phone. My brother was scared to tell my mother, and didn’t for several minutes, and came in the house to tell my mother I was swimming. She ran out and saw me at the bottom of the pool. She dove in and even though she couldn’t swim (and til this day can’t) pulled me out and said I started breathing and there was no water in my lungs.

Another time, a drunk driver in a big truck hit me head on when I was 17, in my little honda civic. We were on a 55 mph road and I was probably going 65 or so. My car was obliterated and I was knocked out. I awoke in my car without a scratch. When the ambulance came, one of the EMT’s told me first of all, they were surprised I survived such an impact, I should at least have several broken bones, head trauma, and he freaked out that I didn’t have what he called airbag burn. Not a scratch.


Pray for your country everyone! Let’s take it back form Satan and rededicate it to the Lord! Please ladies and gentlemen! Pray for the safety of your country and the return of your country to the people! Let freedom ring!




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