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Autobiography of Stephanie Relfe

When people find this website, they occasionally ask me how I came by this information, since most of it is not currently available in regular channels. Therefore I am including my story for better understanding of how this website came about.

I was born in 1960 in Sydney Australia, to New Zealand parents. Because my father was a mathematics professor at a university, with a Ph.D. in mathematics, and my mother also went to university, I was brought up to have a great deal of respect for our current education system. What happened during my life was to change that drastically.

We knew nothing of natural or alternative health. It wasn’t nearly as widely known in those days. However, I was blessed with a mother who knew that when we were sick, there was no point in taking us to the doctor, since the flu and other illnesses are caused by viruses, and doctors have no cure for viruses. So we used to go to bed, drink water, and get well quickly. This helped me to be less in awe of doctors than some other people I knew.

I had very bad acne as a teenager. I went to a skin specialist who did what most skin specialists do – put me on antibiotics. Since the antibiotics didn’t do me any good I stopped taking them. However, a girl who was close to me had particularly bad acne. Let’s call her Sue. When she got older, her acne broke out very badly, so that her face was very red with much inflammation and so on. It was so bad that at one time people found it hard to look directly at her. It was very painful to be close to someone like this and not be able to help them.

Sue went to a doctor whom she was told was the best skin specialist in Australia. His advice to her? To stop worrying!!!!!! He thought it was purely emotionally based. Yet there was nothing in Sue’s background that would indicate she should have any more worries than a normal teenager. He didn’t, by the way, tell her HOW to stop worrying.

About this time a friend of mine at high school told me a story which fascinated me. She had had an ulcer in her stomach which caused excruciating pain, as you may imagine. No doctors could help her. Eventually she went to a naturopath who put her on charcoal tablets and geranium drops which healed her!!!! This story was a pivotal moment in my life. I told the story to Sue and suggested she see a naturopath also. After all, what harm could it do?

The naturopath told Sue that the cause of her problem was an overgrowth of the yeast Candida albicans. Candida occurs naturally in our bodies and is needed for digestion. Normally it is kept under control by “good bacteria”. However, antibiotics kill ‘good’ as well as ‘bad’ bacteria. So the Candida grew rampant. That was why the acne got much worse in later years, because Sue had been very strict about taking the antibiotics that the skin specialists had given her. By then, Sue had a range of other symptoms as well. For example, she no longer had normal menses – just a continual very slight trickle of blood. Knowing what caused the acne, the naturopath was able to heal her of the acne and other symptoms with such things as a change in diet (including giving up sugar and yeast).

This opened my mind to the limitations of the medical system, and the fact that there were viable, powerful alternatives.

I wanted to be a vet when I left school. I knew what marks I was capable of getting in the final exam, and knew that I should be able to get into Veterinary college. However, God had other plans for me. That year there were major changes made to the particular stream of maths that I had studied. As soon as I saw the maths exam paper, I knew that I wasn’t going to be a vet. I still remember my maths teacher crying outside the examination hall because of the examination paper we had been given.

Sure enough, I didn’t get the marks to do vet, for which I am now very grateful, as this put me on another life path. I didn’t know what to do, and so I thought I would just do a Bachelor of Science degree at Sydney University and see if I could swap to vet later. I didn’t think at all about what would happen to me after going to university, about what to do with my life.


Once I got to university, the many distractions there for a girl who had previously been in boarding school ensured that I never made the grade to swap to veterinary college. So at the end of three years I had a Bachelor of Science degree, with majors in zoology and histology (the study of cells) and then wondered – what was I going to do now for a living? I didn’t want to teach or do research, which was all I was qualified to do. When discussing careers at school or home, no one ever talked about the need to have money, only what one wanted to do. It is a great shame that they don’t teach anything about business or money at school.

Because I loved horses, I ended up working as a strapper for Neville Begg, a leading horse trainer in Sydney, which means that I looked after racehorses.


After a year of that, I thought I would have one last try of getting into veterinary college. So I talked one of my old histology lecturers into accepting me for a Master of Science in histology. This was an eye-opener. Now I was considered as part of the faculty – not just as a student. I tutored first year medical students in their practicals, and had my meals with the faculty.

I had to do some original research of my own choosing, as well as write a paper summarizing 200 articles on the subject. To me it was natural to want to study something that would actually benefit someone. It was quite a shock to me to learn that this was a fairly novel idea to other members of the faculty. Most university researchers just studied something for the purpose of producing an original paper in order to get a higher paying job. It didn’t have to have any use to anyone.

I decided to study Muscular Dystrophy, which kills people around 20 years old. It is believed to be a hereditary disease, and so I decided to see if one could tell if a particular woman was a carrier or not for this gene. I didn’t realize that this was probably too big a project for a one year solo study.

My first job was to write a paper summarizing 200 papers or so on a similar subject. So I was horrified after I finally got all the related papers together. Many dozens of people had spent many hundreds of hours doing all kinds of related research. But I could see no way to correlate even one paper with another. Each person had studied a different muscle in a different species of animal and used different staining techniques etc. etc.

Combining this with the things that I had learned from sharing meal breaks with the lecturers, I began to realize that a university is not a hallowed hall of learning after all. Many of the people who work there care mostly for one thing and one thing only – to make money. Scientific papers are churned out to keep jobs, and to get more highly paid jobs. It’s as simple as that. Very few people actually want their research to help people or to solve the problems on the planet. Much of the system is a waste of time.

I quit my masters without completing it. But I did learn a few useful things from that time. I was in awe of being given unsupervised access to multi-million dollar electron microscopes. From using an electron microscope, I gained a greater understanding and reverence for the human body.

  • There are 50 to 75 trillion cells in the human body.
  • You have 70,000 miles of blood vessels.
  • You lose 3 million red blood cells every second.
  • At the same time, your body makes another 3 million more.
  • In one second the retina of your eye performs 10 billion computer like calculations.
  • Probably everyone has difficulty conceiving just how big a million is, let alone a billion or a trillion.To get some idea of how big these numbers are:
  • A million sheets of paper would form a tower as high as a 30-story building.
  • A billion (1,000,000,000) sheets of paper would be ten times higher than Mount Everest!
  • If you were to count from one to one million, it would take you about 23 days.
  • If you sat down to count from one to one billion you would be counting for 95 years.
  • If you counted from one to 1 trillion (1,000 billion) it would take you almost 200,000 years.

These numbers are amazing enough, but when you look inside each cell with an electron microscope, it gets even more amazing.

Under an electron microscope, most cells are about as complex and busy as a large city in terms of the contents and thousands of biological interactions going on. And yet, each cell knows what it has to do, and does it in the correct time so that we grow and live with working eyes, limbs, muscles, heart, digestive system, blood supply, brain etc.


Rat liver cells. Source:

If you think about it, this is a miracle happening every day. There HAS to be an outside force working on the body otherwise the whole system would fall apart. Without that outside force guiding the body and telling it what to do, the chance of the body growing and working is much less likely than the chance of a tornado going through a junk yard and leaving behind a Boeing 747. The electron micrographs were proof to me that God existed.

I returned to the horse racing industry and eventually became a bloodstock agent working for a British Bloodstock Agency, buying and selling thoroughbred broodmares and stallions worth millions of dollars around the world. I was involved with the purchase to Australia of what was at the time the leading stallion of France, Kenmare. I later gave up being a bloodstock agent and spent a number of years working as a personal assistant or office manager.

During those years I did a number of personal development courses and seminars, one of which was called “Money and You”. This course taught some of the principles of the universe which were promoted by American genius Buckminster Fuller.

One of these universal principles is precession, “the effect of bodies in motion on other bodies in motion”. This is described more fully in my article “How to know your life purpose”.

The idea is that if you drop a stone in a pool of water, the ripples go out as a side-effect, and it is the side-effect that is important, possibly more important than the main effect. Fuller studied what he called “universal principles” which are principles that apply in all cases.

He said that precession is how the universe is meant to work. An example is when a honey bee wakes up in the morning, and decides to collect the makings for some honey. That’s the goal. The side-effect is that plants are pollinated and life on this planet continues. The honey bee doesn’t wake up and think that he’s going to help maintain life. It just does what it’s supposed to do. And when it does that, the universe looks after it. It doesn’t have to ‘earn a living’.

What this was saying was that one person could make a real difference in this world. Previously the problems of the world had seemed too big for me to even bother trying to do anything about.

Before learning about precession, like most people, I used to feel helpless when I heard of the huge problems in the world and about people who were much less fortunate than myself. My life did not have a great deal of meaning. I became quite excited to learn that I really could make a big difference in the world, so long as I applied the principles that are outlined in that article.

This idea of helping the world appealed to me at lot. At that time, since I had no relationship and little money, it seemed to be easier to help the world than it was to help me. I rushed around helping with different volunteer groups. Another part of precession is that you will generally receive either good or bad ‘taps on the shoulder’ to let you know if you are headed in the right direction.

Gradually more and more I stopped doing what I thought needed to be done, but saying to God – “okay, show me what you want me to do next”.

During that time I was meeting and networking with more and more people who were looking for, and finding, unique ways to improve our lives in ways that are not taught in our schools or universities. This was before the internet. Thankfully, it is a lot easier to find this information now due to the internet, but it still helps that some how I seem to have a gift for finding or attracting highly useful and unusual information.

Eventually I met my future kinesiology teacher David Bridgman. David is a naturopath as well as an excellent kinesiologist and a wonderful teacher. I learned much about natural healing from him. By that time, I had been trained in a type of therapy called Clearing which helps people to improve their emotions and remove subconscious negative thoughts, using a biofeedback meter. Although I did not know what it was that David did, other than it was called “Touch for Health”, I began to send to David those of my clearing clients who had physical health problems. Amazingly, not only did many of them have their health problems healed or at least improved, but also many of them had their emotions improved in a very short space of time.

One day when talking with David he mentioned that he would soon be teaching a Touch for Health seminar, and asked if I wanted to attend. By that time, I had spent a lot of money on a lot of seminars, and didn’t feel like spending any more money on learning for a while. (If I had only known how valuable kinesiology was, I would have found the money). Luckily for me, when I told David I didn’t have the money for the seminar, he said that I could attend for free, because of all the clients I had sent him.

I enjoyed my first Touch for Health seminar in 1993. Touch for Health One is about twenty hours long. I found it harder than anyone else in the class to learn muscle testing, but eventually even I was able to do it. However, I still didn’t ‘get’ just how powerful these techniques can be.

David was teaching kinesiology every month that year. The next month when Touch for Health Two came around, I thought it would be nice to be able to do it, but it just wasn’t in my budget. I said in my mind “God, if you want me there, you get me there.” The day before the seminar started, Shazar Robinson of who was promoting David at that time, called me on the phone. She had an offer that I couldn’t refuse – Would I like to do the whole year’s training of kinesiology, in exchange for the Clearing work I did? I jumped at the opportunity. Funnily enough, when I reminded her by email of this ten years later, she did not remember that she did this. God works in mysterious ways.

I enjoyed the seminars and learned a lot, but it wasn’t until about the eighth class that “the lights came on” and I realized just how fantastic kinesiology is. That is because it was that class that we learned how to do the Centering corrections. It was these that my body had been needing all along. Until I had these corrections done on my body, I didn’t feel just how much lighter, happier and pain free one can be with kinesiology. And until these corrections, I didn’t get long term positive changes in my body.

The Centering corrections are the most important of all corrections to do. A number of us in the class asked why we hadn’t learned this correction earlier. Then we learned how kinesiology has been separated into many different systems, each person wanting to own their own system and not merge them all together. The Cloacals correction is normally taught only to Applied Kinesiologists, which means to chiropractors. It is not part of the Touch for Health syllabus, brilliant though that is. Much the same response happened when we learned the ileo-caecal valve correction, which comes from Applied Kinesiology and is taught as part of the Professional Kinesiology Practitioner trainings.

After the training, I periodically received kinesiology sessions from other kineiologists trained in other modalities Each time I learned more and more.

Understanding kinesiology did wonderful things for me. I don’t honestly know where I would be without it. For example, I learned how to remove and keep pain away permanently form my body. I used to get a lot of back and neck pain. I had previously spent $1,000 at a chiropractor, which was a lot of money for a secretary in the 80s. The main problem was that at the end of that period, the pain came back again. Through using muscle testing, I learned that sugar was the major cause of my back pain. Some people find it hard to believe that a food (sugar) can cause a physical problem (back pain). But with a combination of some kinesiology and giving up sugar for a few months, my back and neck pain healed and has not returned for over twenty years.

Problems that resolved for me with kinesiology:

  • Lower back pain gone.
  • Neck pain gone.
  • I used to cry a lot. Now I normally only cry over beautiful things.
  • More energy.
  • A lot of pain in the feet, so it was hard to stand in one spot for long.
  • Period cramps.
  • Periods went from heavy bleeding of 5 days, to light bleeding for 2 days.
  • Subconscious programming removed so that my finances and relationships improved markedly.
  • Went from a hectic energy to more balanced and peaceful.
  • Acne went.

After the training, I began working as a professional kinesiologist and have done so to the present day. Over the years, I kept adding to my knowledge. One of the best ways to do that was to keep accurate records. If someone still had a problem the second time I saw them, I did not want to do the same corrections to them again. I used muscle testing to go deeper and deeper into the problem, like peeling the layers away of an onion. The goal was to get a permanent correction.

Most people think that ‘health’ means that you don’t get sick. I began to think of a new definition for health:

“Health: When your eyes sparkle and you feel so good that you smile for no reason at all.healthy is much more than not being sick. It includes being free of all pain, with all of your brain and body working the way it was meant to work”.


Early on in my life I began a search for a relationship and over the years having a perfect relationship became the most important thing in my life. Other people might want to win the gold medal in the Olympics for running, but I wanted to win the ‘gold medal for relationships’. In order to achieve this, I began to do personal development seminars. I began to learn how our conscious and unconscious thoughts can change our reality. More information on this is in the excellent book “The Holographic Universe.”

I also learned of a study in 1953 where a group of researchers at Yale university gave a reasonably large group of students, I understand around 2,000, a questionnaire to fill in. The students were not told that the researchers were interested in their answer to only one question. You might think with the high reputation of Yale that all of these people would have gone on to be successful. But twenty years later when they made contact with enough of these people to make it statistically valid, they found that while 20% were reasonably successful, only 3% had achieved a high level of success in EVERY area of their life. Money wise the 3% were worth more than the other 97% put together. That 3% had done something that none of the other 97% had done. They had WRITTEN their goals down. The 20% HAD goals, but the 3% had WRITTEN goals. So I began to write my goals down, and to keep them in a folder and to regularly update them. (Note: There are claims on the internet that this story of the Yale study is not true. All I know is that this technique has worked for me many times).

One of the things I learned over the years is that many people put more thought into what car they are going to buy than about their relationship. And yet a relationship is the most complex thing imaginable because here we have an incredibly complex person who wants to get together with another incredibly complex person and the two are going to have an incredibly complex life, and maybe more incredibly complex people (children) later on. How will that all fit in together and continue to do so over the years?

My search led me on until I met the people who taught the “Money & You” seminar, that taught by games that provided experiences, rather than just giving out data. Here was a group of people who were teaching about ideas such as there is no scarcity, there is abundance. Scarcity exists only in people’s minds. Because it’s in our minds due to an educational system that is still based on the teachings of Thomas Malthus. Malthus taught that since population is going up exponentially (in a curve) while resources are going up geometrically (in a straight line) there was not enough for everyone. It was you or me. Not both. And so was born communism v. capitalism. What he didn’t take into account was a thing called leverage, doing more with less, from advances in knowledge and technology. An example of leverage is that computers are much, much smaller, more powerful and cheaper than they were years ago.

But despite the fact that over a seven year period I went and sat in that course room thirty times, and met hundreds of wonderful people there, in additon to the many other people I knew through other groups of people, I didn’t meet the man of my dreams at that time. In fact, my life in general did not go well afterwards. I had money as well as relationship troubles. I believe now that part of the problems I had was that I learned some information at the course which was not correct, and other information that was conflicting so it created confusion in my life.

But I kept on working on myself. And little things would happen along the way to guide me on my path. One day I was having a very strange relationship with a man that I thought I was interested in and then I was assisting on a seminar when a friend saw my goal “I have an extraordinary relationship with an extraordinary man”. (I think I needed to simplify things at that time). My friend said “what the heck does that mean?”. And I realized that I actually HAD the goal I had written down – the goal didn’t mention sex, or even that the relationship was good. But I actually did HAVE it. So I quickly moved on and realized that I had to make my goal much more detailed.

Bit by bit by writing goals and doing things to help people directly or indirectly at different times, more good things came into my life. Funnily enough, money often didn’t turn up but the thing for which I wanted the money would turn up directly. For example, when I wanted some books or a seminar, someone would give them to me.

My writing of goals started to improve by getting clearer. After reading “Are you the one for me?” by Barbara de Angelis my relationship goal had 100 qualities on it that I wanted my man to have, in ten different categories. Many people don’t work out WHY they want a relationship. For me, an important point on the list was that my man would help me in making a positive difference to the people of earth. Two united can do much more than one alone or even than two individuals working on their own. But looking at the list I didn’t see how I was going to find him – not only did he have to be single, available, believe in God and be attractive and attracted to me, he also had to be interested in all kinds of different things that most people didn’t know about.

At that time things were not going well for me. I was having problems with money and with relationships. At one time my money problems were so bad that I was wondering what I would do when my clothes wore out!!! But I kept interacting with the new network of people I found. I learned about “clearing” which was a technology which improved the mind and spirit by using (1) specific communication rules & techniques and (2) a biofeedback meter that was able to help a person locate the cause of an upset by measuring the ‘charge’ in their subconscious mind.

I found and removed some of the subconscious programming in my mind which was holding me back. By this stage I knew that for things to change, first I had to change, and that if my relationship was to turn up then there were things in ME that needed changing.

One thing I learned was that I had to give up trying to rescue people. I learned that ‘help’ is not what some people think it is. We only ‘help’ a person if that person gets ‘helped’. Much ‘help’ is really not wanted by the person, and if no change results from the ‘help’ then we didn’t, in fact, ‘help’ them at all. I learned that I had to honor people’s desire to have their lives just the way they were, even if their life was in a mess, if that was what they wanted.

Buckminster Fuller said that we should “Change the environment, leave the people alone”.

This gave me more energy to help the people who REALLY wanted help and were prepared to make changes. This was important because by this time I had a number of clients for kinesiology.

While this was going on I still hadn’t met the man of my dreams. But during this time my energy was getting softer and softer. I was learning more and more to develop my female side. Previously I had had quite a strong male side.

I kept networking with people who knew things outside the mainstream. An alternative science conference was being held in Sydney and I felt that I would like to go, but again I didn’t feel like spending the money again, as I had been to the same conference the year before. Once again, I said out loud, “God, if you want me to be there, you get me there”.

Soon after, I got a phone call from a friend telling me that one of the speakers at the conference was coming from America and did I want a blind date with him? I said “no” but when I learned that he had free tickets to the conference I agreed to meet him for coffee. So I ended up at the conference. That man wasn’t the man for me. But when I was standing beside the book table, I heard someone say “hello” to me and I looked up into a pair of eyes and had the thought “he’s got my eyes”. I had always thought I would recognize my man by his eyes. That was Michael Relfe from the USA.

We had a date but nothing came from it – we had a big argument on the first day. Although I could tell from his energy that he had done some kind of work on himself (which I later learned is called Deliverance) he still seemed to have a great deal of anger in him. However, I had been feeling for years that one of the best ways I could be of service was to get my information out to people on the internet. Michael was a Software Engineer, so I kept seeing Michael as a friend because he helped me to build my website.

One day I was looking on the internet and I saw something which I knew I just had to have. I sent off my money for the information. I had always figured that since I was telepathic that my man would be telepathic. What the new information said was that there was no use speaking to someone when their ‘phone is off the hook’. BOTH people need to be in their alpha levels (where there is a slower frequency of brain waves from normal beta levels). And when are they in their alpha levels? When they are asleep! I did what the tape said. I told myself I would wake when the man on my list was in mind-to-mind communication with me. I woke up in the small hours of the morning and he was THERE energetically – a BIG BEING. I told him to get to me asap.

Three weeks later I was sitting at a table opposite Michael. I looked into his eyes and thought – “he’s got so much going for him. If only I could remove whatever that rage is behind his eyes.” I offered him some clearing sessions for free, and to my surprise he accepted! Most people don’t like doing clearing possibly because it takes courage to look at one’s negative stuff. After doing a number of hours of clearing and kinesiology with me, Michael lost his rage and became a new man. Surprisingly, when I scored him up for my list, I found that he rated 92%. He improved so much for the better that I felt that I had finally met my man. When he asked me to marry him I accepted and we married in 1997.

Everything went perfectly for the wedding. We easily located the perfect venue, celebrant, clothes etc. and it was a gorgeous sunny day. Seventy people came to a restaurant lunch and wedding on a lawn beside Sydney’s inner coastal areas, with hills and sailing boats in the background.

We have been very happily married ever since and are even more happy together now than we were at the beginning. The clearing and the kinesiology helped enormously, plus Michael is able to do hands on healing and praying that really works. So whenever we had an upset we had tools to correct it. We now have a wonderful son who is super healthy.

So, doing what felt to me to be my best way to be of service to others helped give me what was the most important thing for me, a wonderful, fun-filled, meaningful marriage.

My website, “Health, Wealth & Happiness” at was launched in 1998, about six months after our marriage. I could never have achieved what I have done without the help and support of my husband Michael.

Over the years, I began to realize that more was needed for people to maintain ideal health than just seeing kinesiologists from time to time and reading a few natural health books. My clients would often get healed, if they did what the muscle testing indicated they should do, such as give up a particular food for a while. But months later, something in their life would cause the resurgence of one symptom or another.

By that time, my own health and happiness had improved greatly over the years by continually using kinesiology techniques and muscle testing to improve my daily habits, and to quickly get over any negative things that happened to my body. By doing this, I also became more and more aware of my body’s needs.

For example, I might start to notice that I felt a bit sluggish and was not able to think as clearly. So I would get Michael to give me a kinesiology balance and locate what caused this. Michael never learned kinesiology officially. He would just do what I told him to do. It might have been a particular food that I ate at a restaurant that I had not eaten at before. It might have been a negative emotion that got stimulated from something on TV. (We now don’t watch TV. We get all the best news from the internet). As soon as this was handled, I went back to feeling good again.

I realized that all of my clients needed the tools that I had: The ability to put themselves back into balance, and to locate the cause of their problems. This incredible, powerful information has been available to the public since 1973 when John Thie published “Touch for Health”. But even though over a million people had done Touch for Health, I felt that something new was needed.

So I created a Training DVD Series called Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing. In addition to teaching new people how to do kinesiology and muscle testing, it will help the many people who are already muscle testing but not doing it correctly or as effectively as they could.

I believe that kinesiology that is correctly applied is so powerful that by now, everyone in the world should know how to do basic kinesiology. It should be taught in schools, for the benefit of pupils’ health and academic achievements. For example, you will learn from the DVD series that your brain does not function fully if it is dehydrated, and there is a simple test to find out if it is dehydrated or not. In addition, the over-all health of the population would eventually increase if everyone knew how to do kinesiology. And parents would know how to raise healthier, happier and smarter children.

The medical establishment should embrace kinesiology. In 2000 the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that doctors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S.A, with 250,000 deaths caused by doctors each year. Kinesiology does no harm. Using it would give massive job satisfaction to many doctors.

Costs of traditional health care and insurance are escalating out of control, so the government and health insurance companies should also be keen to support and promote the use of kinesiology in as many different areas as possible.

For a lot of people who have tried kinesiology, there is no going back. I believe and pray that the time is approaching when kinesiology is used in the majority of homes throughout the world.

Truly, Kinesiology is the “revolution in health care”.


Stephanie Relfe B.Sc. (Sydney)

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